[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 19

Chapter 19 : The Dungeon Still Continues

At the 31st floor Nagas, monsters whose lower bodies are that of snakes and drops were good knives, started coming out.

The boss of the 35th floor was a huge Basilisk and I had to be cautious while killing it because I was told its poison attack was quite something.
It dropped a large magic stone.

From the 36th on, it was the Cockatrices’ and Harpies’ turn to come out.
Both can fly as they are bird-like monsters, what made it difficult to proceed efficiently, those were quite the troublesome floors.

At last, we arrived in front of the boss room from the 40th floor.
“Here’s basically how far Damian managed to reach, he gave up shortly after defeating this boss.”(Kent)

“So we finally got here...”(Leo)

“Yes. As Damian has withdrawn, there’s no information from here on.”(Kent)

“Is that so, but why did ojii-san not continue?”(Leo)

“Maybe the difficulty level ahead was too high.”(Kent)

“It must be something really difficult for someone at ojii-san’s level to give up.”(Leo)

“That’s why, don’t let your guard down under any circumstances.”(Kent)

I’ve been being told that it’s dangerous quite often lately, so I’m kind of used to it.
I’ll just use reinforcement and do my best!

“Then, let’s defeat the boss.”(Kent)


When we got inside, there was a big bird in there.
And what I got from <Appraisal> is,

<Rock Bird Lv.48>
   Physical strength: 5000
   Magic power: 3000
   Power: 2880
   Speed: 3300
   Luck: 3
   Attributes: Wind
   Wind Magic Lv.7

It’s quite strong and its wind magic level is pretty high too…
I wonder if it can be defeated in one blow?

And so the battle began.

The Rock Bird suddenly flew high and started shooting wind magic from up there!

Jii-chan avoided by cutting it with his sword while I tried throwing <Flying Slash>.

After that the Rock Bird kept only shooting magic from a distance and never tried to get close.
Therefore, we couldn’t attack it because we were too busy defending…

Eventually, I came up with the idea of trying to shoot <Flying Slash> with magic applied.
Using that, I think my attack will reach it without being hindered by the wind magic coming its way.

So, I tried to shoot <Flying Slash> with wind magic applied to it using as much magic power as possible.
And as I thought, I was able to slice through the Rock Bird’s magic and split it in half.

“Somehow, I managed to defeat it~ ”(Leo)
This time, it could be dangerous if I couldn’t apply magic to <Flying Slash>…
Good thing that I can do that~

“This time the opponent was quite difficult huh.”(Kent)

“Shooting wind magic from high in the air is really cheating.”(Leo)

“Indeed, it would be dangerous if Leo couldn’t defeat it.”(Kent)

“It sure was a tough opponent.”(Leo)

“Right? It’s a bit early, but let’s stop here and rest for tomorrow.”(Kent)

“Okay, I understand.”(Leo)
I set up the tent and we go inside.

By the way, the Rock Bird dropped some fine feathers.

            *Damian’s POV*

Tonight, I’m headed to the princess’ room by His Majesty the Emperor’s order.

Lately, the princess’ aspect has been always pretty dark no matter the situation. No one told me what happened, just that when she was asked if she wanted to consult with someone, my name was heard...
At that, the emperor asked me to go have a talk with her.

If the princess want to consult with me, I think Leo-kun is involved, but have they gotten into a fight?

While thinking about that, I arrived at the princess’ room.

*Knock Knock*
“Is Hime-sama in there? It’s Damian.”(Damian)
After a while, the princess came out.

The princess had a expression so dark that it made everyone’s worries understandable.
“Why the dark face? Does it perhaps have to do with Leo-kun?”(Damian)


“For now, can you sit down and tell me about it?”(Damian)

Saying that, the princess let me inside.

“So, did something happen with Leo-kun?”(Damian)

“There hasn’t been any call from Leo.”(Shely)
Call… if I’m not mistaken, Leo-kun made some items that made talking possible even from far away.
And there hasn’t been any call from him…

“It’s not like Leo-kun… By the way, how long has it been since his last call?”(Damian)

“It’s been a week, and he hasn’t been responding to my calls at all.”(Shely)

“Could something have happened if it’s been that long?”(Damian)

“Maybe I am hated...”(Shely)

“Don’t be so negative.”(Damian)


“You’ve not gotten into a fight, have you?”(Damian)


“Then, I’ll go check on Leo-kun’s situation and tell him to call Hime-sama.”(Damian)

“Yes… please.”(Shely)

“Unexpectedly, he may have fallen asleep because the special training of the hero and the sorcerer was too hard you know?”(Damian)

“That’s right… it must be like that.”(Shely)
The princess said to herself. Her mental state has become quite dangerous.
That’s bad…
Anyway, I have to go to Leo-kun’s place immediately.

A few moments later, I arrived at dad’s house.

When I entered the house,
“Ara, isn’t it Damian?”(Carina)
Mother welcomed me.

“Kaa-san, do you know where’s Leo-kun?”(Damian)

“If it’s about Leo, right now he’s at the dungeon with jii-san.”(Carina)
If that’s the case, then the calls won’t really be able to reach him.
The inside of the dungeon is completely blocked from the outside.

“Why did tou-san go to the dungeon with Leo-kun though?”(Damian)

“Because since there was nothing left to teach Leo, we decided to train him in the dungeon.”(Carina)

“Has Leo-kun become so strong?”(Damian)
What does she mean by there was nothing left to teach?

“Yes, that’s because he got through that spartan special training of jii-san’s without running away even once.”(Carina)

“That one!? Even though I escaped halfway... that’s amazing~ “(Damian)
How many times have I run away from that huh…

“Besides, that kid grew so fast that we have already completed the training planned for until his school entry.”(Carina)

“I look forward to Leo-kun’s future...”(Damian)
He’s pretty extraordinary already.


“By the way, which dungeon did tou-san go to?”(Damian)

“He said he was going to the Underground Dungeon.”(Carina)

“That’s bad...”(Damian)

“What’s bad?”(Carina)

“Ah, do you think dad is planning to go all the way?”(Damian)

“Maybe. He said they would come back after capturing it.”(Carina)

“What a problem~ ”(Damian)
That sure is bad…

“What’s so dangerous about that dungeon?”(Carina)

“There was a sudden change in the difficulty level at the 41st floor.”(Damian)

“Is that too much even for jii-san?”(Carina)

“If it was tou-san in its heydey, it might have been possible… but in his current condition and with Leo-kun, I don’t think he can manage.”(Damian)

“Well, since jii-san is being vigilant I’m sure he’ll come back if he thinks it’s impossible.”(Carina)

“That’s right, if it’s tou-san then there’s no need to worry.”(Damian)
Being told that, dad surely would stay alert in a place like that…

After that, I returned to the castle and went to explain the situation to the princess.

But she still had a dark face.

“Right now, Leo-kun is working hard on his special training, so what about Hime-sama doing some too?”(Damian)

“What should I do on a special training?”(Shely)

“Simple. I can teach you magic, so when Leo-kun comes back, let’s surprise him by showing how you can use it!”(Damian)

“That’s good. I’ll give him some magic for making me worried!”(Shely)
Saying that, the princess’ face brightened.

“Then, think you can withstand my tough training?”(Damian)


After that, I kept on teaching magic to the princess everyday.

She worked hard in her training as well.
By the way, when Leo-kun returns, she wants to give him as much magic as possible, and for that reason, it seems it’s fine even if it’s hard.
Thanks to that, the princess’ growth became quite fast.

There’s no choice but to wait for Leo-kun to return...

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