[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Sherry’s Special Training

The next day, the emperor and the others came to my house.

Starting today, the emperor will be examining the Demons’ Forest in the earnest for a week while I and Sherry, who are still children and can’t be taken to the forest, will be house-sitting.

“Then, Leo, look after the house.”(Diork)

“Yes, I understand.”(Leo)

“Shelia, get along well with Leo-kun.”(Orton)

“I understand. There’s no need to worry so you can leave immediately.”(Sherry)

“Arara, don’t mind it, Orton. Then, we’ll be leaving.”(Diork)
Saying that, my father and the emperor boarded the carriage.

““Be careful!””
I waved my hand and saw them off.

“So they’re gone, huh.”(Leo)

“Yes, now show me the creation magic as promised.”(Sherry)


“Yeay~ ”(Sherry)
Sherry said with her arms raised in joy.
Could it be…
The reason why she treated the emperor so coldly was because she wanted to see my magic as soon as possible?

After that, I brought Sherry to my room.

“Uwaah, there is a lot of books.”(Sherry)
Ah, oh yeah, I forgot to tidy them up.
In my room, there were many piles of books along the walls.

“Well~ I brought a book from the study room and when I finished reading it I kept bringing more and more books, now there are almost none left in the study room!”(Leo)
And, now it’s troublesome to return this many.

“Hee~ We should clean it up, then.”(Sherry)

“That’s right, huh… I’ve read everything, so let’s return them.”(Leo)

“You’ve read them all? You must love books.”(Sherry)

“It’s nothing great. All the books here have almost the same content, and all of it is only about simple things.”(Leo)

Actually the books of this house are only regarded as decorations, father just chose those with title and appearance he thought would look good on the study room on his office. Even so, when I’m bored and there’s nothing to do, I use them to practice reading.

“Even so, this is still a great amount, right?”(Sherry)

“Is that so~”(Leo)
I’ve read them in the spam of two years, so I think that’s fine, right?

“For now, let’s clean it up.”(Sherry)


Are you looking forward to see my magic that much?

After that, the maids joined us and we spent the whole morning tidying up the books.

“Haah, I’m tired~”(Sherry)

“Thank you very much for your hard work.”(Leo)

“You’re welcome. Usually, a princess from a big country doesn’t do the cleaning, you know.”(Sherry)

“Sorry. Then I’ll show you my magic as a reward!”(Leo)

“Alright then, I forgive you.”(Sherry)
Despite saying that, Sherry’s eyes sparkled when I mentioned my magic.

After that we had lunch and now it was finally time to show my magic.
“Then, I’m starting.”(Leo)
I said that and made a reverence.

“First of all, I’ll need this lump of Mithril and a magic stone I’ve poured magic power into.”(Leo)
I showed Sherry the lump of mithril and the magic stone I’ll be using today.

“Uwaah~ This magic stone is so beautiful!”(Sherry)

“If it’s something like this, even Sherry can do it by pouring magic power.”(Leo)

“Is that true!?”(Sherry)
Sherry asked while leaning forward.

“That’s true.”(Leo)

“Then tell me how to it!”(Sherry)

“Eeh~ I thought I wanted to see my magic?”(Leo)

“When that’s finished. There’s still a long time, so it’s okay even if it’s tomorrow.”(Sherry)

“Hm~ I understand.”(Leo)
Well, I don’t have any plans for tomorrow, so I guess that’s fine.

“Yeay~ ”(Sherry)

“Okay. For now I will start with the creation magic.”(Leo)

“Wow~ ”(Sherry)

“Then, watch carefully. Because it will end quickly.”(Leo)
Ah, that’s what I said but I forgot to think about what to make…
What should I do? If I’m going to teach Sherry how to pour magic power later, I could make something to promote growth of magic power.
Yosh, let’s do it!

“Then, I’ll start!!”(Leo)

First, I imagine the lump of mithril taking the form of a necklace.
When the form is roughly done, I mix in the magic stone to promote magical growth.

After pouring magic power for a moment, the lump of mithril and the magic stone began to shine and merge together, and when the light faded away it was done.

The result… It seems I was successful.

A beautiful shining necklace with a heart-shaped magic stone has been made.

Then I tried to use <Appraisal> on it.

<Necklace of Love>
 A necklace that provides a great promotion of magical growth.
 Works only if the person is in love, if not, there won’t be any effect.
 Creator: Leons Forster

Uwaah~ The first part is something great as planned, but as for the rest…
This is a great item but I can’t tell her~
I mean, it won’t work unless the person is in love, that’s bad.

“Uwaah~ That’s so amazing!”(Sherry)

“I’m glad you liked it. Here, I’ll give it to you.”(Leo)
Saying that, I gave the new created necklace to Sherry.

“Eh!! Is that fine!?”(Sherry)

“Yes, as thanks for the cleaning.”(Leo)

“Eeh~ It was just some cleaning.”(Sherry)

“Don’t worry about it. Besides, I’m not wearing this.”(Leo)

“Umm~ If you are going that far then, thank you.”(Sherry)
Saying that, she happily put it on her neck.

