[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 1

Chapter 01 : Prologue

“ I’ll give you special abilities and limited memories of your previous life. From now on you are free to live however you want. I look forward to what kind of life you will live… ”

‘ Huh? ’

‘ Special ability? Memory? Previous life? ’

So, I wake up.

‘ Well, it was just a dream. ’

However, when I opened my eyes, I felt a lot of discomfort.

First of all, I was surrounded by unfamiliar people.

A somewhat handsome black-haired man about 20 years old.
A red-haired beauty who looks around 20 years old.
And then a little red-haired girl who seemed to be around 5 years old.

“ # # # # # # # ”

“ ● ● ● ● ●● ● ● ● ● ”

“# # # # # # # # # # #”


I know you are talking to me because you are waving your hand towards me, but I cannot understand the word at all. At least it's not in Japanese or English.

Then, the man lifts me up lightly.

Yes, this is also part of the discomfort.

What’s going on? My body is just like that of a baby !!
I look around in confusion.

This place seemed to be different from my world.

First of all, this room.
Electronics and plastic products are nowhere to be found.
In addition, some of the decorations seemed to be completely handmade.

And then, the clothes.
Whatever I thought, it was completely different from the clothes I used to wear.
They looked like those worn by nobles you often see on those films about Middle Ages.

‘ Could it be that I’ve been reborn into a different world !? ’

But I have no memories of when or how I died. And while trying to remember, I realized I don’t even know who I am.

I don’t remember my name, my friends, my family, etc.

Then I remembered the voice that came out on my dreams.

“ I’ll give you special abilities and limited memories of your previous life. ”
It feels like I was told something like that.
For now I don’t know what “special abilities” is all about, so let’s put that aside for now and think about something else.

Besides special abilities, the voice also mentioned something about giving me limited memories of my previous life.
So maybe these limited memories don’t include my previous identity?

While I was thinking about such things, the man brought his face close to mine.

Since I was reborn, does that mean this man is my father?

Then I turn my eyes to the two people next to him.
These are probably my mother and my sister.

Then I looked at my body.
As I thought, it’s all small and rounded.

Yeah, maybe this was really a reincarnation.

Aah, I’m looking forward to my life from now on…

I hope it’s not a dream.
And its an interesting life that I can't imagine.

While wishing that, my consciousness gradually faded…

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