[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 : Going Through the Dungeon

From the 6th floor on, Kobolds and Orcs started coming out.
The size of each floor was gradually increasing, so it would take a full day for ordinary people to get to the 10th floor.
However, since we had the <Auto Mapping>, we could take a straight path to the boss room on the 10th floor without any trouble.

“There’s a boss on this floor, it’s the Orc Lord.”(Kent)

“Maybe the king will come out here too.”(Leo)

“There’s not something like a streak of rare bosses, you know?”(Kent)

“My luck is high, so it’ll definitely come out.”(Leo)

“It’s possible… If so it will be fun inside there.”(Kent)

“That’s true.”(Leo)

“This time you must fight seriously until the end you know?”(Kent)

“Yes, I understand.”(Leo)

“Then, let’s go.”(Kent)

We quickly enter the boss room.

And when we got inside, it was just as I thought,
“It’s the Orc King.”(Kent)

“Just as I said.”(Leo)

“It seems so. That means you’ll have to fight rare bosses every time...”(Kent)
That’s true, it’s fine for now, but the rare bosses from the deeper floors will be hard to defeat…

But even so,
“I’m looking forward to what kind of item drops I’ll get.”(Leo)

“Don’t be careless! Enough chatting for now!”(Kent)

When jii-chan said that, I hurriedly looked at the Orc King.

Suddenly, it was coming with a great sword in hold already.

We immediately avoided its attack.
Then, the Orc King carried out its next attack with fire magic!

Jii-chan cut it off while I dodged it by kicking the air.
Then, after that I reinforced my body with non-attribute magic and applied wind magic on Elena.

The Orc King, seeing that, aimed a slash with its great sword at me.

“I always wanted to do something really cool like attacking after riding on the sword.”(Leo)
Somehow I managed to get on the sword when the Orc King finished swinging it.

Then, running through the sword, I approached it and cut the neck of the Orc King.
Elena with wind magic added to her had an incredible sharpness and the head of the Orc King flew off easily.

“Fuuh, it seems it didn’t fire off magic before dying this time.”(Leo)
I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

“That’s because you cut off its head.”(Kent)

“Now, I wonder what is its drop gonna be, huh?”(Leo)
While looking forward to the drop, what came out was… Meat.

“Meat, huh~ ”(Leo)
I’d rather some material for creation magic instead of meat…

“Oh, it looks delicious. We’ve got a good place, so let’s have dinner and then sleep!”(Kent)

“Are we going to sleep here?”(Leo)

“Yes, no new boss will come out until we leave the room, so you can relax.”(Kent)

“But, won’t it bother people wanting to defeat the next boss?”(Leo)

“No one will come here to defeat the boss at this hour, so it’s okay.”(Kent)

“Eh!? What time is it now?”(Leo)

“It’s around 10 PM.”(Kent)

“It’s this late already, huh.”(Leo)

“You don’t take notice of the time when you’re in the dungeon, right?”(Kent)

“Indeed. I wonder if I can make a watch too~”(Leo)

I took out a piece mithril and the Orc magic stone I got before entering the dungeon.
Then, after pouring a little magic power on the stone, I used creation magic.

Then, what was made was,
<Pocket Watch With Alarm>
 A pocket watch that will tell you the exact time forever,
 If you tell it the time you want to wake up, it will wake you up at that time,
 It will never break.
 Creator: Leonce Forster

I didn’t need a special watch, so I only intended to pour a little magic power on the stone I just got but, I somehow made it indestructible…
But aside from that, it’s just a clock with alarm, so let’s say it’s fine.

“Did you make something again?”(Kent)

“It’s a pocket watch.”(Leo)

“It’s not just a pocket watch, is it?”(Kent)

“Umm… it has an alarm as well.”(Leo)

“Is that really all?”(Kent)
[ED: I clearly imagined Leo averting his eyes here.]

