[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 05

Chapter 05 : Rank Up and First Income

"Congratulations, Rex-san. With the achievement of this quest, Rank Rex-san has been upgraded to D Rank."

Elma-san from the receptionist had said that to me who returned to the adventurer guild after finishing collecting my first herbal plant.


That's weird. My adventurers’ rank was F, and the request I received was to collect F Rank herbs.

What's more, I just worked as an adventurer for the first time today!?

"Why did I suddenly rank up?"

I don't understand at all!

"Oh! As expected of Rex-aniki! Already up to D-Rank!"

And Gyro, an adventurer similar to me, was excited and raised his voice.

He had just received help from the Evil Boar tragedy, and he had called me Aniki, no one had called me like that for a long time.

And he also said he wanted to be my brother.

"Yes yes, Gyro over here. We must confirm the quest to defeat the Goblin and the Kobold."

Ah, he was taken away by his wizard colleague.

"A-ni-ki "

Somehow it feels like he is a dog that is being forced to walk.

Well, I guess it's not a bad thing to do something honest.

In my previous life, the people who came to me were people who tried to use me or adopted me who was a hero or sage, or tried to steal the research I was doing.

"First of all, this is a reward for collecting 50 packages of herbal plants, 15 silver coins. Furthermore..."

"Wait a minute!"

"Yes, what is up?"

"So why did I become D Rank!? That's weird, right!? Is there something wrong!?"

But for some reason Elma-san continued to smile.

"That's not a mistake. Really, Rex-san is a D Rank adventurer. I'll explain it now."

"Oh, yes."

Apparently he will explain it correctly.

"First of all, this is about gathering herbs. We are very grateful to receive a large number of good quality herbal plants. The adventurous work often causes injuries, and the assessment team says that this method of gathering herbs is very good."

"Etto, thank you very much."

It was rather happy when I was told that I took the herbs correctly.

Thanks to my previous research on potions, it was really good to know the parts of herbs.

"Next, I was asked to make a judgment on several Evil Boars."

Well, this topic also came, Evil Boar.

"This Evil Boar is the reason why Rex-san was promoted to D-Rank."

"The Evil Boar?"

"Yes, originally the Evil Boar was a monster that usually killed by B Rank adventurers. And again, if you were able to defeat it several times, being F Rank is no longer a disadvantage to the guild. I want to immediately raise it to C Rank, but Rex-san is a F Rank has never received a quest, so I decided to increase it to D Rank to avoid getting involved in troublesome problems."

Oh, I'm glad.

That's because I'm always stuck in troublesome problems in both of my previous lives.

Adventurer guilds are good organizations for doing such things.

"So that’s how it is, purchasing Dragon material can also be a rank-up item, but it seems to be more troublesome if it is determined that Rex-san completes it, so I decided that Rank's assessment through dragon annihilation was temporarily suspended."

"Oh, I don't mind, after all it's a green dragon."

That's natural. If a problem occurs in the judgment of the Green Dragon, it is indeed troublesome.

"No, that Dragon is important, but... no, it's nothing."

Are? For some reason, Elma took a deep breath.

That's right, he said at a time like this she would be busy buying and receiving quest requests.

Is talking bad for too long?

"Then, regarding the material from Evil Boar..."

Hm hm, I'm confident because I hunted it beautifully.

I immediately froze the area around the wound with magic so that bacteria would not enter from the wound.

"I'm sorry, but because there are a lot of Evil Boars and conditions are very good, as I thought, it's impossible to buy everything in this guild."


Uwaah! Now I can't get any income at all!

Even though I have got herbs.

"So, I want to buy one at the adventurer guild, buy one for the Lord, and put the remaining three at the imperial capital auction."


"Even as an adventurer guild, such a wonderful technique from defeating monsters is a valuable document. Therefore, we will buy it for research."

Oh! My hunt technique is evaluated! It's good to make smaller wounds! But it feels very embarrassing if it becomes research material.

"In that case, it doesn't matter if the remaining Evil Boars are like that right?"


Thankfully, for now both of them are earn money.

I want to know if with this I can support my daily life. Approximately how much it costs, huh?

"In this guild, it will be rewarded with 1,000 gold coins per head."

"…… Hah?"

Just now, how much is the price?

"1,000 gold coins. Because it is not possible to prepare the money immediately, so you will receive 100 gold coins and 900 gold coins saved will be filled in the bank's guild bankbook."

"1,000 gold coins!?"

My words echo throughout the room.

This is bad, I accidentally let out a sound.

Because you know, 10 herbal plants is equal to 1 bottle for 3 copper!

Etto, 10 copper equals 1 silver coin, 10 silver coins equal 1 gold coin, if converted then 1,000 gold coins equal 100,000 copper coins, so... about 33,333 times the collection of herbal plants!?

"I-Isn't that a mistake??"

However, Elma-san shook her head.

"Rex-san, it is very difficult to defeat large monsters so beautifully. Parts of the furs, and the skin becomes more valuable because the size of the beautiful parts is larger. That is why, all Evil Boar furs are so great."

