[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 04

Chapter 04 : Gathering Herbs and First Brothers

I stayed at the inn thanks to Aug-san, and the next day I came to the adventurer guild to return the money I borrowed and make a living starting today.

"Finally my adventurers' life is begins!"

While clenching my fists, I went to the adventurer guild excitedly then entered it.

After entering the guild building, I headed to the quest board where the adventurers gathered.

"Yo, the dragon boy. Are you looking for a quest?"

A foreign adventurer talking to me.

Could he have seen yesterday's purchase?

The adventurer is very straightforward, huh...

"Yes. First of all, I want to accept a F Rank permanent quest first!!"

"F Rank... Well there are people like that too. Good luck."

The way he spoke was really something, but maybe that meant newcomers wanted to immediately increase rank and accept higher quests.

I look at the quest board and look for an F Rank quest that matches my rank.

I could have gotten an E Rank quest, but I'd better accept a job that matches my rank first.

"Yosh, let's take this one."

The quest I chose was to find herbs.

The prize of 10 herbs is equal to 1 bottle of 3 copper coins, but this quest is used as a permanent quest, so the more you collect, the more reward you get.

Another good thing is that this quest does not have a penalty for failure.

Usually adventurous quests have an achievement date or have to comply with instructions from the client.

Therefore, there are many cases where an adventurer who receives a quest that is not of its size, receives a penalty for not being able to fulfill that quest.

And last night, Aug-san taught me while drinking delicious drinks in the dining room.

He is a senior who not only lent me money but also gave me valuable information.

So, the first quest I received was a permanent quest without penalty as Aug-san suggested.

It would be good to know the herbs, I can gather them when I want to make a potion.

"Hey, are you going to take it?"

Looking back, there was a boy my age.

The boy is with a boy and girl his age.

Judging from the equipment, it looks like a priest and a magician, and the other one, when viewed from his appearance... a hunter or a thief?

"Yes, to collect herbs."

Then the boy began to laugh.

"Oi oi, even small children can do quests like that, you know.. You are adults and adventurers like us, right?"

"Well, you guys too?"

"Oh, I'm Gyro, the leader of the Dragon Slayer Team!"

The boy clenched his fist and said his name.

"Hey, I told you not to use that team name, Gyro!"

And there was a magical girl behind him.

"That's right Gyro-san. That name is shameful."

"I think so too."

It seems like the name of the team he named is not popular.

"I think that's cool,"

"Oh, you understand too! What a rare sight! You may be my friend!"

Well, I will not do it.

"More importantly, you have become an adventurer, let's go somewhere like to the bar! If you keep doing that kind of work, you will always be a low-level adventurer!"


I thought the adventurers around me wouldn't be angry if I said that, on the contrary, they looked at Gyro-kun gently.

I see.. Everybody supports newcomers who are full of dreams.

"And I heard rumors about the dragon slayer!"

"Dragon Slayer?"

Hehe, so there are also people like that.

"Yes, it seems like yesterday he appeared in the guild and asked to buy a dragon in good condition."


There are also great people like that.

How to defeat the dragon well, huh?

Surely that must be a beautiful way beyond the way I killed the green dragon.

"And again, the dragon was defeated too beautifully and cannot be bought in the guild, and it will be auctioned at the royal capital at the auction of the nobles!"

That's great, an auction for nobles, huh... (EDN: That's you, baka)

"If you are a man, then you must be this big!"

"It is true."

"That's why we will take the job of hunting monsters, you also do not look for random jobs like gathering herbs, but look for bigger jobs!"

Saying that, Gyro-kun left the guild.

Is that some kind of encouragement among adventurers?

"S-Sorry, Gyro said something casually. He is an idiot but he is not a bad person, really! Wait, Gyro!"

Magician's partner Gyro-kun chased after him after apologizing.

What a good partner.

I might also have a partner like that.

"But now I must fulfill the quest I received."

He is him, I am me.

Let’s collect herbal plants!

By the way, because this is a permanent installation request, this makes it easy for me because I don't have to submit this quest first at the reception!

"Now is the time to take it!"

Arriving in the forest, I immediately began to look for herbs.

It was strange because it was normal in my hometown, but somehow it felt very special to think it was an adventurous job.

"Herbs grow in cool places... Ah, I found it. "

After you find the herbs, take a knife and cut it from the roots.

Because this type of herbal plant is made of leaves, it will grow again and again if you leave its roots.

"Oh, there is also over there."

I kept finding herbs one after another and gathering them.

"There are lots of herbs in this area, and at this speed, not only can I collect 10 bottles, but also 5 silver coins that I can borrow immediately!"

It was very fun for me to collect herbs and I collected as many as possible.

There are no shops in my hometown, and I used to collect herbs for the village to use, so I never collected them for sale.

