[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 02

Chapter 02 : Adventurer Registration and Dragon Evaluation

At the last moment before sunset, I arrived in the Togai Town.

"Oh, somehow I can register as an adventurer today!"

When entering the city, I walked towards the guild.

The guild building can be found immediately.

That's because the wing sign is installed near the building.

It is a symbol of freedom, a wing mark as the first philosophy of the adventurer guild that the adventurer is freedom.

"This is the Adventurer's Guild..."

My heart is full of excitement.

My adventure life starts here!

"This is bad! I have to register as an adventurer before the guild closes!"

When entering the Guild, this place was crowded with people.

Wow, is that all adventurers?

Uh, there are so many adventurers.

I got excited.

It’s bad... it's bad, I'll forget my goal again.

When I found the receptionist, I rushed to the queue.

"What an extraordinary queue."

"What's the matter, kid, is this your first time in a queue?"

Hearing my murmur, the adventurers who lined up in front turned around.

I'm a little scared, but I'm not a bad person.

"Yes, today is the first time for me."

"Oh, newcomer, huh... Pretty good for the first time... Without luggage. Could you be registering as an adventurer now?"

Are? Am I doing something weird?

"Yes, I left the village as soon as the maturity ceremony was over."

"I see. So that's why you're at a time like this."

Thankfully, it seems like I didn't do anything strange.

"Haha, sometimes I see people like you. The young adventurers who registers when they has just finished their maturity ceremony."

"Has anyone done the same thing with me?"

"Oh, that's quite a lot. Well, I want to get a quest as soon as I register, so not many people come at this time. It's crowded because at night people who finish work come to report the completion of the quest."

I understand, because of that there are so many people huh.

"Well, where did you come from? If the ceremony of maturity is over and you arrive at this time, you must have come a long way."

"Yes, I came from the Zenge Village."

"Zenge? That's a village I've never heard of. Which side is it?"

Ah, my village is a remote village with no other villages nearby.

"Zenge Village is outside the mountain to the west of the city."

"Mountain!? That's far."

I am surprised. It seems like what I'm doing makes no sense.

Don’t do it. I decided to live in the next life calmly.

"I grew up in the mountains, so I passed the shortcut."

"Well, I just remembered that the hunters knew the secret paths in the mountains."

"Yes yes! I was told when I helped hunt to become an adventurer!"

"Oh, I see."

Yes, at least it was not a lie when I helped hunt.

Let's keep it a secret that I'm flying in the sky.

"Oh, it looks like the front is empty."

"Yes, let's continue next time."


Thanks to talking to adventurers, it's a good time to spend time.

It was good that the adventurer who spoke for the first time was a good person.

Oh, I forgot to tell my name.

I'll tell him at the next meeting.

"Please the next person!"

Oh it's my turn.

"Welcome to the adventurer’s guild. My name is Elma at the reception desk. You want to register as an adventurer, right?"

"Yes! ―Eh! Why do you know?!"

"Fufu, because you spoke to Garland-san in a loud voice, didn't you? I can hear it clearly you know."


How big is the sound of our conversation?

Uuh... I was too excited for the adventurer I first met.

"Then let's register right away. Can you read and write? I'll write it if you can't."

"It's okay. I can write it correctly."

Because before I was Sage, I could read and write in several languages.

"Please complete this document."


I wrote my name and age on the documents given.


Elma nodded in satisfaction when she saw the document received.

"Confirmed. This is very beautiful writing."

Arguably beautiful, somehow I feel a little embarrassed.

"Even though you can write, there are some people who are very bad at writing. People who can write writing beautifully are also sought by guilds."

Etto, is that an invitation not to become an adventurer’s guild member?

No, no, I'm an adventurer!

"No, I want to be an adventurer!"

"Fufu, I understand. But please reconsider when you retire."

Well, there are also jobs like that when retiring from adventurer’s guild.

It is true that the adventurer seems to be a difficult job and there is a possibility that he must suffer a serious injury and retire.

Well, I don't think I can easily retire because I have healing magic.

"Now you will take the practice exam."

"Practical exam?"

What exactly was done during the practice exam?

"Actually, let's fight and see if you can do it as an adventurer."

I heard a voice from behind.

Looking back, there is a man about 30 years old.

Although their beards grow thick, they are neatly arranged and do not feel dirty.

His appearance was covered with half-plate iron armor on the chest and shoulders, iron armor on his legs, and the rest was covered with monster skin.

It is good equipment that takes into account movement and self-defense.

Are? Could that little hand not use mithril?

Besides that, the sword on his waist was also hidden in the sheath, but the part of the blade and the grip of the hand was made strong, I could tell in a glance that it was a good item.

Most importantly, this person's appearance was the most core attitude among the adventurers in this building.

This person must be strong.

