[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 8

Chapter 08 : Entertaining the Princess ①

The next day, I was waiting for the emperor in front of the door of the mansion.

Even though I was a high-ranking noble and my father and the emperor were in good relation, I could not believe that the emperor would carry his own foot to the mansion of a single minister.
In the mansion, our servants are running around in a hurry from the morning. Even the calm Sebastian, who had never seen him in a hurry, seems to be on the rise at the emperor's visit.

And, the maid chief shook her body and rushed to the front door.
"Emperor Majesty, has arrived!"

Almost at the same time as the voice, a very luxurious horse-drawn carriage came in, surrounded by several escorted horse-drawn carriages on the site.
... They really came....
Eh, if you say it in the previous world, it looks like the Emperor Majesty came to my house, right?
No No, ha ha ha....…… Eh? Really?
When the carriage is stopped in front of the entrance, a strong escort comes down softly, and one of them opens a luxurious carriage door.

Then the emperor came down from the carriage and came for a walk around there, and he smiled with his arms wide open with a casual feeling like that.
And, the emperor further toward father,
"Three years ago, we were busy with each other, so we couldn't see each other for a while, but were you doing well?"

Then, father in a very friendly manner.
"Yeah, thanks to you. I would like to express my congratulations to the Emperor and his Majesty more and more.

"Oi oi, you're telling me not to honorife anything except in the official places."

"Oh, Orton, I just tried to tease you. It's the first time you've been here as an emperor, haven't you?"

"It’s also You’re first time asEmperor entertainment’s lord, right?"

"Even so, thanks to that we have been a big fuss since this morning."

"I’m sorry about that. Please tell everyone that it is out of public service. Though, it might be too late now."

When the emperor and the father said so and laughed, an adorable voice rang from the sidelines.

"Dad, don't talk long at the exit."
Having said that, it was a girl with silver hair, about the same age as me, who pushed out the emperor's back and came out.

C, Cute. This is a pretty girl.
The emperor pats the girl's head, which has a sharp mouth.

"Aah, sorry. ―― Diork, this is my daughter, Sheria."

"Oh, It's a cute little girl, as rumored. Nice to meet you, Sheria-chan."
When dad greeted the girl, Sheria, she pinched her skirt, folded her knees lightly, and greeted like a full-fledged lady.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Sheria."
C, Cute...!
No no, It’s different from lolicon, you know? In the small animal sense, got it!?

My father pointed me to the emperor, who is making a meaningless excuse in someone’s heart.
"This is my son, Leons."
I also bow to the emperor and Sheria according to the manners.

I heard a voice from the carriage further there.
"Ara, that’s cute. I’m sure he’ll be a good man in the future. As expected from Diork-san and Carla’s child!"
It is the queen who came down from the carriage with a loud voice. His eyes were sparkling and looking straight at me.

"It's been a while, Ashley! I missed you!"
Mother rushes to the queen.

"Me too, Carla!"
Said that, The two, who hold each other in their arms, are floating and start to spin around holding hands.

Father laughed in love with such two people.
"Yes yes, There will be a lot of stories to pile up, but the continuation will come later. Let's have a delicious lunch together first!"

Then we led the emperor and the others to a room with lunch.
This lunch was prepared by the people of the house early in the morning.
All of them are more luxurious than usual, and they look very delicious.

"Everyone, please take a seat!"
Father make everyone sit down.

And have a glass of sake.
"Well then, we welcome to Orton, Ashley, and Sheria-chan. Cheers!!"

In this way, a tense lunch began.

And reach out to each dish you are curious about.
"Every time I come, the food here is really delicious. Whenever I go back to the castle, I want to eat it again and again."
The emperor acclaimed while eating our dishes deliciously.

"I've never had such a rare and delicious food!"
The queen has a smile on her face, like if there was such food in this world.

"Come to think of it, Ashley and Sheria are new to the dish of Forster family. This dish is the food of the hero's hometown."
Saying that, the emperor cut the hamburger with a large knife and threw it into his mouth.

And when the emperor told that, I realized that our food was from the previous life.
On the table is lined with fried chicken, pizza, gratin etc.....
I have never eaten food outside of my house, so I have never thought about food culture in this world.

"Ara, is it the taste of the hero's hometown? That’s decided to be delicious!"

" I'm glad you're happy. This is the proud dish my father came up with a recipe with our chef."

"I'm sorry, Diork, but..... Can I get that recipe? It's a lifelong request. Every time, I hated to eat this dish for three years, and I hated it, and I dreamed of asking you if I became emperor."
Having said that, the emperor lowered his head desperately to put his head on the desk and asked to father.

"Did you think about that? I didn't keep the recipe as a secret, so I could give it to you whenever you asked me."

"I, Is that so... Why, Why didn't I ask about the recipe..."
The emperor held his head and regretted his actions.

Just how much he like our food.
For the sake of his dream to get the recipe, he became an emperor ......

"Oi oi, let's think more positively! You will be able to eat it every day from now on."

"E, Every day from now on!? That's right. It can't be help to regretting what I've done so far…... I can eat every day from now on……"
The emperor who had a dead eye changed to father's word, and it became a lively eye that said it would be fun from now on.

"Oh, it looks like you’re fine. I'll have the recipe ready for the chef by the time you returned. For now, let's enjoy the dishes we have now. And when you're done eating, let's go to the hot spring for fun!"

Then the adults talked happily, and  the children just listened to it and the lunch continued....

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  3. i just found this translation after reading the manga, thanks for translating the novel!
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