I knew it felt different when you collected it for your own income!

I'm so grateful to be an adventurer!

"Well, is this enough?"

After gathering enough herbs, I thought about returning to the city immediately.

I don't feel a burden because there is a magic bag, but if I'm late, the receptionist will be as busy as yesterday.

And so,

Suddenly the sound from the forest disappeared.

The sound of screaming wild animals and insects, even the sound of trees.


Something like this always happens.

Even while still a hero in a previous life, strong monsters appear and terrible disasters occur when the surrounding noise disappears.

And, as expected, there was the sound of trees coming out of the depths of the forest.

"Over there!"

I ran towards the inside of the forest.

When I turned my sight to the other side while jumping high to examine the situation, I saw a giant demon that pierced the trees in the forest.

"That's... Evil Boar!"

Evil Boar, it's a cage-like monster.

Also known as a devil, it often appears in the same legendary and heroic story as a dragon.

Unlike a dragon, the Evil Boar cannot issue a breath attack or fly.

But they are very fast, they can run faster than horses if the distance is short, and the feathers are so hard and flexible that they cannot be hurt by heavy weapons.

Above all, they appear more often in front of humans than dragons, and they eat everything because they eat so much. In some places they are feared more than dragons because they eat everything, so the blessings of the forests and fields that humans make will eat them.

And this is the scariest thing, Evil Boar always acts in groups.

"""Bfuoooon!""" (Evil boar sound)

Yes, the Evil Boar in front of my eyes, acts in groups without paying attention to the surroundings.

Evil Boar ran through the forest with all his strength.

Every time they ran, their legs destroyed what they were walking on.

"This is bad, if it's like this, they will head to the city!"

If the Evil Boar followed this route, they would arrive in Togai City in less than an hour.

"I have to get rid of him!"

Adventurers from the guild must fight against monsters that attack the city.

This is the task of the adventurer.

When a herd of monsters appears, the guild must fight to defend the city without thinking of any advantages.

By doing that, adventurers have built trust with the city and the country.

Above all, when we were little, we often heard stories about adventurers who saved the city from monsters.

And, I want to be like that, so I used tree branches as weapons and played adventurers when I was little.

This is a longing that hasn't changed since I was a child.

"In that case, this time I must vent my longing!"

I prepared a large-scale magic to destroy the Evil Bore herd.

I don't care about the material condition unlike the time of the green dragon.

All I have to do is be careful not to damage the forest.

That's what I thought, but suddenly I saw something strange.

"That Evil Boar, is he following something?"

Yes, the movement of the Evil Boar was not straight.

Sometimes they don't move straight like they're following something.

"What do they follow?"

Activating remote vision magic that can improve vision, I stared far ahead of Evil Boar.

And only from the gap in the trees can I find out the identities of those being pursued.

"That's an adventurer!?"

Apparently the Evil Boar was following an adventurer.

It is likely that they entered Evil Boar territory without realizing it.

"That means I can't use large-scale magic. Do I have to defeat them individually to avoid chaos?"

After deciding, I jumped in and continued repeating toward the Evil Boar.

When approaching the Evil Boar, I can see the figure of the adventurers they follow.

"If I'm not mistaken... Gyro-kun!?"

Yes, the one who was running was Gyro-kun, the person I met in the adventurer guild.

Behind him were the magicians of his party members.

While thinking that, the priest fell!

"Damn it! HYAAAAA!!!!"

I jumped with all my strength and kicked the Evil Boar who was attacking the priest.


Seeing one of his friends being attacked, the Evil Boar stopped their footsteps.

"From now on, I am your opponent!"


Why am I involved with this?

"Gyro! It's because you said you can still continue, so we went into the forest too deep!"

"Noisy, I never thought there would be something like this, so it can't be helped!"

One of my colleagues said that with hate to me.

But what can I do, I also never thought there would be something like this!

At first there were only goblins, kobolds or something like that.

Even so, a former adventurer has trained me in the sword, so I can fight well.

I also have a support partner, and I can recover by magic if I get hurt.

So I think it's an easy victory here.


"Why are there big monsters in a place like this!"

I've never heard of a monster like that.

Near the city there are adventurers, guards, and sometimes adults who tell me that there aren't many monsters because the knights come to defeat them.

But the proof is there!! It’s very big!


Norve the priest shouted and fell.

Looks like she fell because her feet tripped on a tree root.


Kneeling while holding her legs, is she hurt !?

I have to hurry to help her.


Looking back, the monster moved with extraordinary power.

This is bad, it will be destroyed, it cannot be saved, it is impossible to be saved.

Leave and run, or choose to be destroyed together?

As a result of not being able to decide which to choose, the time is over.

I reached a place where I could no longer run.


I closed my eyes.

At that time.



