[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 16

ED: it was somewhat confusing on the raw, but the pair of shoes Leo got on the last chapter were double-jump shoes.

Chapter 16: Heading to the Dungeon

Right now, I’m sitting in front of jii-chan while riding a horse.

It’s his favorite horse and it’s so fast!
Riding it, it takes just half a day going to a place that would usually take two days going by carriage.

By the way, yesterday after returning to my room, I made a lot of things with creation magic.

First, I remodeled the equipment I got.
For that, I used some of the magic stones I got from Sebastian that had a lot of magic power stored.

<Sky Shoes +>
 Shoes that enables the user to run in the air,
 Speed increased by 50%,
 Creator: Leons Forster

<Invisibility Cloak+>
 A cloak that turns invisible the one wearing it,
 Also hides your magic power, smell and presence,
 Halve the damage of all attacks received,
 Creator: Leons Forster

Both are extraordinary...
You can run in the air… Not only that, but also your speed is increased by 50%…
And, Invisibility?… it’s actually as if your very existence was erased...

While in possession of such equipment, you can’t be defeated.
Were my magic stones that outstanding?

<Demonic Sword Elena Lv. 1>
 A demonic sword that can talk to its owner,
 Absorbs a large amount of the owner’s magic to enhance its sharpness and durability,
 Self-healing Ability,
 Lv.1: Increases the owner’s power by 50%,
 Creator: Leons Forster.

Wow, there’s even a growth function attached, moreover, making power 1.5  times higher at level 1 is incredible…

Also, I became the creator and her name changed from Elemena to Elena.
Could it be that she really became something else because I remodeled her?
And because of that, the creator changed?

After that, a made some useful items for Dungeon exploring.
Since I felt it’d be a waste to use Sebastian’s magic stones for that, I used ones that I bought at a material shop and have been poured magic power into for about a year.

And that’s what I made…

<Auto Mapping>
 A piece of parchment that automatically displays the surrounding area within 10 meters radius,
 Creator: Leons Forster.

<Trap Tracer>
 While it floats in the air, it provides light to its user,
 It highlights in red places with traps,
 Creator: Leons Forster.

<Water Bottle>
 A bottle that produces water using magic power.
 Creator: Leons Forster.

I made things to eliminate as much dangers in the Dungeon as I could think of.
Well, if I have these, I can feel safe despite being in a Dungeon!

I put all of those in a backpack with a great pocket.

And using this equipment, my status is like this…

 Leons Forster Lv. 1

 Age: 8
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 680/680
 Magic power: 67400/67400

 Power: 370×1.5 (555)
 Speed: 430×1.5 (645)
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 4,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv. 5, Magical Operation Lv. 5,
 Innocence Lv. 2, Swordsmanship Lv. 6,
 Magic Detection Lv. 2

 A person with memories from a different world,

As expected, it’s 1.5 times higher…
Also, since I’ve made a lot of things using creation magic, it seems its level went up.

<Creation Magic Lv. 4>
 Magic that creates things using magic power,
 The higher the level, the wider the range of objects that can be made,
 If there is material, the range increases as well,
 Lv. 4: You can reproduce magic of level up to 5 that you’ve seen before,
 However, it requires 10 times more magic power.

For some reason, I can even reproduce magic…
Is it okay to be able to do this?
Creation magic is incredible huh…

While I was thinking as such, suddenly jii-chan pointed towards the forest.
“Oh, there’s a monster coming this way.”(Kent)
Monster? But I can’t see it at all, you know…?

“Eh, where? What should I do?”(Leo)

“Defeat it, of course.”(Kent)

“Thought so? Come to think of it, it’s my first time seeing a monster.”(Leo)
I’ve never seen a real monster until now.

“Is that so, I wonder what kind of monster is coming huh?”(Kent)
How do you know a monster is approaching if you can’t see it?

Then, an orc came out from the forest.
“Oh, it seems today’s lunch is coming out.”(Kent)

“Is orc’s meat delicious?”(Leo)

“Yes, it’s hard but delicious.”(Kent)

“Hee~, I’m looking forward to it.”(Leo)

“Then let’s take a break and prepare lunch.”(Kent)
Saying that, jii-chan got off the horse as if nothing happened.

“I will take care of the cooking equipment, so I leave the orc to you.”(Kent)

“Eh? I will beat him?”(Leo)

“Yeah, you will do it because it’s gonna be an instant death.”(Kent)

Can I really kill it instantly?
Looking at the orc, it’s bigger than I thought, so my confidence is gone…

Well, Jii-chan said it’s okay, so I guess I’ll do what I can.

