[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 14

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Arc 02, Start!

Chapter 14 : Special Training With Grandpa

It’s been 5 days since I visited Sherry’s place.
When she woke up she got mad at me saying “ Why did you leave when I slept?!! ”, and to improve her mood, I had to have a long talk, rather, a long phone call, with her so it was quite difficult to sleep.
Then, everyday, we would talk through the night.
Someday I asked her why did we only talk at night.
“Because it’s embarrassing since there are always people around during the day.”(Sherry)

“Isn’t it fine since they can’t hear your voice?”(Leo)

“Still, I don’t want anyone to see my face when we’re talking.”(Sherry)

“And what kind of face would that be?”(Leo)

“T-That’s not what you think.”(Sherry)


“Geez, that’s enough for today!”(Sherry)
Ah, she ran away.
She’s embarrassed, how cute.
We always talk about whatever happened during the day.
But it was difficult, since I was always sleepy on the morning.
Today father and mother are coming home.
I didn’t come with them because I would start attending school as well as grandfather’s special training from now on.
“Then see you, Leo.”(Carla)

“Yes, see you later.”(Leo)

“Listen carefully to what grandpa and grandma say.”(Carla)

“I know. Mother also always taking care of health.”(Leo)

“Of course. Leo should avoid staying up late as much as possible.”(Carla)

Could it be… that my night talks have been found out?
“Mother and father are old as well, so don’t force yourself and rest”(Carla)

“Yes, I’m also worried about that.”(Diork)

“Don’t worry about it, hurry up and go.”(Kent)

“Ou, see you later then.”(Diork)
Saying that, they left.

“Alright, then let’s begin Leo’s special training.”(Kent)
Eh? Now?

“Are we starting already?”(Leo)

“Of course. We have only 8 months until you start attending school.”(Kent)
“Only” you say?
Even if you say that, I think we can do special training even after I start attending…

“Well, it’s fine if you say that.”(Kent)
Eh? Serious? Can’t stop it?

“Yosh, since we’re doing it, I have to think about the schedule. First of all, how much time will you be spending with him grandma?”(Kent)

“I won’t be training him for now.”(Carina)


“Last time, Damian said Leo was at a pretty good level of magic already, so don’t have anything to teach for now.”(Carina)

“When do you plan on starting then?”(Kent)

“I will think about that when he’s able to use non-attribute magic to a certain extent.”(Carina)

“I see, then Leo will start by building his physical strength, then after about a week he’ll start with swordsmanship lessons, and then gradually begin training non-attribute magic in the afternoon when he’s strong enough.”(Kent)

Apparently, this special training is gonna be different from what I imagined…
This is Spartan education.

“So for now, let’s have lunch then do physical training”(Kent)


Then after lunch, I’m at the garden with grandfather.
“Then, let’s begin”(Kent)


“For starters, keep running around the house until you reach your limit.”(Kent)

Right off the bat?

“Get going already!”(Kent)
Seeing my reluctance to start running, grandfather made a scary face that couldn’t be imagined from his usually gentle behavior.
I reflexively started running when I saw that.

“What happened for you to make him do something like that?”(Carla)

“Since he’s smart, he will probably learn swordsmanship and non-attribute magic right away. So I want to train his body before that.”(Kent)

“That’s not it, why is his training harsher than the other grandchildren’s?”(Carina)

“Aah, that’s because he’s the same as me.”(Kent)

“What do you mean?”(Carina)
Carina leaned her head.

“Just because your magic talent is bad, no matter how amazing you may be, people will look at you so coldly! Also, Leo is going to attend school soon as well.”(Kent)

“Ah, you’re talking about when you were just summoned huh.”

“That’s right, I was summoned here against my will, and as soon as they learned my magic talent was bad, I was deemed incompetent. Even when I returned from the fight against the Demon Lord, I was really upset because they tried to make me work behind the scenes, while those guys do it.”(Kent)
Kent’s past is not all that pleasant for him.

“That’s why you are training Leo so hard huh.”(Carina)

“Well, all I can do is to teach him how to fight with a sword and non-attribute magic.”(Kent)

“That’s enough. Not many people can really use non-attribute magic.”(Carina)

“Really, it’s a pity. If you do your best, it will become a great power.”(Kent)

“Either way, I’m too old for that now.”(Carla)

“Oh, it’s about time for Leo to run out of steam.”(Kent)
Leo was at his limit.

