[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 01

Chapter 01: I Have Reincarnated Again

"Babubabu (I'm reincarnated)" (baby voice)

Me (watashi), no... It's better to call it me (boku).

I, Rex, are a baby born in a farming family.

Why does this baby have a clear ego?

That's because I have been reincarnated again and again.

I used to be a hero.

I have defeated all enemies and demons using the strongest sword. 

At first it was only a battle to make the sword alive, but for some reason I was treated as a hero by the people around me.

And after I achieved my goal, I was finally born again.

Why “again”?

That is simple. I have been reincarnated 2 times.

In my second life I was reincarnated as a Magician.

Great magician who has all kinds of magic.

Not only the four attribute magic which is the power of nature but also holy magic and dark magic, I was later called the genius of magic and sage by the people around me.

And it happens “again".

That's why I was thinking in my mother's arms, how to live my third life.

"Babu (yes, let's live in peace in my next life)"

After all, in my life until the last time, I was trapped in various problems as a sage or a hero.

There have been many terrible defeats of demons and the wise rituals of magicians accused of evil gods, and the horrific killing of demons and destruction called demons.

Plus there are many difficulties, but the prize is very simple, or even terrible.

Fame as a hero, or status as a nobleman, etc.

I'm not grateful at all, it's just annoying.

Instead, there are lots of additions, jealousy and jealousy! I wondered if I could have 100 friends!

"Babubabu (Because of that, I will live here in peace)"

I clenched my small fist and confirmed it in my heart.

"Babu! (And I will be an adventurer! To symbolize that freedom!)"

An adventurer, it's a profession that I miss that has haunted me when I became a hero.

You are free to do anything, as long as you are responsible yourself.

I will live simply as an adventurer!!

And I am 15 years old.

In this world, 15 years of age are considered as adults, and children leave their homes and look for their own work.

However, because it is difficult to get a new job without having a connection, most people usually continue the work of their parents.

But still, not a few children who want to work outside the city.

Of course I belong to that category.

"I'll go then, Dad, Mother."

I will say goodbye to my parents who have raised me to this day.

"Yes, this is your life. Live as you wish."

"You'll be fine. You can come back if you're having a hard time."

My parents did not oppose me to be an adventurer, because I did not admit that I was an adventurer and I did not provoke him from an early age.

When I was little, they opposed it, but I didn't say I'd be too adventurous, so my parents seemed to give up.

Yep, it's useful to tell hunter uncles that they don't make sense and help them hunt monster.

"I go!"

I left the house with a sword at my waist and a bag made of monster skin.

One small bag is enough for this.

"Do your best, Rex!"

"Be carefull!"

Everyone in the village blessed my journey.

All the villagers are really good people.

"Thank you! I'm leaving!"

Supported by everyone's cheers, I left the village proudly.

"Now, let's become an adventurer!"

"To get to Togai city takes half a day. Because there is a ritual of maturity in the morning, it is a bit late. Maybe I should hurry ..."

I cast magic into my feet and jump strongly.

At that moment my body floated and pierced the clouds in the blink of an eye.

This is not flying magic, this is just kicking the ground with magic delivered to your feet.

"Etto, Togai City... Oh, I saw it... I saw it."

I saw Togai City, which is two mountains away.

"Let's go with short-range transition magic... Oh, I knew I'd better stop first."

I tried to go to Togai City with transfer magic, but I found something on the way and stopped.

"While there is a chance let's go there. The adventurer must hunt monsters!"

Yes, right in my gaze there is a decent monster.

"That monster is ... a green dragon. It's just an ordinary dragon, but if you live calmly, the level of a dragon like that looks really easy."

Oh yes, I want to be an adventurer because some adventurers are a symbol of freedom, but above all, there are those who don't want to live in peace and get into trouble.

If it's the strongest golden dragon, it's not natural for newcomers to hunt for it.

Therefore this is just a green dragon.

"If so, why don't we hurry quickly!"

I pulled the broadsword that I pulled at the waist.

It looks just like a broadsword, but this sword is a permanent enchant magic that I have developed in the past, and because it has durability, corrosion resistance, sharpness, various attributes, immortality, and various effects, it would be very easy to fight a dragon green.

But it will only look like an ordinary broadsword, so no one knows its value!

Well, I really don't have the facilities and materials for a rural blacksmith, and I don't sell high-quality weapons, so I can only enchant them.

My previous skill at iron wasn't too good either.

"Let's start!"

I move my body with flying magic and attack the Green Dragon faster than arrows.

Green Dragon has not noticed my presence coming from above.

