[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 5

Chapter 05 : Grandpa & Grandma

I got on the carriage and checked my status again.
I couldn’t take a good look at it in the church, I still don’t believe my aptitude magic is incompetent...
Once again, I’m afraid my heart might be overwhelmed, but I still hope it’s not over!

 Leons Forster Lv. 1

 Age: 5
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical Strength: 5/5
 Magic: 4650/4650

 Power: 3
 Speed: 4
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 1,
 Non-attribute Lv. 1, Magical Operation Lv. 4

 A person with memories from a different world,

Before, my eyes went immediately to the unusually high magic and luck stats, but now that take a better look at it, there is more than that.

First, the title…
A person with memories from a different world, there would indeed be some trouble if it was seen by the people at the church, I’m really grateful for that setting which hides it from others.

And then, there’s <appraisal>.
I know this.
Perhaps, if I think about it, I can see it.

Well, first I’ll try using it on the status card.

<Status Card>
  Projects the result of appraisal of the owner’s ability.
  Invented by a reincarnate about 1000 years ago.

As I thought, there were other reincarnations before.

This time, I’ll try using it on the letters themselves.

 Ability to examine what you see.
 Obtained through title.

<Creation Magic Lv. 1>
 Magic that creates things using magic power,
 The higher the level, the wider the range of objects that can be made,
 If there is material, the range increases as well,
 Lv. 1: Even if there is material, only simple things can be made.

<Non-attribute magic Lv. 1>
 Magic that uses magic power to increases one’s power and speed,
 Lv. 1: increasing by 10% of the magic power.

<Magical Operation Lv. 4>
 Ability to manipulate one’s magic power inside the body,
 You can move it faster as the level goes up,
 Magic power increases as the level goes up as well,
 Obtained through one’s own effort,
 Lv. 4: You can move it around fast around the body.

<A person with memories from a different world>
 People born with memories of different worlds exist,
 The owner obtains <appraisal> skill.

 Obtained when magic power exceeds 1000,
 5% less magic power required for magic.

That’s what come out when I try using <appraisal> on the skills and titles.
Anyway, the amount of information is just to great, my head is spinning…
The, the carriage stopped.

“We have arrived, this is your second home, Leo.”(Diork)

When I got off the carriage, there was a huge, splendid house, though it was smaller than the one I live in.
So this is the Forster family’s house in the imperial capital…

“You will be living here when you’re 8 years old.”(Diork)

“Is that so?”(Leo)

“Yeah, you’ll start attending school here in the Imperial Capital when you’re 8.”(Diork)

School, huh~.
I hope I don’t be bullied…

“Welcome, thank you for your long trip.”
A woman greeted me when I entered the house.

“It’s been a while, mother!”(Diork)
Since she is my father’s mother… That means she is my grandmother!

“It’s been a while, mother(in law).”(Carla)

“It’s been a while, is that cute child my grandson?”(Grandma)
She said, while lifting me up.

“Leo, introduce yourself.”(Diork)

“Y-Yes. I-I’m Leons, 5 years old.”(Leo)
I ended up biting my tongue because I was called out so suddenly.

“Ara? His speech is good for a five years old.”(Grandma)


Oh no, here it comes.

“Come to think of it, that may be true.”(Carla)
Then, mother comes with the follow-up.

“Well, Leo is just a genius.”(Diork)
Aaaah, my father’s fool parents…

“I’m looking forward to his future. But for now, let’s get going, grandfather is waiting.”(Grandma)
Holding me and staring at my face, grandma took me to the room grandpa was waiting for us.

And, when we’re entering the room…
“Late! I’m tired of waiting.”(Grandpa)
There was an old man in his fifties standing, in a bad mood.

But then he looked at me being embraced by grandma.
“Is that child my grandson? Grandma, not fair! Let me hug him as well.”(Grandpa)
His bad mood was suddenly gone.

“It can’t be helped.”(Grandma)
I was given to grandpa.

Grandpa has black hair and eyes, just as a Japanese person would be.
By the way, grandma is blonde.

“Yosh yosh, so cute!”(Grandpa)
Grandpa was grinning so much I couldn’t help but wonder where has his bad mood gone to.
Apperently, when a hero becomes a grandfather, he becomes a fool.