“By the way, it has the ability to promote magic growth, so wear it as much as possible.”(Leo)

“It has such abilities?”(Sherry)

“That’s right, yeah, it’s no big deal.”(Leo)
When compared to its other characteristics, that is.

“I-I see…”(Sherry)

“Also, it’s something I made in just a few moments anyway.”(Leo)

“Now that you mention it, not much time has passed… Ah, then, since the sun is still high on the sky, tell me how to pour magic power on magic stones!”(Sherry)

“Eeh! I-I understand. But it’s simple and boring you know?”(Leo)
Magical operation is hard work, not something really enjoyable.

“It’s okay. I’ll do it since I decided to!”(Sherry)

“If you’re going that far, then it’s fine.”(Leo)

“Yeay~ ”(Sherry)

“Then first of all, can you feel your magic power?”(Leo)

“Umm~ Not really?”(Sherry)

“So you can’t… Then, can you feel something around your belly button?”(Leo)

“Um~ I don’t know.”(Sherry)

“Is that so~ Then I’ll try to manipulate Sherry’s magic power for a bit, so let me know if you feel something.”(Leo)
Saying that, I put my hand on Sherry’s clothes above her stomach.

Sherry answers shyly with a red face.

“Then, I’ll tamper with it a little.”(Leo)
Saying that, I start to look for Sherry’s magic power…

Ah! There it is.
Just like me, there’s a lump of magic power around the navel.
Since I found it, I tried to shake it right away…

“A, Aah,”(Sherry)
Sherry makes a strange voice.

“Looks like you feel it.”(Leo)

“Y-Yes. Looks like there’s something around the navel just like you said.”(Sherry)

“Yosh, then try moving it.”(Leo)

“Umm, it’s not moving.”(Sherry)

“Try to visualize it.”(Leo)

“Eh~ I don’t know.”(Sherry)

“Then, I’ll move it one more time.”(Leo)
Saying that I try to jiggle Sherry’s power again.

“Eh, aah, fuee~ ”(Sherry)
I stopped in a hurry because instead of strange, she started making an erotic voice.

“Are you okay?”(Leo)

“Yes, it doesn’t hurt so don’t worry.”(Sherry)

“I-Is that so? Should I continue then?”(Leo)

“Yes, please.”(Sherry)

“Y-Yosh, I’ll do it then.”(Leo)
Saying that I resumed what I was doing.

“A-Aahn. It feels good~ ”(Sherry)
Yep, I decided not to care anymore.

Then, about five minutes have passed.

When I tried to stop it again,
“No, don’t stop it. Haan~ ”(Sherry)
Sherry said, making me keep going.

“You can move it yourself now, can’t you?”(Leo)

“Yes, I’ll try it.”(Sherry)
Sherry closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

“Ah, it’s moved.”(Sherry)

“How far does it move?”(Leo)

“Umm, only from the stomach to the chest.”(Sherry)

“Eh? You’re progressing faster than expected… Yosh, let’s make it move around the whole body now.”(Leo)
This growth speed is extraordinary.

The <Necklace of Love> is doing its job well, it seems.
[ED: everyone’s aware that it doesn’t work unless the wearer is in love, right?]

“Eh~ I can’t go for the magic stones yet?”(Sherry)

“Exactly, so for now just do your best until you can!”(Leo)

“Yes~ ”(Sherry)

After that, we trained magic power everyday.
But, when Sherry got bored, she would ask me to move her magic power for her for a change of pace.
And, since Sherry would leak an erotic voice every time, I somehow managed to overcome it by not thinking about anything.
Even though she doesn’t feel anything when she moves it by herself...

And after about a week, Sherry is able to move it around her whole body.

When I did it when I was a baby, I spent a lot of time sleeping so I took about a month, but in Sherry’s case, she could stay awake and practice for a long time.
Perhaps not only that, this necklace seems to have accelerated her magic growth drastically as well.
I tried using <Appraisal> on Sherry who practiced magic for about a week.

 Shelia Vector Lv.1

 Age: 5
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Princess

 Physical strength: 3 / 3
 Magic power: 2510 / 2510

 Power: 3
 Speed: 3
 Luck: 500
 Attributes: None, Water, Lightning, Ice, Charm
 Water Magic Lv.1, Lightning Magic Lv.1,
 Ice Magic Lv.1, Charming Magic Lv.1,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv.1, Magical Operation Lv. 3


Her magic power is clearly growing well.
It might be thanks to the necklace too.

“Yosh, you can use magic stones now.”(Leo)

“Yeay~ ”(Sherry)

Sherry raised her arms in joy when she got permission from me.

*knock knock*
“Excuse me. Your Majesty the Emperor’s group has returned.”(Servant)

“Arara, we’ll be right there.”(Leo)
What a bad timing…

“Uwaa~ Why at a time like this!!”(Sherry)

“Well, for now let’s go to the front door.”(Leo)

When we arrived there, father and the others had just entered.

“I’m home. How have you been, Leo?”(Diork)

“Welcome back, I’m fine.”(Leo)

“Good. Did you get along well with Shelia-chan?”(Carla)
My mother asked while looking at Sherry.