I don't think that humans will attack from above like me.

There is something in the dragon's place.


That Green Dragon, is he being bothered by anything else?

Well, let it be.


I cut the green dragon diagonally from above.


Finally, the green dragon noticed my presence up here.
But it's too late.

At that time my sword cut the green dragon's neck in half.

"Then, just save it!"

I took out a small bag from my pocket and threw the green dragon's head into it.

The head of a large green dragon, which is 2 meters long, will be put into a bag that is only the size of a palm.

Yes, this is the magic bag I made.

It looks like an ordinary bag, but it can magically expand the space inside, so it can store a lot of things from what is seen.

That's why I left my hometown in clothes that are so light.

"And over here too."

Then put the green dragon's body into the magic bag.

A large body with a size of more than 10m goes into a magic bag.

"Yosh, it's been defeated! Then let's leave before it gets dark!"

I fly again with flying magic.

"...... !!"

Hmm? Am I hearing something? Is that just my imagination?

Yeah, there's no way anyone near that ferocious dragon, right.


After flying to the sky again, I went to the destination Togai City before sunset.

Let’s immediately go to the adventurer guild and register as an adventurer!

The event only lasted for a moment.

We were attacked by dragons during our trip.

And the opponent is a green dragon.

If one country's army is not in perfect condition then it won't win against it, it is a terrible monster even a strong enemy dies.

The dragon suddenly appeared from the sky and breathed fire, breath of fire from his mouth.

The fire made the horse and carriage roll.

"There's a dragon in a place like this!?"

I thought of the people on the train, but now is not the time.
That's because I have to concentrate on the opponent in front of me now while believing that person* survived. (EDN: Royal princess, maybe)

My subordinate stands with the appearance of a strong enemy that is unpredictable.

But I still have to fulfill my mission.

"The aim of the dragons is the horses! Go escape with the horses!"

My subordinate turned and looked at me.

Losing a horse in a place like this is quite painful, but it still can't replace it with a life.

I managed to focus the dragon's attention on the horse, meanwhile, I had to help that person get out of the carriage and escape to the forest.

But the ferocious dragon was filled with appetite.

How many things to keep and keep it away from the horse.

The worst possibility, even if this bone is presented to the dragon, he must protect it.

If not, there's no point in being born a knight!

"Over here, dragon!"

I was determined to die and direct the dragon's attention to my horse.

Because my beloved horse is a war horse, I do not panic because of the dragon's breath.

But now I am trying to leave an important friend to protect.

"Sorry, Volhan."

I apologize to a horse who is my partner.

"Bururun" (horse sound)

But this is a strange thing. Volhan didn't even let me hate him, but he moved in front of the dragon in an impressive way.

Do you understand the mission of the knight?

Oh, you're also a knight!

Not only will Volhan die. I will also challenge the dragon with the determination to die!

Everyone, I'll leave everything to you!

The dragon stopped us!

That's what I thought at that time.


I heard the voice of a young child.

At first, I wondered if someone on the team couldn't stand and attacked the dragon without permission.
It was about how stupid he was, my mind would go crazy.

But before I thought that, suddenly a boy appeared that I had never seen.

That's very sudden.

After a while, I finally realized that the boy had come from above.

At first glance he looked simple, but he wielded a sword that was clearly proven to be sharp.

Will this kid fight alone to answer the dragon?

Are you burning with anger and coming to help us!?

"That's so rash!"

I tried to say it.

But by then everything was over.

Suddenly, the dragon's severed head was sucked into the boy's bag, and the next moment, the dragon's body was already inside the boy's bag.

It can’t be thought by common sense.

The only thing that surpassed my mind was the word magic item.

A kid like that has magic items!?


And the boy really flew, Like a bird.

"Wait a minute!"

There was no reason for him to answer my words like that and the boy's figure had disappeared into the sky.

It was a fast event, really fast.

Everything ended in an instant.

The world returns to silence as if there were no dragon or boy from the start.

Only dragon blood and horse damping, which was barely defeated by the boy, said that this was a real event.

"Hmm!? That's right, princess!"

When I returned to my senses, I remembered the princess who was on the train that turned around, and hurried to the train.

"Please free me! I lost my consciousness, but the princess is safe! The servant has protected the princess!"

"Really! Good job!"

Fuuh... Princess safe, huh..

I will thank the maid later.

I felt relieved and my body became so heavy.

The battle with the dragon seems very fierce.

I really lasted a long time.

"I don't know what really happened, but somehow we survived, huh... Volhan!"


In my monologue, only the horses survived with the others.

"Who exactly is that kid?"

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