[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 7

Chapter 07: The First Shopping

It’s been about half a year since I made the Misanga of Growth.

I have not made any other magic items since then.
Since I think good materials are necessary to make magic items, now I’m pouring magic everyday on magic stones.

Thanks to my pouring, the magic stones shine ever brighter day by day.
Now that gray stone is shining so much it never loses to any jewel around.
By the way, since I’ve been pouring magic power on the magic stones everyday to the limit, my magic power has become outrageous thanks to the Misanga of Growth!

 Leons Forster Lv. 1

 Age: 5
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 5/5
 Magic 10340/10340

 Power: 4
 Speed: 5
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv. 3,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv. 1, Magic Operation Lv. 4

 A person with memories from a different world,

Somehow, at the age of 5 my magic power has exceeded 10,000 already…
Thus, the magician became a sorcerer.
By the way, among the people currently alive, they say grandmother is the only sorcerer.

 Obtained when magic power exceeds 10000,
 25% less magic power required for magic.

It is great that the necessary magic power has been reduced by a quarter…
I’m looking forward to see how much it will rise as I grow up.

Thus, I can’t help wanting to train my magic power today as well, so I guess I’ll practice non-attribute magic.
That was the plan for today’s schedule, but…

*knock knock*
“Excuse me, Diork-sama is calling Leo-sama.”(Servant)

“Okay, I’ll be there in a moment.”(Leo)

What happened all of a sudden?
Has the handkerchief perhaps been discovered!?
“Excuse me, I brought Leo-sama.”(Servant)

When I entered the room, father was looking at some documents on his desk.

“There you are.”(Diork)

“W-What happened father?”(Leo)
Is he angry after all?

My heart is beating like crazy.
“You don’t have to be so nervous, I’m not angry.”(Diork)
Father said on his usual tone.

“Really?! Then, why did you call me?”(Leo)

“It’s about time for the emperor’s inspection that happens every three years.”(Diork)

“Eh? Why is that?”(Leo)

“You see, the purpose is to show domestically and internationally that our country is safe by coming here, where it borders the Demons’ Forest… At least that’s what they say, the real reason is the emperor’s vacation every three years.”(Diork)

“Eh? I can understand the first half, but is there any place for vacation here?”(Leo)

“Yeah, there’s a hot spring town which my father built since he liked it. By the way, father named it Okura.”(Diork)

Well, if you’re Japanese, you’d certainly want to take a hot spring bath.
Okura, I wonder if grandfather was previously called Okura-san?

“So, why did you call me?”(Leo)

“That’s because besides the emperor and the queen, the princess, which is the same age as you is also coming.”(Diork)


“In other words, you will be the princess’ partner.”(Diork)

“Eh~, it seems a pain.”(Leo)

“It can’t be helped. The queen has a good relationship with Carla, so they will be talking by themselves, and I have to deal with the emperor.”(Diork)

“Hm~... Ah! That’s fine, so in exchange give me permission and money to go outside!”(Leo)
I’ve come up with a good idea.
This way I can go outside.
And maybe find some materials for creation magic…

“Fumu. Well that’s fine, but Sebastian is coming with you.”(Diork)

“Understood. Thank you!”(Leo)

“Yosh, well I guess this is enough for pocket money.”(Diork)
Saying that, father put three gold coins in a bag and handed it over to me.

“Eh? Is that alright?”(Leo)

“Yeah, I’m paying in advance for your work as the princess’ partner.”(Diork)

“Ah, thanks.”(Leo)

“Ou, don’t waste it.”(Diork)


By the way, a single gold coin is worth about 200-300 thousand yen.
100 copper coins equals to 1 silver coin.
100 silver coins equals to 1 gold coin.
10 gold coins equals to 1 platinum coin.
A copper coin is called vector.

The money I got is 30,000 vectors.
Converting it to yen, it goes between 800,000¥ and 900,000¥.

Do people usually give such a large sum to they children this easily?
Well, I’m not complaining though.

<Next day>

Since I got permission, I’m going outside now.
“I’m leaving.”(Leo)

“Don’t ever leave Sebastian’s side, lest you get lost.”(Carla)


“Carla-sama, don’t worry. I will accompany him firmly.”(Sebastian)

“If you’re there with him I can feel at ease. Have a nice trip.”(Carla)

In the town, there was a lot of people in a very long shopping street.

