[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 2

Chapter 02 : For the Sake of Using Magic

I’ve been sleeping for a long time since I became a baby so I’m not sure, but I think it’s been six months.

But since I’ve been listening to the voices of the maids who take care of me, as well as mother and sister who come to see me, even though I can’t speak because I can’t move my tongue properly, I’ve become able to understand words.

The information I could get is…

I’m called Leo.

My sister’s name is Helena.

I don’t know my parents’ names.

I can't know my mother's name because she just said " it's mom. "

My father seems to be busy since I haven’t seen even once after the first day of reincarnation.

And new facts!!

There is magic in this world.

When I first saw it, I was surprised.
When I thought the maid's hand was shining, my body was shining, and when I noticed, my body became beautiful.

This confirms that this is a different world.

A world with magic…
Ah, I want to be able to use it quickly…

 <2 months later>

Finally I learned to crawl.

I’d like to go on an adventure walking around the house!

But with surveillance.

It seems fine because there is physical strength to move freely, but the maids only accompany me outside the room because it is indeed dangerous.

This house sure is big.
How many rooms do they have in here?
I was exhausted because I couldn't find what I wanted, and I repeatedly asked the maid to take me to each room every day.

My goal on this adventure is to find books.
Especially, magic books.

After a week, I finally got it. It is a <Library>.

When I found it I immediately jumped to the bookshelf and picked a book.

But I forgot I couldn’t read.

So I looked to the maid nearby.

Maybe she understood what I meant?

“ Leo-sama, are you curious about these books? ”(Maid)

I strongly nodded.

“ Ufufu, let me see, it’s is a book about magic isn’t it? ”(Maid)

Hearing that I felt like my eyes shone.

“ Do you want me to read it for you? It’s fine, but this book is difficult, maybe a picture book would be more interesting? ”(Maid)

I immediately shook my head.

“ I understand. Let’s go back to your room and read it. ”(Maid)

Thus, we returned to my room.

After that, since it was so thick of a book, the reading was divided in several days.

The book says something like:
“ With magic, you can do various things using the magical powers residing in one’s body.

Everyone has magic power, and it exists in nature.
So why some people can use magic and some can’t?
Basically, there are those with lots of magical power and those with few, it’s almost the same with whether you have aptitude magic or not.

Aptitude magic is divided into six basic attributes such as fire, water, wind, earth, light and darkness, there’s also non-attribute and another unique attributes which don’t fit on the basic ones.

It seems half the people in the world have at least one of the six attributes, while non-attribute is possessed by most people. While just a few people have unique attributes.

As mentioned before, most people can use non-attribute magic, which can be used to improve your strength, sight, hearing and the like.
However, most people give up on that because they need a lot of training to use them freely.

Moreover, most of those blessed with aptitude magic don’t even have opportunity to learn magic… ”

I think it was written so that it would be easy to understand.

After this I gave up because it became too difficult to understand the contents.

So what to do from now on?
First of all, since I don’t know which attributes I have, let’s put that aside for the time being.

What I can do for now is training my magic power.

But how do I do that?
Maybe it was written in a part of the book I didn’t understand…

Since it’s come to this, I will have to improvise!

So, first I will try to find where the magic power lies within the body.

How do I find it?

… Find out the differences between your current body and the one in your previous life!

If it fails… I will have to give up for now and wait until I can read the book…

In this way, my search for magic began.

I closed my eyes and focused on my body.
Hands, arms, toes, legs, head, neck, chest, stomach…

I felt a little discomfort in the stomach area.
Furthermore, focusing my mind on there, I felt like there was a small lump somewhere in that region.

Is this magic power?
It’s hard to believe, but other than that, I can’t find anything out of the ordinary, so I’m assuming this lump is magic.

Well then, now that I found the magic power, I have to think on how to train it, which is the main subject.
Hummm, I have no idea…

What should I do?…
At a time like this, it's time for a change of idea!
For now let’s think about what we can do with this lump.
Let’s assume there is no other way even if it doesn’t have anything to do with training magic at all.

Then, if I could do something with this mass of lump, it would definitely move.
The reason is simple, I can’t think of anything else…

Well, let’s think about how to move the magic power for the time being.
.... Even so, the only thing that comes to my mind is how to manage it.
First of all, I think I’ll try to move it with (excitement?).

Close your eyes and focus your attention on the small lump on the stomach…
Then I kept thinking things like, “The magic power is moving”…

Then I couldn't believe, it was a little bit but the lump moved.

I-It moved…!

I was really surprised because it moved with my will alone.
Well, all I can do for now is moving it.

Thus, I succeeded in finding an easy way to maybe improve my magic power.

However, if I keep with this method, will my magic power really increase?
I have some doubts on that regard, but for now I have nothing to do so I’ll try doing it anyway.

Well, It’s said that continuity is power. I am sure that continuity is magical!

Then every day, I kept moving the magic power in all my waking hours.
Even though it moved, there was little sense of accomplishment because the range of movement of the lump was so small…
Therefore, I doubted this special training had any meaning.

Still, I kept at it for a while without giving up and saying to myself, “ A little more, just a little more ”.

This way, a week passed.

I noticed something.
The magic power is growing!!
And the range of movement is wider!!

Now that small lump was definitely bigger than the navel.
The range of movement had grown to such an extent that it could be moved around the stomach.
As I thought, you can increase your magic power with this special training!
Knowing this, I was able to continue this practice without a doubt.
And since I stopped doubting it, the efficiency of the training has improved significantly.

――― <3 months later>

Finally, it became possible to move the magic power around the whole body.

And now the size of magic power is about as big as four times that of the navel.
Moreover, it succeeded in changing the shape of the magic power.

The training of magic power continued from then on.

However, when it reached a certain size, it stopped growing.

But I still continued, thinking that something might happen.

Is it the color or concentration of magic power that I’m feeling? I felt it was dark.

And I thought that I wouldn’t grow anymore because I could move it to the whole body as well.
However, I realized that the speed of movement was gradually rising this time.

In this way, my magic growth play began…

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