[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 9

Chapter 09: Entertaining the Princess

The lunch with the Emperor and the others is over.
We all went outside to go to the hot spring.
This is my first time going to a hot spring since I came to this world, but I’m looking forward to it in secrecy because I was asked to entertain the princess.

In front of the house, there were three carriages.
Somehow, I had a bad feeling about this.
Two of them would be fine, why bother making it three?

“Then, since we prepared three carriages, let’s divide ourselves between them.”(Diork)

“By the way, how are we gonna divide it, father?”(Leo)

“Of course, me and Orton, Carla and Ashley, you and Shelia-chan.”(Diork)

“Thought so...”(Leo)

“We are the same but, it can’t be helped since Carla and Ashley will be talking for the first time in a long while, right? That’s why, Shelia-chan and Leo have to get along well in their carriage.”(Diork)
Saying that, my father pushed my back.

After staggering for a few steps I ended up right in front of the princess and our eyes met.
“U-Uhm, let’s get along...”(Leo)
I was feeling pretty awkward, so I decided to give a light greeting for the time being.

“We’re going to the hot spring, so there’s no point in talking here. Everyone, embark up.”(Diork)

Father pushed me and the princess to the rearmost carriage.

After successfully placing Leo and Shelia together, Diork spoke to his best friend, Orton.
“Aah, I feel so nostalgic watching those two.”(Diork)

“Yes, when we were made to ride a carriage together for the first time when we were five, it was pretty awkward.”(Orton)

“Yes, I was wondering how I should talk since I had to entertain you~ But it was only at first, soon we became friends, and now we’re irreplaceable best friends.”(Diork)

“That’s right, and because of that I’m sure they will get along without problems.”(Orton)

<At the same time>

“Umm… I’m Leons.”(Leo)

“Ah, yes. I’m Shelia.”(Shelia)

We only said our names to each other and then fell silent.
It was so awkward, I had been only talking to the same people since I was born in this world so I couldn’t think of any conversation topic with someone I was meeting for the first time.
But, I had to talk to say something fast, no matter what…

“H-How old is the princess now?”(Leo)
Even though I gathered enough courage to say something, I ended up biting myself.



The princess’ voice was so low I couldn’t hear it properly.

“Please call me Sherry, without honorific.”(Sherry)
The princess said looking into my eyes.

Is it alright for me, the youngest son of the family to call the princess so informally using a nickname?
However, it felt like there was no point in refusing it there…

“I unders― I got it. Then, call me Leo, okay?”(Leo)
[TLN: He changed his previous formal speaking style.]
In the end, I decided to go along with her.
Then, I asked for something outrageous like calling me by my nickname…
I might have said something unnecessary… is that okay?

“Leo-kun, then. I understand.”(Sherry)

It seems there was no need to worry.
Sherry answered with a smile.
I’m relieved.

But, there’s something wrong…
“By the way, Sherry is still using formal speech!”(Leo)

Ah, now I’ve done it.
What have I said?
I have said something outrageous yet again.
This is not a matter of using formal speech or not…

“I’m fine using it.”(Sherry)

“I-I see...”(Leo)
Apparently, she didn’t get angry.

“Fufufu, answering your earlier question, by the way, I’m five years old.”(Sherry)

Oh yeah, I asked something like that…
“Five years? It’s the same as me.”(Leo)

“Same? I thought you were older than me.”(Sherry)

“Eh, why?”(Leo)
I’m not taller than Sherry, why did she think like that?

“Because ever since I first saw you when I got off the carriage, until lunch time, your movements always seemed very adult-like.”(Sherry)

“I-Is that so? I don’t think Sherry is that much different though?”(Leo)
The greeting she gave to father seemed pretty adult-like as well.

“No, I can’t eat properly like that.”(Sherry)

Is she talking about using a knife?
In this case, it’s easier because I used it on the previous life.

“I-Is that so~”(Leo)

“That’s so. By the way, what does Leo-kun usually do?”(Sherry)

“Usually? Most of the time I’m reading books, pouring magic into magic stones, or doing some magic training.”(Leo)
“Eh? You can you use magic?”(Sherry)

“I can use it a little.”(Leo)

“How envious~ What magic can you use?”(Sherry)
Sherry asked me with shining eyes.

“Creation magic.”(Leo)


As expected, she would be disappointed to hearing  it’s creation magic…

“What is that? It sounds amazing! Can you tell me what kind of magic it is?”(Sherry)

“What!? You don’t think it’s incompetent?”(Leo)


“No, it’s nothing.”(Leo)

Apparently, Sherry doesn’t know that creation magic is called incompetent.

“Ah, it seems have we arrived. Please tell me more about creation magic later.”(Leo)

“Y-Yes. I understand.”(Leo)

When we got out of the carriage, the whole place was full of steam.

“Yosh, since everyone’s here, let’s enter the hot spring!”(Diork)

Along the way we split into two groups because the hot spring baths are divided between males’ and females’ bath.