“This town is a hero hot spring town, so some people come for sightseeing, also it’s a base for high-level adventurers who come to challenge the Demons’ Forest. Besides that, there are also some people who come to buy materials harvested in there as well.”(Sebastian)

“Hee~, the Demon’s Forest is amazing, huh.”(Leo)

“Yes, only the heroes were able to go all the way in, even A-class or higher level adventurers cannot go too deep if they want to come back alive.”(Sebastian)

“Why do they go in then?”(Leo)

“That’s because there’s a chance you get a lot of expensive materials, so much that you’re able to play and live leisurely for the rest of your life.”(Sebastian)

“So people challenge it aiming at a the grand prize, huh… Sebastian, I want to go to a material shop.”(Leo)

“Did that pick your interest? Okay, let’s go.”(Sebastian)

“Yeah, it did(because it can be used for creation magic).”(Leo)

Then, we walked down the shopping street for a while.

“There is the material shop.”(Sebastian)
In the shop Sebastian pointed to, there were various things such as animal skins, plant leave, big magic stones, and many different-colored magic stones in the back.

“Welcome. How can I help you today?”(Shopkeeper)
Said the clerk as soon as I entered the store.

“This child is interested in some materials, so we came here to see what you’ve got.”(Sebastian)

“Is that so? Then, please take your time.”(Shopkeeper)

As I was looking around, I tried using <appraisal> on whatever picked my interest.

<Red Ogre Skin>
 Excellent fire resistance,
 High durability.

<Manticore Skin>
 Durable but light,
 Easy to pass magic power through.

<Cyclops Skin>
 Very strong and hard to break.

<Elder Trent’s Branch>
 Excellent for channeling of magic power,
 Can also be used as medicine.

<Wyvern’s Fang>
 Extremely hard and sharp at the end.

 Easy to process and has awesome conductivity of magic power.

They are all interesting, but specially Mithril caught my eye.
“Costumer, this is Mithril. It’s obtained by defeating Mithril Golems in the Dungeon.”(Shopkeeper)

“How much does it cost?”(Leo)

“Well, let me see. Mithril Golem is a monster from the back floor of the dungeon, so it’s expensive… Five platinum coins per kilogram.”(Shopkeeper)

“Oh, expensive indeed. By the way, how much would pay for this?”(Leo)

Saying that, I showed the clerk the magic stone I’ve been pouring magic power into lately.

“This is a wonderful magic stone… Who put the magic power?”(Shopkeeper)

“It was me. I’ve been pouring magic power on it everyday.”(Leo)

“Oh, it has a great amount of magic power, let me see… This magic stone is classified as the finest one.”(Shopkeeper)

“As expected of Leo-sama. I never thought you’d turn the magic stone I gave you that day into such a splendid thing… I’m so impressed.”(Sebastian)
So said Sebastian, wiping his eyes with a handkerchief.

“So… About the price of this magic stone, what about 10 platinum coins?”(Shopkeeper)

“Is it that expensive?”(Leo)

“Yeah, you can’t easily find a magic stone with this much magic power...”(Shopkeeper)

“I’ll sell it then. And I’m also buying 1kg of Mithril, so please deduct it from the magic stone’s payment.”(Leo)

“Okay, 1kg of Mithril and 5 platinum coins then.”(Shopkeeper)

“Yes. Well, thank you very much.”(Leo)

“I’m the one who should be thanking you.”(Shopkeeper)
After that I leave the store.

“Leo-sama, what are you going to do with Mithril?”(Sebastian)

“I’ll use it to practice creation magic.”(Leo)

“For the sake of effort, as expected from you.”(Sebastian)
(But why would he use Mithril for practicing creation magic?

In fact, no one in this world knows that materials can be used for creation magic.

Leo happened to have <appraisal>, so he was lucky enough to know.)

<Night of the same day>

I was in my room looking at the chunk of Mithril I bought today.

Although I was surprised at 800,000¥ yesterday, I got 10 million yen worth of precious metals and more 10 million yen worth coins today just like that…
I’m a pretty rich for a 5 years old.
If it was an ordinary child, the life from now on would likely be amusing.
Well, ordinary children can’t afford such a large sum of money…

*knock knock*

Hmm? Who is it at such a time?
“Leo, I’m coming in.”(Diork)
Saying that, father came in.

What’s going on?

It’s even more unusual for father to come to my room.

“Wh-What’s wrong?”(Leo)
As I thought, it’s no good for a child to have so much money…

“Since the emperor is coming tomorrow, I’m counting on you.”(Leo)
Hmm? It seems I was wrong.

I see, the emperor is coming, huh.
“Haa, I understand.”(Leo)
It seems I’ll have to wait to experiment creation magic with Mithril.

“Well, according to the rumors, it seems the princess is quite cute.”(Diork)

“That’s unrelated!”(Leo)

“Oh, your reaction was better than I thought. I’m counting on you then.”(Diork)
Saying so, father ran away from my room.

Haah, I wonder what will happen…

While thinking so, I went to bed early for tomorrow.

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