[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 4

Chapter 04 : Aptitude Magic

I am currently going outside for the first time in this world.
And I’ll be traveling for a long time on my first trip.
I have already been on the carriage for a week.
It’s my first time riding a carriage since I don’t remember doing that on the previous world.
The carriage shook so much that I got car sickness.
It was just 2 or 3 days ago that I got used to it.
There are me, father, and mother inside the carriage.
In the first half of the trip, I couldn’t speak because of car sickness, but since I got better I asked a number of questions while looking at the scenario passing by.
First of all, there may be demons demons in this world, but there are also plants and animals which are same as the previous world’s.
On the road I traveled, I saw animals and plats I knew, such as wheat fields and some deer.
However, there were no monsters to be seen.
There were some guards with us so they could have defeated it before I knew it, but I unfortunately didn’t get to see the demons I wanted to.
And now, it’s just a little more until we arrive at the Imperial Capital.
Arriving there, I plan on examining my aptitude magic right away…
I think I understood about aptitude magic from the books I read, however, I don’t know how to actually check it…
So, I’ll ask.
“ Father, what is aptitude magic? ”(Leo)
I asked my father a question using my childish tone.

“ Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t tell you. ”(Diork)
Then, father  suddenly issued a white card out of nowhere and showed it to me.

“This is what you will get at the temple. My strength, aptitude magic and also the titles I received from God are written in here.”(Diork)
The card showed my father’s name as well as various letters and numbers.

 Diork Forster Lv. 56

 Age: 33
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Magic Swordsman

 Physical strength: 1540/1540
 Magic: 4250/4250

 Power: 620
 Speed: 530
 Luck: 20
 Attributes: None, flame
 <cannot be seen>

 <cannot be seen>

Ooh, it’s status!
Father’s occupation is magic swordsman, so cool.
Why can’t I see skills and titles though?

Is this also true for mother?

I was curious, so I turned my face to mother.

So, do you understand what I want?
“Do you want to see mine as well?”(Carla)

Saying that, she showed me the card on her hand.

 Carla Forster Lv. 36

 Age: 30
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Noble

 Physical strength: 570/570
 Magic: 1820/1820

 Power: 110
 Speed: 140
 Luck: 100
 Attributes: Ice
 <cannot be seen>

 <cannot be seen>

As I thought, it seems you can’t see others’ skills and titles.
But, mother’s luck sure is high.

“Dad, why can’t I see skills and titles?”(Leo)

“You see, first of all, there are some skills that are obtained through offerings, some you can get through your own effort, and even some that comes with a title. Also, title is something that God offers you for accomplishing something. So the reason why those can’t be seen is because it’s somewhat of an intimate information.”(Diork)

“I see.”(Leo)
Certainly, it’s not good to see through one’s whole life just by looking at their titles.

“By the way, the average status set of an adult Lv.1 is 10.”(Diork)

Wow, father and mother sure are strong then.

“Fufufu, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of aptitude magic Leo has.”(Carla)
Mother smiled, seemingly worried about it.

“Is aptitude magic really that important?”(Leo)

“No, it’s not so important. However, since there are a lot of people with great aptitude magic, the nobles tend to decide your social standing based on your aptitude magic. Mother would hate it if you were bullied at school.”(Diork)

“That’s because I saw a lot of people being bullied for that back in the day.”(Carla)

Apparently the nobles decide your position based on your aptitude magic.
And the weak one is bullied…

Haah, it seems the weak is bullied the same doesn’t matter the world.

While thinking about that, finally a big town and castle entered my view.

“Whoa, that’s the Imperial Capital!! Well then, let’s go to the church right away.”(Leo?)

We proceeded to the center of the Imperial Capital, then near the castle, there was church that looked exactly like one from the previous life.

Entering the church, a priest-like person talked to father.
“Long time no see, Duke Forster-sama. It’s your son’s status card today?”(Priest)

“Yeah that’s right. Is it alright now?”(Diork)
While asking that, father handed him a handful bag.

Receiving the back, he looked at it twice, since it was heavier than he thought.
“T-Thank you so much for this. It’s alright, let’s begin right away.”(Priest)
Politely thanking father, the priest guided us further inside.

It looks like there was money on that bag.
And it must have been a lot of money…
The priest’s hand holding the bag is shaking.

We were guided to the basement where there was a statue of a goddess standing on her knees extending her hands.

“Then please touch the statue of the goddess.”(Priest)

I did as I was told.

Then, the statue emitted a very strong light.
I had to close my eyes due to its intense brightness.

It continued as is for about a minute.
Then when the light finally faded and I opened my eyes, there was a card glowing on the goddess’ hands.

I tried to take the card fearfully.
Then, when I was about to touch it, the card suddenly disappeared.
“Now, please try to imagine the card on your mind.”(Priest)

I tried to picture it as the priest instructed.

Go out

Then, a card appeared on my hand out of nowhere, just like father’s.

So this is a status card…
Well, let’s take a look then.

 Leons Forster Lv. 1

 Age: 5
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 5/5
 Magic: 4650/4650

 Power: 3
 Speed: 4
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 1,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv. 1, Magic Operation Lv. 4

 A person with memories from a different world

I’ve been looking at it for a while…

Just what is with this magic power and luck?

I can even understand the magic power since I have been training diligently but…
This 100 times better than usual luck is just too outrageous.

Besides that, there’s also creation magic, it feels like a very rare aptitude magic…

“How’s that?”(Diork)
Asked father, seeming worried since I’ve been silently looking at it for so long.

I showed my card to both my parents.

They looked at it for a while with surprised faces.

“What’s with this magic power? It’s above mine already...”(Diork)

“Ara, I thought my luck would be second to none, but I can’t beat this...”(Carla)

Their expressions were saying that it was unbelievable.

However, after a while mother’s complexion changed.

“His aptitude magic is...”(Carla)
She made a very disappointed face while saying so.

“Don’t be like that… Leo has a large amount of magic power and can become the strongest swordsman using non-attribute magic.”(Diork)

Eh? Why is father talking about my aptitude magic as if it was an outrageous mistake?
Isn’t creation usually something to be delighted with?

“Is creation magic weak?”(Leo)
I was wondering about it, so I decided to ask them.

“Y-Yeah, it’s magic that creates things. It’s rare even among the unique attributes, but… It’s considered since you can only make simple things...”(Diork)

Said father with a difficult face.

N-No way…
Even though I put so much effort in training magic, it’s useless…

“Don’t be so sad. There are many people who can’t use magic. So just look at the other.”(Diork) [EDN: I didn’t understand what he meant by “So just look at the other”, did he mean to focus on his non-attribute magic, or to not be sad since he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t use magic?] [TLN: I think “So just look at the other” means to look another potential.]

Father was trying to cheer me up, but it didn’t reach my ear at all...

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