[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 03

Chapter 03 : Auction and Dragon Scales

"In fact, we can't possibly buy it ourselves!"


What do you mean!?

Could it be that you can't buy a green dragon because it's so common!

Crap! Then I'd better hunt for a golden dragon!!

"Oi oi, what does that mean Elma-chan. Isn't it really weird if you can't afford this?"

"Yes, that's right, what does that mean?"

Not only Aug-san but also other adventurers also raised their voices as if it was funny.

Good, it seems that the Green Dragon material is not seen as an item that does not make money.

But why does she say that she can't buy it?

"It is because.."


It's kind of interesting that everyone's voices overlap with Elma-san's words.

"The bodies of this green dragon are very beautiful!"


What does it mean!? Why can't you buy it if the body is too beautiful?

"I understand, that's the problem."

"Then what can I do."

But some adventurers seemed to understand the situation.

What is the meaning? Please tell me!

"Elma-chan, please don't panic and tell me quickly."

Everyone is happy with Aug-san's words.

"... I think you all know, but that dragon is an enemy that requires a lot of parties to defeat it."

Why does everyone ask me?

Even though it's a dragon, it's just a green dragon that isn't very strong, you know?

"Dragons are too strong and they fight with each other to survive, so it is a common thing that even if they are killed, their bodies will be destroyed. Because dragons have strong vitality, that is one factor that has the fact that the material is not dead is the cause of the dragon becoming obsolete."

"Is it true!?"

My voice came out without realizing it.

It's a green dragon after all, you know!

If you chase his neck, it's a direct hit!

"That's right. Although sometimes there are parts that are accidentally intact without getting hurt, such parts are very valuable."

"It's true, if you look closely, this dragon's body isn't damaged at all."

"The scales are also shiny except for the cut parts."

For some reason, adventurers praise the fact that the dragon's body is beautiful.

"Look at this piece! How can I get a piece so fine like this?"

Wel ... I just cut it normally with a sword.

The adventurers began to surround the Green Dragon's body.

Could it be because of that?

The target of talented people is not a green or golden dragon so they ignore it, and it is the weak adventurers who aim for the ingredients that make it corrupt?

Yes, it must be like that.

"This whole green dragon is a valuable treasure. It is said that the dragon has no useless parts, but this one is the most extraordinary among them."

It's a little embarrassing if you praise me like that.

After all, it was just a game for an amateur adventurer.

I have fought with powerful demons as much as I have ever done, but I have no experience of how to be perfect in securing material.

It's just a coincidence that the results are good.

"That's why our branch budget is not enough to buy this material. It is necessary to bring it to the capital and put it on auction. Therefore, Rex-san, can you leave this dragon in an adventurer guild? We will definitely buy it at a reasonable price."

Elma-san looked at me with serious eyes.

Well, it would be very embarrassing if you could look straight at beautiful women like Elma.

This is bad, my opponent is talking about work. It's not polite if I don't answer correctly.

"Sorry, I object."

"Eh?! What's the objection!? If you put it at the auction, you can auction it at a reasonable price!? You definitely get a large amount of money, you know!"

Elma-san is right, but putting it at auction means it takes time for the money to be earned.

"I have nothing, and if I can't sell it now, I won't even be able to eat dinner."

When an adult's ritual is over, I really fly right away, I don't even have time to eat at lunch.

"""What the heck is that!?"""

Eh? Why is everyone screaming?

"No, no, isn't that amazing! Sell! Better sell it!"

"That's right! That's a dragon, you know? You can have a lifetime of fun!"

"If you don't sell it, you'll really regret it!"

Everyone starts to worry about me.

They are all good people.

My eyes began to feel rather hot.

"But I really don't have money."

"Oh! I'll lend you money for dinner and lodging! You can return it tomorrow! Therefore, send this dragon to the auction!"

Saying that, Aug-san handed over five silver coins in my hand.

"I-Is this okay?"

"No problem... accept it!"

"Oh, thank you very much!"

Aug-san is a good person.

Oh that's right.

"Oh, if you want, please accept these Green Dragon scales. Thank you for lending me money."

I took a piece of green dragon scales from the magic bag.

This is one part of the scale that fell when I cut its neck, and also the size of the scale was quite large.

It looks like even dragon scales can be used to make money.

"…… Seriously!?"


For some reason everyone feels surprised.

That's right, this is just green dragon scales.

"This isn't something big, but I still want to thank Aug-san. Sorry for the trouble."

"I want to, I want to! But, can I really have it?"

"Sorry, but this is all I can do."

Even though it was only material from the Green Dragon, Aug-san looked happy and excited.

Really a very kind person.

"Seriously, you damn Aug!"

"You did well!"

"Yey! I got dragon scales! I want to know if I can use it as a weapon, or maybe I can use it as an iron armor!"

Well, I didn't know that he would be this happy.

"Yosh! Tonight uncle will treat you to dinner! Ask for whatever you like!"

"Eh? Can I do that?!"

"Do not worry!"

Wow, what a really nice person!

"Yosh! All of you! Aug is back!"

"Yes! Let's make his wallet empty!"

"Stupid! Who also said that I would treat you!"

"This is a celebration for getting dragon scales! You have to treat us!"

"Damn you! Don't mess with me!"

That way, we went to the nearest bar and made a fuss until morning.

Adventurers are fun, right.

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