[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 8

Chapter 08: Entertaining the Princess

The next day, I was waiting for the emperor on the front door of the mansion.
Even though we were a high-ranking noble family and my father had a good relationship with the emperor, I couldn’t believe he would come himself to visit one of his subjects.
Inside the mansion, our servants were hurriedly running around since early in the morning. Even the calm Sebastian, whom I had never seen in a hurry, seemed to be quite restless due to the emperor’s visit.

Then, the chief maid came rushing at us, her whole body shaking from running.
“His Majesty the Emperor has arrived!”(Chief Maid)

At almost the same time she shouted that, a luxurious horse-drawn carriage, escorted by several others, came in.
...So they really came…
Eh, if you think about it from the previous world’s perspective, it’s as if His Majesty the Emperor came to my house, right?
[ED: In this case, Leo is talking about the Japanese emperor]
No no, ha ha ha… Eh??Really!?
When the carriage stopped at the entrance, a strong escort came down softly from the carriages, and one of them opened the door of the luxurious one.

Then, the emperor came down from the carriage and looked at our direction, he smiled with his arms wide open and in a casual manner he said to father,
“Three years ago, I was busy dealing with some matters and couldn’t come so we couldn’t see each other for a while, have you been doing well?”(Emperor)

Then, father said, also in a friendly manner,
“Yes, thanks to you. I would like to humbly express my gratitude to His Majesty the Emperor.”(Diork)

“Oi oi, I told you not to act too formal except in official occasions.”(Emperor)

“Oh Orton, I was just teasing you. It’s your first time here as an emperor, isn’t it?”(Diork)

“Yes, it’s also your first time as the Emperor’s Entertainment lord, right?”(Orton)

“That’s true, and thanks to that the mansion has been in a ruckus ever since morning.”(Diork)

“I’m sorry about that, please tell them there’s no need to make anything big, since it’s not an official occasion. Though it might be too late now.”(Orton)

While the emperor and father talked as such, an adorable voice rang from the side.

“Dad, don’t talk long at the exit.”
Saying that, a girl with silver hair, about the same age as me, pushed the emperor’s back and came out.

C-Cute. What a pretty girl.
The emperor patted the sharp-tongued girl’s head.

“Aah, sorry. Diork, this is my daughter, Sheria.”(Orton)

“Oh, it’s a cute little girl, as rumored. Nice to meet you, Sheria-chan.”(Diork)
When dad greeted her, she pinched her skirt, folded her knees lightly, and greeted us like a full-fledged lady.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Sheria.”(Sheria)
No no, it’s different from a lolicon, you know? It’s in the small animal sense, got it!?

Then my father said to the emperor while pointing at me, who’s making meaningless excuses in his heart,
“This is my son, Leons.”(Diork)
I also bow to the emperor and Sheria according to manners.

I heard a voice from further inside the carriage.
“Ara, so cute. I’m sure he’ll be a good man in the future. As expected from Diork-san and Carla’s child~!”(Queen)
It’s the queen who came down from the carriage with a loud voice. Her eyes sparkling while looking straight at me.

“It’s been a while, Ashley! I missed you!”(Carla)
Mother rushes to the queen.

“Me too, Carla!”(Ashley)
Saying that, the two of them start whirling around while holding each other’s arms.

Father laughed at this sight.
“Yes yes, I’m sure there are many stories to catch up to, but keep it for later. Let’s have a delicious lunch together first!”(Diork)

Then, we led the emperor’s party to the dining room.
This lunch was prepared by the servants early in the morning.
All of them were more luxurious than usual, and looked quite appetizing.

“Everyone, please take a seat!”(Diork)
Father makes everyone sit down.

He then put forth his hand, holding a cup of sake.
“Well then, welcome to Orton, Ashley, and Sheria-chan, Cheers!!”(Diork)

This way, a distressed lunch began.

Each of us reached out to the dish which picked our interest.
“Everytime I come here, the food is always delicious. Whenever I go back to the castle, I miss it so much.”(Orton)
The emperor claimed while eating our dishes with delight.

“I’ve never had such a rare and delicious food!”(Ashley)
The queen had an entranced smile on her face, as if there was no such food in this world.

“Come to think of it, this is Ashley and Sheria’s first time eating the Forster family’s cuisine. It comes from the hero’s hometown.”(Orton)
Saying that, the emperor cut a large piece of hamburger with his knife and throw it to his mouth.

And when the emperor said that, I realized that our food was the same from that of the previous world. Lined up on the table there was fried chicken, pizza, gratin, etc…
I have never eaten food from outside the house, so I’ve never thought about the food culture of this world.
“Ara, is this the taste of the hero’s hometown? That’s sure to be delicious!”(Ashley)

“I’m glad you liked it. These are our proud recipes my father came up with together with our chef.”(Diork)

“I’m sorry Diork but… Can I get that recipe? That’s all I ask. Every time, I had to live while missing these dishes for a whole three years, and I hated it, I always dreamed of asking you if I became the emperor.”(Orton)
Asked the emperor desperately bowing down his head until it touched the table.

“Was that what you were thinking? The recipe was not meant to be a secret, so I could give it to you whenever you asked me.”(Diork)

“I-Is that so… Why, why did I never ask about it...”(Orton)
The emperor held his head in regret.

Just how much does he like our food.
He became an emperor just for the sake of getting the recipe…

“Oi oi, think about it more positively! You’ll be able to eat it everyday from now on.”(Diork)

“E-Every day from now on!? That’s right. I can’t help regretting the past, but… I can eat it everyday from now on...”(Orton)
With that, the emperor who had dead eyes became lively again and said it would be fun from now on.

“Oh, it looks you’re fine. I’ll have the chef prepare the recipe for you before your depart. For now, let’s enjoy the dishes before us. And when we’re done eating, let’s have some fun at the hot spring!”(Diork)

After that, the adults talked happily, while the children silently listened to it for the rest of the lunch...

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