“Yes, we got along well.”(Sherry)
She said.

Then, the emperor,
“That’s good. Was it fun, Shelia?”(Orton)

“Yes, we had a special joint magic training.”(Sherry)

“That’s good. By the way, what’s that?”(Ashley)
The queen asked while pointing at the necklace on Sherry’s neck…

“Leo made this for me!”(Sheria)
Sherry proudly puffed out her chest while showing the necklace.

What in turn made me feel very embarrassed…
After all, it’s a necklace with a heart symbol, you know?

“Ara, that’s good.”(Ashley)
The queen smiled while looking at me.
I averted my eyes in embarrassment…

“I heard that Leo-kun can use creation magic… But it’s great to be able to do something as detailed as this.”(Orton)

“I also heard that Leo sold some amazing magic stones to a material shop, but I didn’t know that they could be used for creation magic.”(Diork)

Somehow, the conversation was taking a turn for the bad so I decided to change the subject.
“More importantly, how was the inspection? Let me hear about it!”(Leo)

“Well, the casino was fun.”(Diork)

“Eh? You were just having fun?”(Leo)

“Ah, that’s no true. We have also inspected the  Demons’ Forest properly.”(Orton)

Apparently, they were just enjoying sightseeing.
Was the reason for not bringing the children the age limit for casinos?

“So, how long will the emperor stay here?”(Leo)

“Ah, until tomorrow morning.”(Orton)

“Is that so.”(Leo)

“Yes, that’s why, make sure to play a lot with Shelia today.”(Orton)

“I know.”(Leo)

“Then, disperse.”(Diork)

After that I returned to my room together with Sherry.
“So, what do we do now?”(Leo)

“Since this is the last day, tell me how to pour magic into magic stones!”(Sherry)

“Aah, come to think of it, we were called just before I could teach you, right?”(Leo)

“That’s right, so hurry up and teach me!”(Sherry)

“I understand. Then since it’s a present, use it.”(Leo)
I gave her one of the magic stones I have poured magic power into.


“Aah, I just happened not to have any magic stone without any power in it.”(Leo)

“Even so, you don’t need to give it to me, right?”(Sherry)

“This is… A present from me!”(Leo)

“But you have just given me something, right?”(Sherry)

“In that case, you can just give it back to me someday when you’ve gathered a lot of magic power in it.”(Leo)

“That’s fine then!”(Sherry)

“Then I’ll teach youis what I wanted to say, but I’ve taught it to you already.”(Leo)


“Imagine the magic power going from your hand into the magic stone.”(Leo)

“I-I’ll try… Eh, No way? I did it!”(Sherry)

“Now, try to pour magic power onto the stone with all your might.”(Leo)


And, after I while.
“I can’t continue.”(Sherry)
She fell from exhaustion of magic power.

“You must be tired, so go to sleep.”(Leo)
Thus, I carried Sherry to her bed.

About three hours later, Sherry woke up.
“Ah, I fell asleep...”(Sherry)

“You ran out of magic power, so it can’t be helped.”(Leo)

“That’s what happens when you use up all your magic power?”(Sherry)

“I’m used to it now, but at the beginning it made me feel sick.”(Leo)

“Is that so? Then I have no choice but to do my best.”(Sherry)

“Yes, do your best! Because your magic power increases every time you use it.”(Leo)

“So that’s how it is~ Ah, it’s getting dark...”(Sherry)

“Well, it can’t be helped since you were sleeping.”(Leo)

“It can’t be~ Then, at least play with my magic power last, Leo.”(Sherry)

“Umm… That’s a bit...”(Leo)

“Hurry up! After all I can’t do it when I can’t meet you anymore.”(Sherry)

“I-I understand...”(Leo)

I have no memory after that, because I did my best and ended up unconscious.

<Next day>

“Then, see you later, Diork. Do your best on your work as a lord.”(Orton)

“Yes, you focus on your job as an emperor too.”(Diork)

“Come on Shelia, also, bid farewell to Leo.”(Orton)

Then, Shelia started crying…

“Oi oi, don’t cry, we’ll meet each other again.”(Leo)

“Sob, I’m not crying! Leo, we are definitely going to meet again!”(Sherry)
Saying that, Sherry hugged me.

“Of course we are. So stop crying.”(Leo)
Saying that, I hugged her as well.

“Sob, I understand.”(Sherry)

“Yup, then see you later.”(Leo)

“Yes, see you again. We will definitely meet again!”(Sherry)
Saying that, she immediately got on the carriage.

“Hey, Diork...”(Orton)

“What is it?”(Diork)

“I thought they would get along well, but when I see Leo getting along with my daughter that far, I feel complicated as a father...”(Orton)

“Don’t worry too much about it. Well, please treat me well when we become relatives.”(Diork)

“Y-Yes. Relatives you say...”(Orton)

“Fufu, I hope so. I’d be happy to be Carla’s relative.”(Ashley)

Oi oi!
What kind of embarrassing are things you talking about in front of others!?
We’re still five years old, you know?

“Then, see you again in three years.”(Orton)
That way, the emperor and the others went home.

I ended up waving my hand until I couldn’t see the carriage anymore...

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