"Yo, Elma-chan. Can you hand over this child's exam to me?"


Not only Elma-san, but also the adventurers around her gave a surprised voice.

"Aug-san, what are you talking about? You are an A Rank adventurer!"

This person is A Rank!? It seems reasonable and he looks strong.

"No, I'm very promising of a child who comes to be an adventurer at this hour. I definitely want to teach and do it as a leader."

That's why this person, called Aug, brought his face closer to Elma and whispered something in her ear.

It's a pity I can't read the movements of his lips because he hides his mouth with his hands.

It's too rude to use gathering magic in a place like this.

"I understand. There's no way that could happen."

It seems like the story has been decided.

"Rex-san, I'm very sorry but your exam is not with the guild staff, but with this person."

"I understand."

"This is a bit of a problem, but he is a real A Class adventurer, so it might be a better experience than fighting retired guild staff opponents."

I see, if real adventurers become opponents, then I can learn a lot of things huh!

"Thank you, Aug-san!"

"Ooo, good. Uncle likes young people who are excited."

And so a staff member rang the bell and made a sound.

"We will immediately end the receipt of the material! Please don't rush!"

When I heard that word, I remembered something important.

"This is bad, I have to ask for a purchase."

"Hmm? Why do you want to purchase something?"

"Yes, I think that I can get the monster ingredients I have hunted for hotel and food expenses today!"

"Hahaha, so that's it. It's okay, I'll ask about the purchase earlier. Because the assessment will end during the test."

"Thank you! Excuse me, please buy!"

Fortunately Aug-san is a good person.

"This is the place of purchase, so please put the ingredients in this purchase booth."


I took the green dragon's head from the magic bag and put it on the booth.

The purchasing booth was squeezed with the 'Gisiri' sound.


The eyes of the staff who saw it immediately widened.

"Its body is bigger, so I put it on the floor, huh..."

I took the green dragon's body from the magic bag and gently placed it on the guild's floor.

"Please buy this Green Dragon!"

When I asked the staff, I turned around and returned to Aug-san.

"Sorry to keep you waiting! Please help with the test!!"

"Wait a minute."

Are? What's wrong Aug-san?

"That, are you the one who beat it?"

"Yes! I hunted it on the way to town!"

"Did you beat it with someone?"

"No! I killed it suddenly from the blind spot!"


"I cut its neck in half with my sword!"

"Oh, I see…"

"That's right!"

"By the way, doesn't that look like a dragon. They didn’t like have wings. "

"Yes! That is Green Dragon!"

"It turns out it's really a dragon and not Wyvern."

That is a dragon. Because Wyverns have front legs and integration wings, and on top of that they are much weaker than the Green Dragon and make far less money.

What happened? Aug-san looks sweaty.

It's getting dark outside, and I don't think it's too hot here.

"Then the test..."



Aug-san suddenly announced something strange.

"But we still haven't fought, you know?"

"It's okay, because this test is done so that you can fight well against monsters and bandits!"

It means?

"So there's no need to test you who can defeat the monsters yourself! Pass! Super pass! Congratulation newbie adventurer! You are our partner today! So there is no need to fight!"

Somehow Aug-san looks hopeless? Is that just my imagination?

"Etto, Elma-san, I was declared passed but is that okay?"

"...... Eh? Me?"

No... Aren't you responsible for me, Elma-san.

"Th-That's right. Since the examiner said he passed, wouldn't that be considered pass?"

"In that case!?"

"Yes, congratulations on your graduation, Rex-san."

"... Finally!!"

Finally I became an adventurer!

There are times when I can't fall into a trap, but it's okay if it's Elma, a guild employee who says that right!

Now I can live as an adventurer!

Yosh! I will do my best to live in peace!!

As a safe adventurer, I finished the remaining registrations until the assessment of purchasing the green dragon was completed.

And my eyes were fixed on the one card placed in front of me.

"This is your adventurer guild card. Please show this card to the receptionist when you accept the quest, and also show this card if you have completed the quest. Adventurers start from F Rank first. However, rank will go up by collecting quest results. If the rank goes up, the types of quests that are acceptable will increase, so please do your best."

"Yes! I will try to increase my rank!"

I looked carefully at the card I received without being able to hold a smile.

Uwaah, so this is my adventurer card.

"Well, even if Rex-san doesn't fight hard, I'm sure you will immediately rank up..."

"Hm? Did you say something?"

"No, it's nothing. By the way, about this dragon's judgment......"


Even though it's not a strong dragon, a dragon is still a dragon.

I hope this will get a fair price.

However, for some reason Elma-san looked at me with eyes that looked apologetic and said.

"Actually, about this dragon, I think it's hard for us to buy it."

"…… Hah?"

What does it mean?

"In fact, we can't possibly buy it ourselves!"



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