[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 13

Chapter 12 : I am Taken To See Sherry

After leaving home, uncle passed through the city very quickly.
Between the people and the roof, basically I went to the castle with the shortest distance.
However, no one noticed us because we were spies.

Then I immediately arrived at the castle.
"Uncle, you don't have to hurry like that right?"

"What are you saying? I don't think it's a good idea to keep a girl waiting."

"Y, yes."

"Even if you overslept."

"Yes "

"Then, let's go."
Saying so, he jumped over the castle walls while carrying me

"Eeh!? Let's go through the gate normally."

"What are you talking about? This time it's sneaking up, so there's no point in passing through the gate."

"But if you can jump over like this, I'm worried about the crime prevention system."

"Don't worry, only me and the hero(father) can do something like this.

"Eeh? Really?"

"Although, this is my job if someone who can do that comes."

"What does uncle do?"
It is said to be a special force, but what do you do?

"This is a unit under the emperor's direct control."

"Is that different from knights?"

"The knights need a lot of permission from the minister to move, a lot in war and maintenance of security, my special forces are some of the elite and escort the emperor, and they are asked directly by the emperor, like me today feels like he is working."

"Hee Some of the elite huh Great!"

"Thank you, we have arrived at the princess' room."
Saying that, he drops me off and stops in front of the door.

*Knock knock*

"Princess, I have brought Leo-kun."


Hm? There is no reaction?
"Sherry, are you in there? I'm sorry for being late."

Then, the door opens.
Sherry appears in a bad mood.

"I'm sorry, Leo-kun didn't wake up easily "
Hearing that, Sherry looked this way.

"Does Leo not care about me?"

"T, There is no such thing! It's just that, I was tired from the party yesterday and couldn't wake up easily."

"Muu, even though I also wanted to go yesterday "
Sherry's eyes watery as she said this.

"Don’t cry! I am really, really sorry. I'll do anything so forgive me."

"Fuu n, anything huh... I understand, I forgive you."
Geez, it looks like I can somehow get my forgiveness.
But, what will you do to me...

"In that case, because you guys made up, so I'm quite up to here."
Uncle said that, and disappeared in an instant.
Really, the spy is useful...

"Now, enter the room."

"This is really like a girl's room."
The room as a whole is pink and lots of stuffed animals.

"Is that so?"

"Yes, do you like stuffed animals?"

"Yes, it is true."

"Then wait a minute, please."
I say so and use creation magic.

Since there is no material, I think I will make stuffed animals with only magic power.
Then I imagined a penguin and made it.

"Here, I'll give you this, so cheer up."

"Is that okay? I understand, I'll be cheerful."

"Yes , thank God "
With this, I feel calm.

"Then, gift from me."
He gave me a beautiful necklace made of Mithril.

"Thank you, can I wear it?"

"Wait, I'll return the previous magic stone."
Sherry said that and gave me a stone that shone the same as my magic stone.

"Ooh, you trained hard. But this is good enough."

"It's okay, I always put my magic power on the magic stone that I got, and it has become very bright, so this time I will start from the beginning."

"I see. I understand."

"Besides, I want to see using the magic in this necklace."

"Is that what you mean? Well, that's OK."

"Yay "

"Then, I have something I want to do, so give Sherry a necklace."


Receiving a necklace and a magic stone, I used creation magic.
At that time, as usual, it shined and succeeded.
Then, the success is a necklace with a magic stone in a circle.

"Looks like it works."

"What kind of effect is there?"

"Hmm, wait a minute."

 <Necklace of Comunication>
 People who have poured magic power to this magic stone and can sign in remote places through registered magic items.
 The registration method is just to touch this necklace.
 Connected (registered item): Sherry (love necklace)

Ooh, I can make items that can communicate according to plan.
Because in this world there is no convenient means of contact like a telephone, so I want it.

"For now, I'll return this, so try to wear it on your neck."

"I understand."



(Can you hear it? Sherry.)

"What is this?"

"This is something that is transmitted to the other party when you want to communicate with the other party."

"Hee This is too great. I'll give it a try huh."

