[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 3

Chapter 03 : First Birthday and About This World

It became my first birthday.

The nobles of this world are usually celebrating their eighth and sixteenth birthdays by holding a big party.
By the way, adults are 16 years old.

However, the whole family gathered because it was my first birthday.

So I finally knew the whole family and my name (not a nickname) and the age.

I’m "Leons Forster".
Isn't it a pretty cool name?
I like it a lot.

Other than my sister, my family had two brothers.

The eldest brother is "Ivan Forster", 8 years old.
Similar to father,he had good physique and good face

The second brother is "Alex Forster", 7 years old.
Similar to mother, his body is thin but his head is good. This is handsome, too.

And my sister and my parents.

My sister is "Helena Forster", 4 years old.

My Father is Diork Forster”, 28 years old.

My mother is "Carla Forster", 25 years old.

By the way, my eldest brother and elder sister were red-haired and my second brother was black-haired.

Also, finally i look at a mirror and found out that I was black-haired.

My face is still a baby, so I cant judge whether it is handsome or not, but when I look at my sister and brother, I feel I can become handsome.

And now, because my dad doesn't come to see me, my two older brothers are talking to me.
"Nice to meet you, Leo. I'm Ivan."
And the eldest brother had a big voice greeting.

On the other hand, the second brother is.
"I am Alex."
He made a friendly greeting.

"Leo is black-haired... I'm glad you got a friend."

"Yeah, because I was only one black-haired among siblings, I finally got a friend."
And Alex-niisan is stroking his head.

During that time.
"Sorry, i’m late."
And my vigorously father came into the room.          

Then my mother.
"It’s okay, because Ivan and the other were just greeting Leo."

"That was good. Ooh, all the kids have grown up."
And one person to one.
"Are Ivan and Alex had fun at School?"

"Helena is about to start school."

"Leo, i wanted to see you."
Saying that, he patted my head.

"Then, let’s start." And everyone sat at their seat.

"""""Leo, Happy Birthday!"""""
And it’s started.

"I couldn't meet everyone because I was busy around the territory, but now it's over, so I can see you every day from now on."
And father said it happily.

"But I and Ivan-niisan will have a school, so we will return to Teito tomorrow."

"What? But I'm glad to see you today."

"More than that, what kind of child is Leo?"
After having a conversation with father, Alex-niisan asked a question.

Its not my mother but my sister.
"You know. Leo is so cute and has changed!"
And she answered.

"Eh,  how is he changed? Looks like he just a normal smart man..."

And my mother.
"Yeah, you know, when he was able to crawl, he moved around the house every day and he found the book about magic in the study room, and he liked it and then he kept it in his room all the time and let the maids read it."
I mean, it's different, isn't it? Like a face.

Apparently I do not notice the discipline of magic every day.

"Hee, so that’s how it is, it's promising in the future."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to aptitude magic."

Aptitude magic. What will it be? I'm looking forward to it

<4 years later>

Finally I became 5 years old.

From that, I was training the magic power or study books without leaving the house every day.

After that, when I was able to talk, I asked my family, maid, and butler about the world, the country which I lived in, and the Forster family.

The family had a strong vision for the future.

At first, it was a simple question, so I was taught to be able to understand even i was a child with a smile.
However, as the question gradually became more and more detailed, the adults became more difficult to answer and the maids were not approached when they were reading books.

But the Chief Butler, Sebastian, answered all questions sincerely.

"If you have a question, i will solve it immediately. The more knowledge you have, the more power you have to enrich your life. So please do not hesitate to use me to solve your question."
And he supported me.

And if you think that there is magic in this world, it is correct.

It seems that there are monster and demon lord.

However, there is a large mountain range and a large forest that interposes it between the human world where humans live and the demon world where the demon live.
There are a lot of violent demons and dragons, so it is called the Demon's Forest, the Mountains of Death, and it seems that humans and demons cant interfere with each other.

And because there is a demon lord, there are elves, dwarves and beastman.

There are countries and a villages, but most of them live in human beings.

Next, in the human world, there are three great nations called the Alber Kingdom, the Vector Empire, and Garm nations.

These three countries are equal in population, and the Alber kingdom and the Vector Empire do not cause war, but they are very bad to each other, and the Garm nation have declared neutral because they are neither enemies.

I live in the Vector Empire.

The special trait is a magical state, and if you have the magic ability, the Magic School in the empire is high enough to come to learn from all over the world.

However, because it is in contact with a huge forest that is the border with the demon world, disasters by dragons and monsters often happen.

Finally about the Forster family.

The first Forster is a hero!

Plus, it seems to be my grandpa.

The story of the hero until he became a noble is so famous that I read it.

"About 50 years ago, the demon lord suddenly appeared in front of the kings of the three countries and declared war.

Then the number of demons increased and the demons became more powerful.

Then, the three countries which were impatient with it decided to cooperate.
First, the princess of the kingdom summoned the hero from another world and traveled with the saints of the kingdom and the sorcerer of the empire.

The hero, with the help of his companions, defeated the powerful demons and applied power, and finally defeated the demon lord who was in the demon forest.

However, the hero who defeated the demon lord was embroiled in the kingdom's power battle, and was exiled to an empire with a sorcerer who was in love.

Then, the hero got married with the sorcerer, and was crowned the marquis from the emperor, received a territory in contact with the forest of demons, and protected the empire from the disaster-class demons and dragons until he was retiring. "

This is the summarize of the content.
It's really like a legend and it's cool! (The story is)
This grandpa person is amazing!

And the Hero (grandpa) Is still alive!

When I was born, It seem to be crowned in the Duke in the reward which continued to protect the country and retire in the Teito.

By the way, it seem that I'm going to see him.

To examining the aptitude magic...

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