[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 3

Chapter 03 : First Birthday and About This World

And then, my first birthday has come.
The nobles of this world usully throw a party to celebrate just their eighth and sixteenth birthdays becuase at the age of 8 you start attending school and at the age of 16 you reach adulthood.
However, the hole family was gathered because it was my first birthday.
So i finally got to know the whole family and my full name.
I’m “Leons Forster”.
Isn’t it a pretty cool name?
I like it a lot.
Aside from a sister, I also have two brothers.
The eldest brother is “Ivan Forster”, 8 years old.
Similar to father, he had good physique and a good face.
The second brother is “Alex Forster”, 7 years old.
Similar to mother, he has a rather thin physique but he is clever and handsome as well.
I also learned the full names of the other family members.
My elder sister is “Helena Forster”, 4 years old.
My father is “Diork Forster”, 28 years old.
My mother is “Carla Forster”, 25 years old.
By the way, my eldest brother and elder sister were red-haired like my mother, while my second brother got father’s black hair.
So, looking at a mirror, i found at that I am black-haired as well.
My face is still that of baby, so I can’t be sure if it’s handsome or not, but judging by my siblings’ I guess I can be confident.
And now since, father hasn’t come yet my older brothers are talking to me.
“Nice to meet you, Leo. I’m Ivan.”(Ivan)
And the eldest brother had a big voice greeting.

On the other hand, the second brother gives me a more friendly greeting.
“I am Alex.”(Alex)

“Leo is back haired… I’m glad you got a friend.”(Ivan)
“Yeah since I was the only black-haired among us siblings, I’m glad a got a friend as well.” (Alex)
Alex-niisan says so while stroking my head.

At that time.
“Sorry, I’m late.”(Diork)         
My father vigorously dashes into the room.

“It’s okay, Ivan and the others were just greeting Leo.”(Carla)

“That’s good. Oooh! Our kids surely have grown up.”(Diork)

“Are Ivan and Alex having fun at school?”(Diork)
Father asks mother.

“Helena is about to start school.”(Carla) [EDN: Didn’t people start school at 8 years old? She is just 4 now.]

“Leo, I wanted to see you.”(Diork)
Saying that, father pats my head.

“Then, let’s start.”(Diork or Carla?)
Everyone sat at their seat.

““““Leo, Happy Birthday!!””””
And, it’s started.

“I couldn’t meet everyone because I was busy with the territory, but now it’s over, so I can see you everyday from now on.”(Diork)
Father happily said.

“But Ivan-niisan and I have to go to school, we’re returning to the Imperial Capital tomorrow.”(Alex)

“Even so, I’m glad I got to see you today.”(Diork)

“By the way, what kind of child is Leo?”(Alex)

It’s my sister who answers Al ex-niisan’s question instead of mother.
“You see, Leo is pretty cute, and has changed a lot!”(Helena)

“Eh, how has he changed? Looks like he is just a normal smart man...”(Alex)

“Well, you see, when he learned to crawl, he used move around the house everyday, also he found a magic book on the study room, and he liked it so much that he kept it in his room and had the maids read it for him.”(Carla)
I mean, it’s different, isn’t it? Like my face.

Apparently they don't notice that I practice magic power every day.

“He~, so that’s how it is. It seems he’s got a promising future.”(Alex?)

“Yes, I’m looking forward to his aptitude magic.”(Carla)

Aptitude magic, huh. What will it be? I’m looking forward to it~

<4 years later>

I finally became 5 years old.

I’ve been training magic power and studying books inside the house ever since.
After that, when I learned to talk, I asked everyone on the mansion about the world, the country we lived in, and the Forster family.

Promising future in the family became stronger.
At first, they were all simple questions, so they’d easily teach me with a smile.
However, as the questions became gradually more complicated, the adults started having a hard time answering and the maids were not approached when they were reading books. [TLN: I think they avoid the question or they don’t know about it]

But the Chief Butler, Sebastian, always answered all my questions sincerely.

He even encouraged me by saying,
“If you have a question, I will solve it immediately. The more knowledge you have, the more power you will have on the future. So please don’t hesitate on using me to solve your questions.”(Sebastian)

And if you are wondering about whether there really is magic in this world, then yes, there is.
It seems there are even monster and a Demon Lord.
However, there is a large mountain range and a forest interposing in between the human world and the demon world where the demons leave.
There are a lot of violent monsters and dragons, so they are called the Demons’ Forest and the Mountains of Death, but thanks to that it seems that humans and demons can’t interfere with each other.
And since there is even a Demon Lord, there are also elves, dwarves and beastmen.
There are countries and villages, but most of them are inhabited only by human beings.
In the human world there are three great nations called Alber Kingdom, Vector Empire and Garm Nations.
These three countries are equal on population, but although Alber Kingdom and Vector Empire don’t wage war they are very hostile to each other, the Garm Nations have declared their neutrality on the matter.
I live in the Vector Empire.

The special trait of the Empire is his magic power, and if you have magic ability, The Magic School in the Empire is high enough to come to learn from all over the world.
However, because it’s borders are in contact with the Demons’ Forest, it’s often victim of disasters caused by dragons and monsters.

Finally, about the Forster family.

The first Forster is a hero!

Plus, he’s my grandpa.
The story of the hero until he became a noble is so famous I read it in a book.

About 50 years ago, the demon lord suddenly appeared in front of the kings of the three countries and declared war.

Then the number of demons increased and they became more powerful.

The hero, helped by his companions, defeated one powerful demon after another, then finally defeated the Demon Lord in the Demons’ Forest. [TLN: Demons’ Forest is located in Demon World near Forster Territory (CMIIW)]

First, the princess of the Kingdom summoned a hero from another world who traveled with the saints of the Kingdom and the sorcerer of the Empire.
The hero, with the help of his companions defeated many powerful demons and then finally defeated the Demon Lord who was in the Demons’ Forest.

However, the hero who defeated the Demon Lord became entangled on the Kingdom’s power struggle and ended up exiled from the Kingdom together with the sorcerer whom he was in love with.

Then, the hero got married with the sorcerer, and received the title of marquis from the emperor, received a territory in contact with the Demons’ Forest, and protected the Empire from the disaster-class demons and dragons until his retirement. ”

That summarizes the content.
This story is so cool! It’s like a legend.
This grandpa person is amazing!
And he’s still alive!!
When I was born, it seems he received the title of Duke as a reward for all this years protecting the Empire and retired to the Imperial Capital.
By the way, it seems I’m going to meet him.
After the aptitude magic exam…

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