So, here I go.

Elena, I’m counting on you.(Leo)

Don’t be scared of a mere orc!(Elena)

Sh-Shut up! I mean, it looks big and strong.(Leo)

That’s what makes you kid-like.(Elena)

I am still a child. Then, I’m counting on you!(Leo)
Saying that, I pulled Elena out.

Then, my magic power was absorbed into the sword at once.
Ooh, it’s been a long time since I used up so much magic power!
And Elena, who absorbed it became dazzlingly bright.

When the orc saw that, he became wary of me and stopped moving.

However, since I just stood there without doing anything, he started to punch me.


Hm? Isn’t its movements kinda slow?
When comparing it to jii-chan’s movements, it was like it was moving in slow-motion, too slow!
Besides, since his strikes used big swinging movements, it was easy to avoid…

I cut off the orc’s arm while avoiding it with ease.


The orc was taken aback and tried to flee.
So I immediately chased after him and cut off his neck.

“See, an instant death right?”(Kent)

“Are orcs weaklings?”(Leo)
I felt like an idiot for being all scared before the fight…

“No, it’s just that you’re too strong.”(Kent)
Said jii-chan while starting to dismantle the orc.

“Am I powerful?”(Leo)

“Yes, but I think you’re even stronger now because you have leveled up, you know?”(Kent)

“Eh, really? I’ll take a look.”(Leo)

 Leons Forster Lv. 4

 Age: 8
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 1180/1180
 Magic power: 109×10³/116×10³

 Power: 640×1.5 (960)
 Speed: 740×1.5(1110)
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 4,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv. 5, Magical Operation Lv. 5,
 Innocence Lv. 2, Swordsmanship Lv. 6,
 Magic Detection Lv. 2

 A person with memories from a different world,

“That’s amazing… I’m level 4.”(Leo)

“Well, it’s usually not a monster you’d be able to defeat at level 1.”(Kent)

“Hee~, then how much does the status increase when you level up?”(Leo)

At a glance, it feels like it increased too much, but…

“About 10%?”(Kent)

“Hee~, so that’s how it is.”(Leo)

With that in mind, I looked at the status card again.
I see, thanks to the Misanga of Growth, 10% has become 20%.

Still, this is incredible, especially since there were so much 0s on my magic power that the way it’s showed has changed…
Besides, I’ve become a Sage!

 Obtained when magic power exceeds 100000,
 50% less magic power required for magic.

While the magic power has increased, the magic power required for magic has been greatly reduced.
If it’s fire or other standard attribute, it seems you can use tremendous large-scale magic…

“How’s it? Your statuses have gone up a lot, haven’t it?”(Kent)

“Yup, they rose up a lot.”(Leo)

“Right? If you practice before leveling up, you will grow faster.”(Kent)

“S-So that’s how it is...”(Leo)
I guess that means I practiced too much…

“And this is an orc magic stone.”(Kent)
I was given something the same size as the magic stones I usually work with.

“Hee~, you can get a magic stone like this huh~.”(Leo)

“Yes. Have you learned it? Then, let’s eat!”(Kent)

After that, I seasoned the orc with salt and ate it with joy.
As for the taste, it’s hard as jii-chan said, but it’s certainly delicious.

After eating, we rode the horse for about 2 more hours and finally arrived at the city which was our destination.

“Hm? I don’t see anything that looks like a dungeon?”(Leo)
As far as I could see, there was a lot of adventurers, but it was a normal city.

“Aah, that’s because the dungeon here is an underground one, so you can only see the entrance at the center of the city.”(Kent)

“I see~, so it’s an underground dungeon~.”(Leo)

“However, it’s a pretty large dungeon you know? The people living in this city are mostly adventurers and traders who trade with the adventurers.”(Kent)

“This is an adventurers’ city, huh.”(Leo)

“That’s right, the adventurers’ guild here is the second largest in the country after the Imperial Capital’s.”(Kent)


“Are you interested in guilds? However, since you’re still a child you cannot register.”(Kent)

“Has jii-chan been registered?”(Leo)

“I have. But, I quit when I was exiled to the Empire.”(Kent)


“When I was exiled, I had to do it because I was under the Empire’s jurisdiction.”(Kent)

“There are such things, huh.”(Leo)

“Even now I still feel nostalgic.”(Kent)

“Will we head to the Dungeon right away?”(Leo)

“It’s late, so let’s go to the inn after taking a look at the first floor.”(Kent)

“Yes, I understand.”(Leo)

By the way, the horse was left outside the city.
It seems that you can leave it unattended because it’s smart and strong.

