[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 12

Chapter 12 : Birthday Party

When I arrived at the residence in the Imperial Capital, my grandmother and my sister welcomed me.
"Welcome, long time no see."

"Father, mother, long time no see, is Leo fine too?"

"Long time no see Helena, I heard you entered the S-Class. Congratulations!"
Saying that, mom hugged my sister.

By the way, in schools where nobles aged 8 to 14 years attend, S-Class is where only a few of the best students from the classification exams starting in fourth grade can be selected, and those who are in S-Class when they graduate can be recommended by magic school.

"Nee-chan, congratulations. I'm fine."

"Thank you. If it's Leo, it will be easier to enter the S-Class in the future."

"Eh , that's not right!"

"Ufufu, then all my children will graduate from S-Class."

"Well, it's not good to put too much hope in children. Even though, Leo might be fine."
Saying that, Grandma stopped it ... maybe?

"That's right, everyone is waiting, so let's go inside the house."
In my father's words, everyone entered the house.

Speaking of which, when I think something is wrong.... My sister doesn't stick to me!
Last time, she always clung to me, did my sister also grow huh
It feels lonely, but...

When I entered the house, there was a man I did not know along with my grandfather and brother.
His appearance is blonde, just like grandfather and father.

The stranger looked at my face.
"Ah, is that child Leo-kun? Nice to meet you, I'm Diork-niisan's sister, Damian." (RAW: )
That person introduced himself.
Apparently, this person seems to be my uncle.

"Damian is the captain of the Imperial Magic Special Forces and is said to be the person with the strongest role in the world."
The strongest role, huh...
Alright, let me see what kind of skill that is.

 Damian Forster Lv. 120

 Age: 28
 Tribe: Human Tribe
 Occupation: Magician

 Physical strength: 7200/8200
 Magic: 10400/10400

 Power: 4200
 Speed: 4540
 Luck: 40
 Attributes: None, Lightning, Shadow
 Non-Attribute Magic Lv. 8,
 Lightning magic Lv.8, Shadow magic Lv.9,
 Swordsman Lv. 9, Magical Operation Lv. MAX,
 Magical Sensing Lv. 7, Covert

 Tower Dungeon Breaker

Here too, it's very rare but there is a Sorcerer!
It's like taking the best from Grandfather and Grandma.

"Wow that's amazing!"

"Really? I'm being embarrassed , but Leo-kun will soon be able to get over it."


"Your magical power is too great. You have it more than my mother's heyday, right?" (TLN: the word 'mother' here means Leo's grandmother)


"Huh? Leo is still 8 years old."

"That's right Father, you feel it too, right?"

"I feel it."
Grandma nodded at uncle's words.

"Isn't that amazing!?"
When everyone was silent, Ivan-niisan who was at the end spoke.

"At that age, has more magic power than Sorcerer..."
Alex-niisan said so in a voice that he did not believe.

Come to think of it, I heard the voices of Ivan-niisan and Alex-niisan after a long time.

"Yes yes, Leo is also tired from a long trip, so that's enough to get there first."

"That's right, it's tomorrow tomorrow."

"Ah, I remember. It seems like the princess called you the day after your birthday."


"Ara, isn't it nice to meet Sheria-chan?"

"Were you get along with her during the emperor's vacation last time?"

"That's right, father, Sheria-chan hugged Leo on the way home and cried."

"You have to go see her, Leo-kun."
Uncle patted my shoulder.

"Y, yes."

Well, it would be scary if I didn't go.

"Now, just get there, now it's dismiss."
Saying that, Grandma dismissed everyone.

"Then, let's go Leo."
Saying that, I was taken by my mother and left the room.

"Yosh, everyone left."
Diork and Damian remain in the room after everyone exits the room.

"It's been a long time since we talked to each other like this."

"Because we are both busy with work."

"So why does Leo have so much magic, nii-san?"

"I also don't know at all... Because at the age of 3, he already surpassed me."

"Then, what from natural innate from birth?"

"Maybe so."

"Leo-kun seems to be amazing if he improves this way."

"That's why I didn't tell anyone but my family about the magic power."

"Well, if not, it will be troublesome."

"In that case, it's about Leo, how many nobles will come tomorrow?"

"Looks like nobles with children of Leo's age will come, Duke is coming too."

"That's quite a number."

"Leo will be in trouble tomorrow."

"It is true."
Saying so, the two laughed.

<Party Day>
Tonight, I'm wearing formal clothes that are very difficult to wear.
There are already many nobles gathered in the hall.

The Empire has a house called the Three Grand Dukes.
North Lefevre Family.
South Boardrail Family.
West Philibert Family.

Today, two of them will participate...

By the way, the Forster family is also a Duke, but is not included because it is new.

To the east of the empire, there was no chance of prosperity because historically there were many disasters caused by monsters until grandfather came to the region.
Therefore, the nobles who were in the east at the time were destroyed or poor nobles.

The Boardrail family is my mother's family.
The Lefevre family is my grandmother's family.
Today, the two Duke families are coming.

Many other nobles also came.

When I think I should greet these people, I want to run away from now ...

And, when I entered the room with a round of applause, the party began.

When the party started, the nobles came to greet me alternately.

First of all, it is the Boardrail Family.

A 30-year-old man with red hair and a boy (with red hair) my age.

"Hi Leo, nice to meet you, I'm Carla's younger brother, Lawrence Boardrail. Happy birthday."
This person, looks like my uncle.

"Nice to meet you, thank you very much."
I bow and say thank you.

"Then, this is my second son Frank, who is going to school next year, just like Leo."
Saying that, Mr. Lawrence pressed the back of the boy next to him.

"N, Nice to meet you. Happy birthday."

"Thank you, nice to meet you at the school."

"Yes, nice to meet you."

Of course, after the Boardrail family, it was the Lefevre family.
A blond man and a girl who came to say hello.
"Happy birthday. I am Diork's cousin, Albert Lefevre, and this is Josettia, who will soon be the same age as you."

"Happy birthday. Please call me Jose."

"Thank you very much. Thank you, Jose. nice to meet you at the school."

"Yes, nice to meet you too."
Besides, most of them were nobles who somehow managed to make me remember about their daughters and sons and make me like them, and it was very difficult to deal with them.

That is, when the party was over, it was not something that I could really enjoy.

<Next day>
I was tired from yesterday and was woken up by someone while I was sleeping soundly.
"Wake up."


"If you don't wake up, she will be angry."

"Uh, Eh!? Why is uncle here?"
When I woke up, there was an uncle there.

"‘Why’ you say, I was told to take you to the emperor secretly."

"Ah, speaking of that, I have to go to Sherry's place."
Because of yesterday's exhaustion, there was almost nothing left in my head...

"Yes, then please change your clothes as soon as possible."

"I understand."

Then I finished changing, and when I tried to get out the front door, I was suddenly carried by my uncle.

"W, what's up?"
Gezz, I have no idea why I was carried?

"Because the emperor's order is to take you secretly, so I will take you super express using a secret passage."

"Eh "
I tried to protest but....
To prevent that, uncle ran while carrying me across the city at incredible speed...

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