That means that the emperor will be talking to father.
I wonder if I’ll be able to enjoy the hot spring like this…

Then, the three of us, me, the emperor and father entered the hot spring.

“Fuuh, I’m melting~”(Orton)

“Hot springs can really heal you when you enter them.”(Diork)

“Why aren’t there any hot springs in the Imperial Capital?”(Orton)

“My father said it’s a geographic problem.”(Diork)

“I don’t understand anything about it at all.”(Orton)
I know a little bit about the conditions to make a hot spring from my memories of the previous life, but not enough to explain it to them.

“Well, don’t worry about the details.”(Diork)

“Yes, by the way, is Leo-kun enjoying the hot spring?”(Orton)

“Y-Yes, it feels good.”(Leo)
I was surprised because I was talked to so suddenly.

“I see, I heard you are the same age as Shelia, so it would help if you two could get along from now on.”(Orton)


“Also, is my Shelia cute?”(Orton)

“Ha, eh? Y-Yes.”(Leo)
I was suddenly asked about strange things, so I gave a strange response.

“I see, I see.”(Orton)
The emperor laughed happily seeing my panicked reaction.

<At the same time>

“Shelia-chan, how is the hot spring bath?”(Carla)

“It feels good and warms you up inside.”(Sherry)

“To have something like this nearby… I’m so envious! Does Carla enter it everyday?”(Ashley)

“Not really. I’ve been too busy since Leo was born.”(Carla)

“Eh~ That’s a shame. Speaking of Leo-kun, how was it being in the carriage together with him, Shelia?”(Ashley)

“Eh, how?”(Sherry)

“What did you two talk about?”(Ashley)

“Umm, we started by talking about how we would call each other, then we talked about our age and what we usually do.”(Sherry)

“Oh, you talked a lot. By the way, how did Leo call Shelia-chan?”(Carla)

“… I asked him to call me Sherry.”(Sherry)
She said shyly.

“Arara, that far? Fufufu, from now on I’m leaving Leo on your care.”(Carla)


<Some time later>

When I got back in the carriage, Sherry was there.
“Did you like the hot spring?”(Leo)

“Yes, it feels really good.”(Sherry)

“That’s good. As expected, a hot spring is really nice.”(Leo)

“That’s right, I want to enter it again. By the way, can we continue our talk from before?”(Sherry)

“Umm, if I’m not mistaken, it was about creation magic?”(Leo)

“Yes, please tell me about it.”(Sherry)

“Umm, creation magic is basically a magic that makes things using magic power and materials.”(Leo)

“What can you make?”(Sherry)

“There are things that can’t be made with magic power alone, but if you have materials you can do most things.”(Leo)

“It’s amazing that you can make a lot of things.”(Sherry)

“Is that so? By the way, what attributes does Sherry have?”(Leo)

“What do you think? Try guessing it.”(Sherry)

“Eh~ ”(Leo)

I have no idea… There’s no choice, let’s use <Appraisal>!

 Shelia Vector Lv.1

 Age: 5
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Princess

 Physical strength: 3 / 3
 Magic power: 11 / 11

 Power: 3
 Speed: 3
 Luck: 500
 Attributes: None, Water, Lightning, Ice, Charm
 Water Magic Lv.1, Lightning Magic Lv.1,
 Ice Magic Lv.1, Charming Magic Lv.1,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv.1


Oh, she has 5 attributes, and 3 of them are unique attributes.
Furthermore, her luck is 50 times higher than normal (I didn’t say people).

“Could it be that you have water attribute?”(Leo)

“Ah, you’re right.”(Sherry)


“But, I also have non-attribute, lightning, ice, and charm.”(Sherry)

“Eh!? Isn’t that too much? That’s awesome.”(Leo)

“You see, my father told me that the royal family members always have many attributes since long ago.”(Sherry)

I wonder if when the parents have many attributes, the children are the same.

“Ah, by the way, have you stopped using formal speech?”(Leo)
When I realized it, Sherry had stopped using formal speech unconsciously.

“Umm, I forgot.”(Sherry)

“Let’s stop using it then.”(Leo)
I also don’t want to keep using formal speech.

“I understand. Aah~ Even though I tried so hard to look gracious~”(Sherry)

“You don’t have to do that. Sherry is cute even when she talks normally.”(Leo)

“Th-Thank you.”(Sherry)
Sherry’s face turned red.

She is embarassed… How cute~
Ah, I said it many times already but, I’m not a lolicon!
My body and mind are 5 years old after all.

“By the way, starting tomorrow the emperor and the others will be visiting the Demons’ Forest, and they said it’s dangerous for us to leave to house, so what will we do?”(Leo)

“Hmm… Ah, show me creation magic.”(Sherry)

“Ok then. I’ll make something tomorrow.”(Leo)

“Yeay~ That’s a promise.”(Sherry)

“Yes, that’s a promise.”(Leo)

After that, we arrived home and had dinner together, and like this the first day of the emperor’s visit came to an end...

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