“Ah, yes. I didn’t use any large magic stone, after all.”(Leo)

“I see, then let’s roast and eat the meat.”(Kent)

Then, I ate dinner and went to sleep.
Really, that Orc King’s meat was very delicious…
I want to eat it again~

<Morning of the second day>
Jii-chan said to wake up at 7, so I set up the alarm at that time. However, I was surprised to wake up  with it saying ‘Please wake up~ ’.
[RAW: 起きてくださ~い]
After that, jii-chan took out some bread from his <Space Storage> for our breakfast, and then we left the boss’ room after eating it.

On the second day, we advanced up to the 20th floor.
On floors 11 to 15, what came out were a wooden monsters called Trent and some mushroom monsters called Matango.
[ED:, if you don’t know what’s a Matango.]
The Trents dropped some magic branches and the Matangos some poisonous mushrooms.
The rare boss was an Elder Trent and its drop was a branch of the holy tree.
I decided to keep it stowed for when I needed it someday.

On floors 16 to 20, what came out were Orcs and Trolls, and the boss was a Cyclops.
The Trolls dropped some skin and the Cyclops dropped a large magic stone.
Jii-chan said that magic stone drops are quite the rare drops.

The reason why today’s explanation was so short is because we moved forward pretty easily without any struggle at all.
All the monsters, including bosses, were defeated in one blow, until the end it was just cleaning work.

<Third day>
On the third day, we could only advance up to the 28th floor.
The size of the floors was gradually increasing, so we could only clear 8 floors in a day.
And the monsters that come out were…
From the 21st to the 25th floor, there were Werewolves, and the boss was a Cerberus.
They were all insta-killed as well.

Both the Werewolves and the Cerberus dropped fangs.

And from floors 26 to 28 there were Ogres.
Their drops were horns.

And that’s what became of my status at the end of the third day.

 Leonce Forster Lv.38

 Age: 8
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 582×10³ / 582×10³
 Magic power: 570×10⁵ / 570×10⁵

 Power: 314×10³×1.5 (471×10³)
 Speed: 363×10³×1.5 (544.5×10³)
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv.4,
 Non-attribute Magic Lv.5, Magical Operation Lv.5,
 Innocence Lv.2, Swordsmanship Lv.7,
 Magic Detection Lv.2

 A person with memories from a different world,

I decided not to care about status anymore…
Since then, the swordsmanship skill has reached level 7, the provost advanced to lower master level, but other than that there are no changes.

By the way, we’d have to sleep outside the boss room so I asked jii-chan what to do.
“We’ll have to sleep while taking turns on keeping watch.”(Kent)
That’s what he said.

However, I didn’t want to waste any sleep, so I decided to solve the problem by making items!
The materials are a pile of Troll skins and the Cyclops magic stone.
I started to pour magic power on the large magic stone and it began to shine beautifully.

“What kind of growth did you have to be able to pour so much magic power in an instant?”(Kent)

“Wh-Who knows?”(Leo)
It’s just that my growth was a little rapid!

Then, with my remaining magic power I used creation magic on the Troll skins and the magic stone and they glowed for a longer time than usual.

And the result was,
<Comfort Tent>
 It’s a tent that is inaccessible for any person or monster on visible range,
 However, those who were close to it when it was raised are exempt from that restriction,
 The inside is large, 5LDK with one big bath for comfort.
 Creator: Leonce Forster
[ED: LDK stands for Living, Dining, Kitchen, so 5LDK basically means that aside from these three, there are also 5 bedrooms.]

When I explained the item I made to jii-chan,
“Haah? You’re saying that a small tent like this is so large inside?”(Kent)

“It looks like that. For now, let’s try going inside.”(Leo)
Saying that I entered the tent, it felt as though it was the entrance of a house.

“Looks like it’s real...”(Kent)

“Apparently, yes.”(Leo)

“F-For now, I’ll take a bath.”(Kent)
As expected, for Japanese people it’s hard not taking a bath for a few days.

Then we took a bath, ate and then slept on the floor because there were no beds.

The next day, I woke up comfortably.
Then, we immediately defeated the Black Ogre, who was the boss of the 30th floor, and proceeded to the 31st floor.
By the way, the drop of the Black Ogre was the Gold Rod (made of mithril) it was using.
Reaching the 30th floor in 4 days is a pretty quick pace, isn’t it?
Maybe we can capture it for real...

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