That’s what I thought, but soon enough, grandpa made a serious face and turned to father.
“So, what about his status?”(Grandpa)

“His magic power and luck are pretty high. Well, both are higher than mine.”(Diork)

“His magic power is higher than yours? You’re lying right?”(Grandpa)

“I’m not, Leo, show it to him.”(Diork)
I took out a card from apparently nowhere and handed it to grandpa.

“That’s true… Isn’t this great? He can even surpass grandma at this rate.”(Grandpa)

“So I’m really gonna be overtaken… I’m looking forward to it.”(Grandma)

Eh? Is it that much of a deal to surpass grandma?
How high is her magic power then?

I was curious, so I tried using <appraisal> on grandma.

 Carina Forster Lv. 141

 Age: 60
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Former Mage
 Condition: Aging

 Physical strength: 5890/8060
 Magic: 9970/16740

 Power: 750430
 Speed: 1020680
 Luck: 90
 Attributes: None, Flame, Plant, Soil, Water, Wind
 Flame Magic Lv. MAX, Plant Magic Lv. MAX,
 Earth Magic Lv. MAX, Water Magic Lv. MAX,
 Wind Magic Lv. MAX, Non-attribute Magic Lv. 6,
 Magic Operation Lv. MAX, Magic Sensing Lv. MAX,
 Swordsmanship Lv. 4, Space Storage

 Devil’s Dungeon Trails,

It’s too great!
What should I say, as expected from the sorcerer of a hero’s story.
The status has greatly decline due to aging, but she’s still stronger than father.
Her magic power on her heydays is just amazing…

Since everyone is still busy looking at my status card, I’ll try taking a look at grandpa too.

 Kent Forster Lv. 164

 Age: 56
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Original Hero
 Condition: Aging

 Physical strength: 842/12630
 Magic: 880/970

 Power: 50803060
 Speed: 40902980
 Luck: 140
 Attributes: None
 Non-attribute Magic Lv. MAX, Swordsmanship Lv. MAX,
 Sword technique Lv. MAX, Magical Operation Lv. 4,
 Space Storage, Limit Breakthrough

 A person from different world,
 Devil’s Dungeon Trails,

Well, as expected from a hero, I guess.
He doesn’t have that much magic power, but his other status are amazing!
As I thought, the protagonist of the story sure is something else.

It seems Grandpa and the others are finished taking a look at my status.
“Yosh, it’s decided, Leo. I’ll be training you when you’re 8.”(Kent)

“What is it, so suddenly?”(Leo)

“That’s because the only magic you can use is non-attribute, right?”(Kent)

“Since your magic power is so great, it will become absolutely strong if you use a sword together with powerful non-attribute magic.”(Kent)
Really? Even if creation magic is incompetent, I can still aim for the top with non-attribute magic alone?

That’s nice.
It’s rare to be taught by the strongest swordsman.

“Grandpa will be teaching me?”(Leo)

“That’s right.”(Kent)

“Yeay, I love my grandpa!”(Leo)

“I see, I see, so cute.”(Kent)
Grandpa’s sweet attack, success!
With this, he’s definitely gonna teach me!

“Well then, Leo is tired too, so let’s have dinner soon.”
When grandma said that,


“I’m home! Father, mother, it’s been a while.”(Helena)

“Ah~, Leo~ You sure have grown up. I wanted to meet you~”(Helena)
What an elder sister.
Coming and just hugging me out of the blue.

Speaking of which, what kind of aptitude magic does my sister have?
Somehow, it’s become fun to use <appraisal>.

 Helena Forster Lv. 17

 Age: 8
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Wizard

 Physical strength: 120/120
 Magic: 1040/1040

 Power: 20
 Speed: 80
 Luck: 50
 Attributes: Lightning, Water, Wind
 Lightning Magic Lv. 3, Water Magic Lv. 4,
 Wind Magic Lv. 4, Magical Operation Lv. 3,
 Swordsmanship Lv. 2


Hee~, three attributes, great.
Besides, lightning is absolutely strong!

After that, I stayed overnight and then went home, but my sister didn’t leave me alone for the whole night…

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