Then we arrived at the Dungeon’s entry in the center of the city.

“The entrance is bigger than I thought.”(Leo)

“Not only the entrance, the inside is pretty big as well.”(Kent)

“How many floors does it have?”(Leo)

“About that, I don’t know because no one has captured it so far.”(Kent)

“Then, how far down have people reached?”(Leo)

“If I’m not mistaken… Around the 40th floor?”(Kent)

“Uwaah~, it’s pretty deep huh.”(Leo)

“By the way, it’s Damian’s record.”(Kent)

“I see… I knew oji-san was indeed extraordinary.”(Leo)

“Yes, it was a mission from when the emperor tried to reduced the number of dungeons about 10 years ago.”(Kent)

“Why reduce it?”(Leo)
Given the way this city is, it seems it’d cause financial issues if there was no dungeon.

“That rarely happens, but sometimes there’s an abnormal occurrence with the dungeon’s monsters. When that happens, a lot of monsters come out from the dungeon and it becomes a disaster.” (Kent)
“That sure seems troublesome.”(Leo)

“That’s why we tried to destroy them, but the only dungeon we could destroy was the Tower Dungeon.”(Kent)

“How many floors did the Tower Dungeon have?”(Leo)

“It had around 40 floors you know?”(Kent)

“40 floors huh… as expected of oji-san.”(Leo)

“I-I didn’t lose either, you know?”(Kent)

“What do you mean?”(Leo)
What’s up all of a sudden?

“I’ve captured the Demon Lord’s Dungeon up to the 50th floor, you know!”(Kent)

“That’s amazing. If the Demon Lord’s Dungeon had 50, does this dungeon also have 50 floors?”(Leo)

“I don’t know. The older the dungeon, the bigger it is.”(Kent)

“How old is this dungeon?”(Leo)

“I don’t know. For now, let’s go in.”(Kent)

As soon as I entered the dungeon, I activated <Trap Tracer>.
Thanks to it, there were no problems with visibility since it illuminated  the dim interior of the dungeon.

“This light is useful, huh.”(Kent)

“Right? I made it yesterday.”(Leo)

“Looks like you have mastered creation magic huh?”(Kent)

“Yes, I can also reproduce magic.”(Leo)

“M-Magic? What does that mean?”(Kent)

“Hmmm~. Ah, I’ll show you directly with that goblin.”(Leo)

A goblin was running and approaching us, but it was weaker than the previous orc…

“Go, <Fire Magic>.”(Leo)
I made fire magic and shot it at the goblin.
Hm? It’s easier than I thought.

And with my beautiful fire magic, the goblin was charred dead in an instant.

“Oi oi you really can do that… Hey isn’t that foul play to be able to make magic using magic?!”(Kent)

“It can’t be helped since I can do it!”(Leo)

“That’s… true.”(Kent)

While we were talking like that, the goblin’s corpse turned into light and disappeared.
A knife appeared in its place.

“Ah, this is a drop.”(Leo)

“Oh, you know about that?”(Kent)

“Y-Yes. I’ve read about it in a book~...”(Leo)

“I see, for some reason, that happens when you kill a monster inside the dungeon.”(Kent)

“I wonder why?”(Leo)

“It looks like the Dungeon Master does that aiming to lure people in.”(Kent)

“Bait, huh?”(Leo)

“Well, that’s a possibility. By the way, besides the common drops, there are also rare drops for bosses and monster deeper inside.”(Kent)

“What’s that!? I want to get a rare drop~.”(Leo)

“You can get it if you’re lucky.”(Kent)

“I’m looking forward to it.”(Leo)
I have no choice but to rely on luck.

“Yes, then that’s enough for today, let’s go to the inn.”(Kent)


“Then, starting tomorrow, we are really challenging and trying to capture it, you know?”(Kent)

“That’s impossible~.”(Leo)

“That’s not true. From tomorrow on, we’re not leaving this dungeon until we capture it!”(Kent)

“Eh~? But what about the food?”(Leo)

“There’s no need to worry about that because I have enough in storage for about half a year.”(Kent)

“Uwaah~, you’re serious!”(Leo)

“Therefore, make sure to have a good night’s sleep.”(Kent)

Are you serious…
Can we capture a dungeon with only the two of us?

I’m looking forward to tomorrow but I’m also a little scared...

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