Loud sounds and vibrations echoed simultaneously, after that the sounds in the surrounding area became very quiet.

Could it be, she died soon after feeling the pain of being trampled on by the monster?

When I open my eyes, I see the back of someone I don't know.

"From now on, I am your opponent!"

Gosh, somehow I still have time.


Hm, the priest is kneeling while holding her feet.

First of all, I have to treat the wound.

"Distant Heal!"

Because the Evil Boar is in front of me, I can't check beside the priest.

That's why I am restoring the priest's wounds with remote recovery magic that can be used even without making direct contact.

"Eh! The pain in my leg is disappearing!?"

Good, it looks like it works well.

"Priest-san, take cover behind me!"

"Eh? Y-Yes!"

The priest's eyes looked confused, but he immediately realized the situation and headed behind me.

Okay, now I can concentrate on fighting Evil Boar.


Evil Boar who felt the threat issued a roar.

Without further ado they began preparing for an attack, they wanted to launch a major attack.

But I will not let it.

"Hold Tree !!"

My magic was activated, and the surrounding trees began to ensnare Evil Boar.

This is a top-level magic of restraint magic and serves to capture enemies, This is magic that changes the shape of trees into vines and captures opponents.


Evil Boar hurried over and tried to release it, but it was useless.

No matter how fast you are, it can't be done if your movements have been stopped.

Besides that, the trees have also been strengthened by my magic.

In an instant the Evil Boar was already confined and could not move.

Wood is a hard and hard to bend material.

When it becomes a vine, there aren't many creatures that can escape easily.

This magic effect spreads roots and grips the ground firmly, and traps the surrounding trees, and unites into a net.

This is an invincible restraint that will not release Evil Boar.

"What's that? Magic I've never seen?"

Are? This is a magic that I developed in my previous life, so I don't think it's rare magic.

"Also, that person used magic without chanting the spell?"

Eh? Chanting the spell is basic in battle?

Well, they are newcomers, so they don't know about the common sense around them.

I have memories of actual battle experiences in previous lives, but they don't.

"Now, this is the end!"

I jumped right above the Evil Boar, and stabbed my sword into my forehead and then released magic.

"Lightning Beat!!"

Send lightning magic to the Evil Boar's body through the sword.

In this way, you can easily defeat an enemy who has hard skin and thick fur.

You don't need to destroy the skin first.

I did the same to the remaining Evil Boars.

"With this, all done. Are you alright?"

After defeating all the Evil Boars, I called out to Gyro-kun.

The priest has recovered, but others might get hurt.

"Y-Yes... I'm fine. I just lost a little bit of magic power but I'm not hurt."

Has anyone lost magic power?

If so, it can be very dangerous before it can get to the city.

"Excuse me for a minute. Mana Transfer!"

When I activate magic, a light moves from me to the magician.

"Fuwaa!? What is this?"

"I share a little of my magic power with you. In that way, you can use magic even for a little while, right?"

"Magic power!? No way!? This is a lot of magic power!"

Well because it's lost mana, so I can't give her much.

Yosh, while you still have time let's secure this Evil Boar.

This can also make money.

I kept the body of the Evil Boar in a magic bag.


Gyro-kun talked to me while doing storage.


"T-Thank you for helping us."

Yes, it's good to say thank you.

"You don't need to worry about that. Adventurers basically help each other."


Gyro-kun looked at me with a strong will.

"Can you tell me your name?"



Oh yes, I've heard his name, but I didn't say anything.

"My name is Rex. Once again, nice to meet you."

"... Rex-san."

Gyro-kun mumbled my name.

"What happened to you, Gyro-kun?"

"Oh, Rex-san, no... Rex-aniki!"



"I don't really know. I'm too happy when fighting goblins, and endangering my friends because of it."

No, that's not a big problem.

"Even so, you came to help me. I clearly felt the difference in abilities as a man!"

I think that's being exaggerated.

"Because of that, I... Please make me your brother, Aniki!!"


"I am! I am in love with Aniki’s power! So! Please make me your brother, Aniki!"

Gyro-kun said that, and made a dogeza in front of me.


On that day, I had a sibling for the first time.

Geh, I don't need brother!!

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  1. I think "魔猪" means "Devil," not "Magician" (魔 = Demon and 猪 = Boar).

    However, both "魔猪" (Devil) and "魔女"(Witch) are pronounced the same way ("Majo") which could be the source of this particular choice, but the text indicates they're talking about a "Demon Boar," or "Devil."

    So it's probably closer to:

    "Also known as a Devil, it often appears in the same legendary and heroic stories as a dragon."

  2. I've always wondered why some authors enjoy making their MCs partially retarded (in regards to the dragon auction part). It gets to a point where its not even really comedic. Who wouldn't be able to realize that the story about the dragonslayer is about them?