[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 11

Chapter 11 : Soon 8 Years Old

About two years have passed since the emperor's visit.
Soon, I'll be 8 years old.

I have practiced creation magic for the past two years.
After I changed the shape of Mythril with creation magic, I repeated it as material for creation magic and practiced again.

However, because I didn't want to waste so I only used 1 magic stone.
At that time, I couldn't stand the material I wanted to try.

The ingredient I want to try is the handkerchief my father used to make Misanga of Growth.
Finally, I understood the material for making handkerchiefs...

<Magic Silk>
 Luxury silk that contains so much magic power
 Use moth cocoons that only live in places where the concentration of magical power is extremely high

By the way, it's very expensive because only silkworms to make cocoons to make Magic Silk are only found in the devil's forest.
It costs about 500 million platinum coins at a material store (around 10 million yen).

But I bought it!

So, what am I going to make...
I think I want to make a rucksack with storage in a different space.

Since I appaised Grandpa and Grandma, I want storage space, but I didn't make it because it seemed to fail with semi-permanent material and magic stones.

Objects made using Magic Silk and magic stones are,
<Rucksack with a storage bag in a different space>
 Open the rucksack and put it in something you want to put in.
 The capacity of the pocket is proportional to the magic power that the user first poured into the rucksack
 The user is the person who first pours magic power
 Only users who have a rucksack or who have applied magic power at the same time as the user
 Creator: Leons Forster

I didn't expect that ability to enter the Pocket ...
Pocket... 4D.... No, whatever.
However, it’s crime prevention function is very good...
‘Cannot have it’ is great huh...

Finally my magic power became something extraordinary.

 Leons Forster Lv. 1

 Age: 7
 Tribe: Human Tribe
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 5/5
 Magic: 31400/31400

 Power: 5
 Speed: 6
 Luck: 1000
 Attribute: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 3,
 Non-Attribute Magic Lv.1, Magic Operation Lv.5,
 Innocence Lv.2

 A person with a memory of a different world,

The growth value of magic power seemed to increase at an increasingly fast pace, and I realized that Misanga of Growth was extraordinary.
For example, if you start with 10 then 10 + 1 + (1 + 1) + (2 + 1) + ... = 10 + 1 + 2 + 3 + ... and so on.
In my case, it becomes 10 + 1x2 + (2 + 1) x2 + (6 + 1) x2 + ... = 10 + 2 + 6 + 14 ...

However, it has recently become difficult to use, making it difficult to grow because the efficiency of training in magic power has deteriorated.

Then, Magical Operation becomes level 5.
<Magical Operation Lv. 5>
 Can manipulate the magic power in the body
 You can move more quickly as the level goes up
 Use this skill to increase your magic power
 You can get it as you try
 Lv.5 ... You can easily manipulate magic power outside of yourself

Then, I got <Inncocent>.
I realized this when I confirmed it after Sherry left.

<Innocent Lv.2>
 Can be innocent
 It doesn't move against anything as the level goes up
 Lv. 2 ... You can play poker face unless you have a big deal

Now, my next plan is to go to the Imperial Capital for my 8th birthday party.
The money party of the imperial nobles was usually held at the residence of the imperial capital, and it was common to invite nobles of the same class or lower than me.
That's why my party from the Duke family should have attracted a large number of people.
So, it feels like now I want to run away.....

Then, I was born in July, but I had to have training with grandmothers and grandmothers in the imperial capital until school began in January.
So I will live in the imperial capital from the age of 8 years.
I can't wait to see what special training is waiting for you!

<One week later>

Preparations for going to the Imperial Capital are over.
Yeah, I put all my luggage in the rucksack, so I'm ready.

"Then, let's go."

"Haah, I understand."

"Don't be sad, we can come back later."

Not that I'm lonely, but...
I hate party!

<Right then in the Imperial Capital>

"Father, I want to go to celebrate Leo's birthday!!"
Sherry hurriedly told the emperor.

"W, who did you hear it from..."

"More importantly, I want to go!"

"You can't. Because I knew it would be like this so I didn't tell you."
Saying that, the emperor held his head

"Why not? It's okay right?"

"If you don't attend the party of the other nobles, and only attend Leo-kun's party, the other noble families will be jealous of the Forster family, right?"

"Because it's actually like that, is that okay?"

"I, Is that so? Even if that happens, if Sheria leaves at this time, it will acknowledge it."

"Eh, I want to go."

"If so, why don't you call Leo-kun to the castle informally on the day before or after his birthday?"
Saying that, the emperor grinned.

"Something like that can be done?"
Sherry turned her face that was half dubious to the Emperor.

"In short, if you just call him a friend of Sheria, then the noble family has nothing to do."

"Then do that."

"Yosh, next after Leo-kun arrives at the imperial capital."

At that time, on the train to the imperial capital.

(* shiver*)
Eh? I felt suddenly shivered.

"Aah, I don't want to go to the imperial capital"
Without realizing it, my voice came out.

"Don't say that. You can meet your sister and the others after all this time."

Speaking of which, I haven't seen my sister and the others in 2 years since my first birthday.
Are they all growing up?

I enjoyed the trip to the Imperial Capital a little, but I couldn't beat the feeling that I didn't like the party.

Haah, I'm really depressed .....

About a week later, I finally arrived at the Imperial Capital.

I wasn't drunk this time because I had experienced the train ride when I was five years old.

But, that's really boring.
I just looked outside and did nothing.

However, when it came to the imperial capital, 'I want to go home', 'I want to continue', such thoughts kept floating in my head.

However, I have arrived safely at the residence in the Imperial Capital...

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