[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Results of the Special Training and Weapons

 *Hero’s POV*
It’s been three months since I started teaching Leo.

At the beginning, although Leo had great magic power, his other status were just what one would expect of an 8 years old child.
However, after about a week, it felt like he became as strong and fast as an adult.

Even though it was a bit concerning, I decided to let him practice swinging since his body was ready.
However, after a while, again his physical strength became something which couldn’t be achieved by an 8 years old child.

This is weird… Did I push it too far with the Spartan training?

However, I decided to keep it like that so Leo wouldn’t inconvenienced because at school.
Also, since Leo is a fast learner, I planned on teaching him swordsmanship seriously after about 2 months from now. But I decided to start the swinging practice because I didn’t want to waste any more time.

<3 weeks later>

For this past three weeks, I had Leo practice swordsmanship in the mornings and run marathons in the afternoons.
Like that, the speed of his swings and marathons became something abnormal.

Then, I decided to teach him non-attribute magic, since I’ve already taught him almost everything I could.
At first, when I taught him how to do it, Leo said it was easy, so I asked him to try running with non-attribute magic.
He fell on his back, just as expected.

From then on, I instructed him on non-attribute magic and swordsmanship everyday.

However, Leo, as a fast learner, was able to use non-attribute magic in no time.

More time has passed, and now Leo is able to do most things using non-attribute magic.

Now that he’s come so far, there’s nothing else I can teach him.

Hmm~, what to do?… Ah, come to think of it, grandma said she’d start teaching Leo when he’s able to use non-attribute magic.
Yosh, let’s go and ask her!

“Eh? You want me to teach him? I was planning on doing that just after you were finished with him though...”(Carina)

“Is that so? In that case it’s fine then. Since I’m finished with him already.”(Kent)

“But, it’ll be over in half a day, you know?”(Carina)

“Is that so? In that case what should we do from tomorrow onwards...”(Kent)

“But, who’d think, there’d be nothing else to teach him after just about 3 months, that child is truly a genius.”(Carina)

“Yes, that’s true.”(Kent)

“So, in the end what should be done starting tomorrow?”(Carina)

“What should be done huh~, Well, maybe we should go to the Dungeon and raise Leo’s level.”(Kent)

“Hum~, in that case we should think about Leo’s equipment as well.”(Carina)

“Ah, that’s right.”(Kent)

“Today’s gonna be busy, huh.”(Carina)

 *Leons POV*
It’s been three months since I started this special hellish training.

I shouldn’t say so myself, but my current status is extraordinary.
It’s become like this,

 Leons Forster Lv. 1

 Age: 8
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 680/680
 Magic power: 67400/67400

 Power: 370
 Speed: 430
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 3,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv.5, Magical Operation Lv. 5,
 Innocence Lv. 2, Swordsmanship Lv. 6

 A person with memories from a different world,

I didn’t think about it while training with grandpa, but isn’t this a bit too much for a level 1?
My magic power increased this much because of constantly using non-attribute magic.
I obtained swordsmanship skill as well.

This is what I got using <appraisal> on them,

<Non-attribute magic Lv. 5>
 Magic that uses magic power to increase one’s power and speed,
 Lv. 5: power and speed increases by 25% when utilized.

<Swordsmanship Lv. 6>
 You can fight with a sword,
 Lv. 6: strength comparable to provost level.

Swordsmanship skill doesn’t mean you’re able to do anything with a sword, it’s just your general strength as a swordsman.
By the way, the level of my non-attribute magic skill has greatly increased.
Aah, I want to increase the level of my creation magic as well~...

However, I can’t do that now because it seems grandma has something to teach me today.

I went to grandma’s place together with grandpa.

“Baa-chan, I’m coming.”(Kent)

“Oh, so there you are.”(Carina)

“Then, baa-chan, I leave it to you.”(Kent)

“Yes, jii-chan will think about the equipment then.”(Carina)

Equipment? What do you mean?


“Well then, let’s get started.”(Carina)

“So, what are we gonna do?”(Leo)

“I will teach you how to detect magic power.”(Carina)
Detecting magic power, huh… that looks great!

“Yeay~. It seems difficult though.”(Leo)

“That’s not true. Although it’s impossible without Magical Operation Lv. 5.”(Carina)

“Is that so? But, how do you learn to detect magic power?”(Leo)

“That’s easy. You just have to keep trying to avoid my magic attacks until you’re able to somehow feel the flow of magic power on them.”(Carina)

“What part of it is not difficult?!”(Leo)

“Ordinary people can’t do that, but if you’re able to move anything other than your own magic power with Magic Operation, then it’s possible.”(Carina)

“I-Is that so...”(Leo)

“That’s how it is, so do your best and try to avoid it.”(Carina)

“Is that really necessary, though?”(Leo)

“Well, it’s not. But it’s much easier to learn it like that.”(Carina)


“That’s enough talking, here I come!”(Carina)
Saying that, grandma shot all sorts of magic in my direction at once.