"I-Is that so?"
"Then, Lord-sama's envoy requested the purchase of an Evil Boar, but the exact number was not yet given. However, because Lord Grimoire was a nobleman with large fertile territory. So I thought he would buy it higher than an adventurer guild."

B-Buy it higher than 1,000 gold coins?

But this is an Evil Boar!

Is it okay to buy at a high price?

There are many better quality monsters in the monster world!

"And for the part being auctioned off, I'm sorry, but this is the same as the Dragon, it won't make money soon, so please wait a moment."

"Oh, yeah, that's fine. By the way, how about the dragon auction?"

Even so, I didn't expect much because it just happened yesterday.

"The dragon was brought to the capital this morning. The auction will be held at the earliest three days, but the match may have already started among the ear-eared nobles."

"Is that so!?"

The information network of the nobles was truly extraordinary.

"Since dragons will definitely win more than Evil Boar, please hope to be patient and wait!"

Elma-san clenched her fist and winked.

"Ha, haha​​... I expected it."

If an Evil Boar costs 1,000 gold coins, how much will it get from a dragon?

"Oh yes, I forgot to say something important."

Elma-san suddenly said something like that while putting 100 pieces of gold coins which were part of the Evil Boar payment into a magic bag.

"Is there something important?"

"Yes, this is a dinner invitation from Lord Grimoire, our Lord."

"Oh, that's good. I'll pass it."

It was troublesome, so I will pass it.

"Yes, I understand."

Elma-san also just agreed.

"... E-eeeh?! A-Are you going to reject it!? This is an invitation from Lord-sama, you know?"

I did not accept it.

"Because it's a royal party, it's very troublesome."

"No, but, it's a great honor! If Rex-san succeeds, you can become a knight!"

That's even more troublesome.

"No, I will absolutely reject it. I want to live in peace."


Elma-san, what are you saying!? A face I've never seen. Even though she has a beautiful face, but is it okay to make a face like that?

"Then, excuse me first."

I left the guild to be free from troublesome problems.

"Hey, please wait, Rex-san!"

I can't hear it, I can't hear it.

Well, if I return the money to Aug-san, I'll have a fancy dinner today!

"Did you hear the rumor?"

We chat about rumors.

"Oh, I heard it, it is a story that a dragon will be exhibited at the auction."

"And the body of the dragon is said to be very beautiful."

"And again everything is resolved by simply cutting his neck in half. What kind of magic sword can do that?"

After all, can all the information about the dragon be trusted?

The name of the auction, the faster the ear hears that will get it.

However, such information providers also do not know this information.

"Have you ever heard that there were people who witnessed the scene where the dragon was defeated?"

"What did you say? Who saw it!?"

Fufu, it seems like the information giver there hasn't got it yet.

No, it seems like some people have gotten the information.

"That is Sir Rio. It seems like he met a dragon during a secret mission."

"The secret mission you said!!? I've never heard of it!"

"I see, that's why I haven't seen Sir Rio in the last few days."

My best friend who often shares information with me...

I was especially surprised because it was the mission of Argyll's armed forces.

It was quite surprising that such a knight's mission had not been communicated to him.

"What exactly is Sir Rio's mission?"

"This is Argyll, and now about dragons, besides, it's rather rude to expose the contents of a secret mission."

God, the Muji financial faction was scolded.

Unclean words that undoubtedly say that are orders from us.

In short, that means I'm not trusted by him.


Argyll greeted rudely.

Yes, because military and financial affairs always go bad.

"In Sir Rio's story, a strange boy suddenly descends from the sky, jumps on the dragon's neck and goes back to the sky."

"From the sky!? Why did Sir Rio say something incomprehensible!?"

"That's why it's said that the incident was resolved by an angel."

The salon is filled with laughter from my jokes.

But no one laughed.

Sir Rio's secret mission, the mysterious boy who defeated the dragon, and the weapon that cuts the dragon's head can deduce something in this little information.

However, it would be clear that the highest priority among them was to win the dragon bid that was auctioned.

What really happened?

With whom will this hand get what it wants?

It's very annoying to decide on the other party.

We still have a long night...

"This is bad, all of you! The Evil Boar will be auctioned!"


The salon suddenly became noisy with information that was brought suddenly.

"After the dragon there's still an Evil Boar?"

"No, I think it's a dragon."

"And again, the Evil Boar is in very good condition, and the fur looks like an ordinary carpet!!"


I can't believe that Evil Boar furs over 10m are exist!

If such an item was displayed, it wouldn't lose even if it was placed in the royal castle hall!

"And it looks like the three Evil Boars in the same condition will be exhibited!!"

"""What did you say!?"""

And, will monster quality material with very high defeats be exhibited so constantly!?

That's a good idea if it happens once every few years, or once a decade!

"And it is said that the adventurer guild from the Togai City who had exhibited the dragon then showed off the Evil Boar!!

"What did you say!?"

What really happened in that city!

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