“Please, let’s stop already!”(Leo)

“Okay, that’s enough.”(Kent)
Hearing that, Leo immediately fell on the spot.

<1 week later>

I underwent Grandpa’s special training for a week, and it was pretty harsh…
This is a hell menu where you do morning training, lunch, and then continue on running.

My current status now.

            Leons Forster Lv. 1

            Age: 8
            Tribe: Human
            Occupation: Creator

            Physical strength: 90/90
            Magic: 31400/31400

            Power: 60
            Speed: 75
            Luck: 1000
            Attributes: None, creative
            Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 3,
            Non-attribute Magic Lv. 1, Magical Operation Lv. 5,
            Innocence Lv. 2

            A person with memories from a different world,

It’s become like this.
You may think I have not grown that much, but in a week I have far exceeded your average adult in terms of physical strength.
This may be thanks to the Misanga of Growth…

Apparently, the double effect works even of physical training.
Really, it seems like I made the most outrageous thing…

By the way, my magic power hasn’t increased because I was so dead tired from grandfather’s special training that I slept before doing my magical training for the past week.

And thus, grandfather will be teaching me swordsmanship from now on.
“Starting today, I will teach you swordsmanship.”(Kent)

I raise my hands in joy because I’m freed from that hellish physical training.
Then grandfather made a smirk.
“It’s good to rejoice, but for now, you will just practice swinging movement until you have the muscles necessary to swing the sword.”(Kent)

Still, it’s easier then running all the time.

“And you will still be doing your afternoon marathon.”(Kent)

“Th-This is hell!”(Leo)
It just becomes more difficult.

“Don’t worry, you will get used to it soon enough.”(Kent)
When will I get used to this hell…
I want that moment to come as soon as possible.

<2 weeks later>

Finally, my days of swinging and running ended, and now I’m practicing with grandfather using  wooden swords.
At first I was happy, but grandfather kept hitting me, so I practiced desperately in order to not get hit, because it was painful.

<3 weeks later>

Finally, I was able to somehow hold a fight with grandfather.
But I could never land a blow.
No matter how hard I tried, he’d always counter every one of my attacks.
Still, grandfather told be that soon he’d teach me how to use non-attribute magic.
“Then, I’ll teach you.”(Kent)


“This is a bit complicated, but do you understand that you move your body using your muscles?”(Kent)

“I see. Then, in order to use non-attribute magic, you have to picture the strengthening of the muscles you want to use magic in.”(Kent)

“Eh, that’s easy.”(Leo)

“That’s not true. Well, you will understand soon, try running with non-attribute magic.”(Kent)

I tried to run by imagining reinforcement on my feet.
Then, my upper body can’t keep up and I fall on my back.

“Ouch, that hurts.”(Leo)


“Yes, if I only strengthen my legs, the rest of my body can’t keep up.”(Leo)

“Right? The difficulty of this magic lies in the fact that you have to control the power at the same time that you strengthen what is needed.”(Kent)

“Can’t you just use it all over your body?”(Leo)

“Some people do that, but they waste too much magic power on strengthening places besides those needed.”(Kent)

“S-So that’s how it is.”(Leo)
This is really difficult.
Can I do it?

“Well, if it’s Leo, you can do it if you try.”(Kent)

“I understand, I’ll do my best.”(Leo)
Yes, for now practicing is the only thing I can do after all.
Thus, after about 3 days, I’m able to run using non-attribute magic.
I was surprised to be able to learn it so fast, and so was grandfather.
When you learn it, the training menu changes.
In the morning, I had sword practice with grandfather, and in the afternoon, I practiced using non-attribute magic until finally conducting a whole marathon with it.
When moving using non-attribute magic, you have to be conscious of the magic all the time, so you end up getting much more tired than usual.
Lately, I’m so tired at night that I can do magic training for only about 10 minutes. Talking to Sherry has been my only consolation for that harsh training…
She seemed frustrated at first, but she ended up being worried about my body.
Geez, Sherry is always so cute, it can’t be helped.
This way, I endure special training everyday with Sherry as the only support for my heart…

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