She’s using fire, earth, water and wind. All of them at the same time.
I rushed and put everything I had into dodging it using non-attribute magic.

Seriously, grandma’s so merciless!
The spot I was standing just a moment ago was readily burned down.

When I looked down at the crater, a bunch of magic attacks came flying from behind.
She’s just like grandfather, why does this married couple take Spartan class as a matter of course?!

Then, as I continued trying to avoid the magic attacks, I slowly began to feel the magic power coming from the magics grandma fired.
And over time, even if it came from behind, I could detect it and avoid easily.

“Yosh, since you have learned it, let’s fish things up so I can start preparing lunch.”(Carina)

“Haah, lately, I’m getting tired with a pretty high frequency.”(Leo)

“If you’re like that, it will be difficult from tomorrow on, you know?”(Carina)

“Eh!? What are doing from tomorrow on?”(Leo)
Come to think of it, grandfather was saying something about equipment…
What are we gonna do?

“Just look forward to it, kukuku...”(Carina)


After that, while having lunch with grandpa and grandma, grandfather looked at me with a grin.
“You look tired, huh. Have you mastered detecting magic power?”(Kent)

“Yes, I can manage it somehow.”(Leo)

“That’s good.”(Kent)

“More importantly, what will we do tomorrow?”(Leo)

“Kukuku, are you worried after all?”(Carina)
This time it was grandma who was laughing.
I’m not laughing you know?!

“Yes, I’m very worried!”(Leo)

“I see, I’ll tell you then. You will be training in the Dungeon.”(Kent)

“Dungeon? Can I go the dungeon?!”(Leo)

“Oh, are you happy?”(Kent)

“Yes, that sound fun.”(Leo)
As expected, a dungeon is a man’s dream!

“Is that so, I will show you some weapons in the afternoon, so you can choose one you like.”(Kent)

“Really? Yeay!”(Leo)
I can choose a weapon? I’m so pleased!
My own weapon…

After lunch, I was taken to the room where grandpa stored his weapons.
There were many things in there, from cool-looking swords to rugged armor.

“First, choose a sword you like.”(Kent)

For know, I’ll try taking a little look around.
Then, I found a sword emitting a strange aura.

“Oh, did that one pick your interest? It’s a magic sword that can only be wielded by those recognized by it, even I can’t wield it.”(Kent)

“Is there something like that?”(Leo)

“Yes, the Demon Lord had one.”(Kent)

“Uwaah, can I try it?”(Leo)
By all means, I wanna use this sword!



Saying that, I was going to touch the sword immediately, but I changed my mind and tried using <appraisal> on it before that.
I want to be sure I can use it as much as possible!

<Magic Sword Elemena>
 It can talk with its owner,
 Absorbs a large amount of the owner’s magic to enhance its sharpness and durability,
 Self-healing ability,
 Unknown creator.

Yes, extraordinary.
But I didn’t get any hint on how to get chosen by it…
For now, let’s try holding it first.

What’s your name?
I heard a woman’s voice.
So this is the speaking ability, huh…

Can you hear my voice from this sword?(Elemena)

Yes, I can.(Leo)
As expected, that voice came from the magic sword.

Oh, I’m Leons, just call me Leo.(Leo)

I see, your name is Leo.(Elemena)

So, does Elemena allow me to use her?(Leo)

Huh? How do you know my name!?(Elemena)

Ah, come to think of it, usually you wouldn’t know, huh…

I have an appraisal skill.(Leo)

That’s very rare, huh… I’ve lived for a long time, but I’ve never seen one.(Elemena)

Is that so?(Leo)

Well then, you may use me. I’ll allow it because you have the strongest magic power I’ve ever seen among humans.(Elemena)
Strongest among humans, huh…

Either way, I was given permission.
Yeay~, thanks Elemena.(Leo)

Fufufu, it’s okay. More importantly, why do you have such tremendous magic power at such a tender age? I wonder if you could even be called human anymore...(Elemena)

Hm? Suddenly, Elemena’s tone became softer…
Looks like I’ve really been recognized.

Called human?...
How rude! I’m human, you know!(Leo)

Well, that’s fine. Then, please call me Elena.(Elena)


“Looks like you have been recognized by the magic sword. Well, I guess if it’s Leo, you can do it.”(Kent)
While saying that, grandfather nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I seem to have been recognized.”(Leo)

“Then, let’s look for an armor now.”(Kent)

Looking around, I found a pair of shoes made from Griffon’s feathers and also a cloak made of magic silk.

This cloak is great.
It’s able to absorb magic power and suppress the impact of attacks.
As I thought, magic silk is amazing…

“Now that you have chosen your equipment, let’s rest for tomorrow.”(Kent)


Now, let’s remodel them using creation magic and magic stones~.(Leo)

Remodel? What do you mean?(Elena)

Well, don’t worry about that.(Leo)

That night, I remodeled her first since it’d be troublesome if Elena didn’t like it.

When I was finished with remodeling her, Elena suddenly got angry at me. But she calmed down after hearing about the power she was given.

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