(Leo, can you hear it, Leo?)

(I can hear you)

(Amazing! I have a conversation.)

(You can use it even if it's far away.)

(Yay )

"With this we can talk anywhere and anytime."


Apparently, I made something scary.

"Y, yes."

"I'm getting impatient."

"K, you're right."

"That's right. You know, thanks to the magic stone, my magic power has increased, you know."

"I did my best"
Okay, how effective is the love necklace...

 Shelia Vector Lv.1

 Age: 7
 Tribe: Human Tribe
 Occupation: Princess

 Physical strength: 3/3
 Magic: 6510/6510

 Power: 3
 Speed: 3
 Luck: 500
Attributes: None, Water, Lightning, Ice, Fascination
 Water magic Lv.1, Lightning magic Lv.1,
 Ice Magic Lv.1, Fascination Magic Lv.1,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv.1, Magical Operation Lv.3


This growth is terrible huh (You don’t say)
As expected, promotion of growth items is great

"And, I practice Magical Operations every day."

"Good girl, good girl."
Saying that, I stroked his head.

"Hehe, there's something I want to ask Leo for help."

"The thing you want to ask for help?"

"Yes, I want you to play with my magic power."

"F, For that one thing, I'm sorry."

"Earlier, you said you would do anything right?"

"Uh, I understand."
Because men will not intersect his words.

"Then please."
Saying that, Sherry lay on the bed.

"Haah, then, let's do it."
I gave up and moved Sherry's magic.

"Hm? It becomes easier to move."
As expected, it's developing.

"Is that so? What might it be because I do it everyday huh "
Gosh, it's starting ...

"Since I haven't done it in a long time, this is very enjoyable ~~"
(I'm innocent I'm innocent)

"Fuaa ~~~~"
(I'm innocent, I'm innocent, I'm innocent, I'm innocent .....)

I think more than 10 minutes have passed since that time.
I am tired.

Sherry fell asleep.

"It looks fun huh."
Suddenly I heard a voice from behind.
When I turned quickly, the one who was there was my uncle.

"I was surprised Uncle, did you see that just now?"

"Yes, thank goodness the room is soundproof."

"Aah, this is the worst ."
What did people see?
Aaarrgh! I was so embarrassed I wanted to die...

"Well, because you said you would do anything, the man had to obey what he said."

"Ouch ..."

"More importantly, you can manipulate other people's magic power quite well at your age huh."

"I happened to tell Sherry how to manipulate magic, so I can do it when I try to do it."

"No no, isn't it great that you can manipulate magic power at that age?"

"Eeh Is that so?"

"Yes, I recently practiced magic power using magic tools that absorb magic power, so there aren't many people who can manipulate magic power."

"Is there something like that?"

"There was. Initially it was something that absorbed magic power to keep the magicians in prison, but now it is found that there is a way to do magic power training by absorbing all magic power and repeating it again when all magic power is absorbed."

"Hee That's useful huh."

"Well, after training Magical Operations to level 3, pouring magic power into magic stones to train magic power is troublesome, and magic can even be used without Magical Operations."

"Ee h, but when I use creation magic, I need Magical Operations."

"If I'm not mistaken, Leo-kun uses normal creation magic huh."

"I can use it."

"Magic that no one can use, huh ..."

"Well, because I have a lot of magic power."

"That might be the number one cause, but it might also be caused by other Magical Operations."


"There is hardly anyone who can use magic power on the magic tool I mentioned before, and if you need magic power for creation magic, it's acceptable that no one can use it."

"Oh, I see."

"Now, it's getting dark, let's go back Leo-kun."

"Yes, I understand."

"Are you sure you don't want to say anything to the princess pour and then go home?"

"It's okay. Because there is this."
Show the necklace to uncle.

"Creation magic can create things like that huh."

"Yes, because it's only at this level."

"But it's amazing to be able to reach that level."

"That's not true."

"Again Lower yourself, then let's go back."
Uncle said that, and brought me again.

"Eh? Bring me again?"

"Because getting home is a spy."
Then, when I returned, I was taken by my uncle with incredible speed...

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