[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 06

Chapter 6 : Cleaning the Sewer and The Great Swordman

Well, what kind of quest should I handle today?

Just kidding, actually I have decided on the job I will accept.

"Excuse me, I want to take this quest."

Pulling out the paper there the quest was placed, I already went towards Elma-san.

"Good morning, Rex-san. Today's quest...... E-Eeehh!?"

As usual, Elma-san greeted with a smile.

"Well... do you want to take this quest?"

What's wrong Elma-san? Looking at me with bulging eyes.

"Endless search for new adventurers, such as hunting goblins, gathering herbs, and also..."

I also answered with a smile.

".. Cleaning the drain right?"

Cleaning up the drain, it's one of those quests that adventurers quite hate.

Basically, airways and waste water can be used by water magic.

However, there are places where trash cannot be equipped with water magic, and those places are made as a city search for adventurers.

Even so, this is a search that is cheap, smelly, and has no takers, so it works as a punishment for difficult adventurers.

I decided to take a quest like that.

"Because Rex-san is a D-Rank adventurer, you don't need to bother doing this work..."

I also understand what Elma-san wants to explain.

As long as I'm promoted, I'm thinking of taking a better job.

But I became an adventurer not to make money.

Well, even though the daily cost is also important.

The important thing is to be able to roam freely.

That's my main reason to be an adventurer.

That's why I want to receive various kinds of searches.

The adventurers who appear in the story also want to fix the embarrassing task that makes it difficult.

Because of that I accepted the job.

"Haah, I understand. The quest to clear the channel must be accepted. Fortunately, Rex-san doesn't bother with money right now."

Oh yes, thanks Evil Boar, I can accept my wallet.

After that, I still got an imbalance from the Dragons after the Evil Boar.

"Ok, then let's go on an adventure."

"Ooh, will Aniki also go on an adventure?"

I thought that if I heard a familiar voice...

"Gyro-kun from the Dragon Slayer Team, huh."

"... Sorry, can you forgive him?"

"What? Did you leave your team?"

Even though it's cool.

"Not that, I also don't believe it too much..."

"Eh? You should always say "I was an adventurer who would rule the world. Therefore we must be able to defeat the dragon! Well, our party's name is Team Dragon Slayer!"."

The magician who was his teammate tied Gyro-kun's arms and neck.

Priest and Thief, who were late to greet me when they met, so I also greeted him.

"Kyaa! Stop it! Don't say those words again!"

"We are ashamed, you know! Every time you say that name, everyone smiles, you know!"


They’re really friendly huh.

"So Aniki, what kind of quest did you take today?"

Oh, he changed the subject.

"Today I took the quest to clear the drain."

"As expected from ani... ki... Eh?"

Gyro-kun's eyes, which had been sparkling up until now, were wide open in a circle.

"Cleaning... the drain?"

"Yes, clean the drain."

"Did you mean by “that”?"

"That is."

"Smelly, dirty, cheap wages, those three things?"

"That is."

"Whyyyyy!?" He is screaming.

"Why Aniki? Why did you do something like cleaning the drain?"

Gyro-kun’s head can't understand it at all.

"Sorry, honestly we can't understand, but do you have a reason?"

And, Priset who was waiting behind said that question.

"Ah, sorry. I haven't introduced myself. I'm Norve, as you can see, I'm a Priest, even though I'm just an apprentice, besides, thanks for helping me the other day."

"I'm Rex. No, I'm just doing the normal thing. How's the condition of the wound? Is there part still hurt?"

At that time I treated her with remote magic, and I was a little worried because I did not see her condition in detail.

"That's it! Thanks to your recovery magic, it's been healed well! You must be very religious so you can use such high-level recovery magic!"

"Ahaha, not that much."

Priests believe that recovery magic is stronger for those who believe in God.

But the truth is that recovery magic is the same as ordinary magic, and that can be explained by theory.

But I will not teach it.

Because in the previous world, it was a bad idea to teach this to the High Priest! No bond can understand the divine protection God has given humans! Because of that he was hated by the big church.

So let me just talk about recovery magic in my mind so that I don't say unnecessary things and invite unnecessary disputes.

"Oh yes, we must introduce ourselves immediately. I am Mina the Witch, and this one is Meguri the Thief. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you."

Mina-san and Meguri-san, huh.

And Meguri-san is a person who talks a little.

After finishing greeting, she immediately fell silent.

"Nice to meet you too, Mina-san, Meguri-san."

"Then about the previous conversation."

"That's right, Aniki, why do you do the job of cleaning the drain?"

Norve-san and Gyro-kun return to discuss the topic.

Well, it's okay if I tell them.

"No, this is not a big deal anyway. Do you know the story of The Great Swordman Rygard?" (RAW: )

"Of course I know!"

"Yes, I've heard that since my childhood from my parents."

"I heard it from my grandfather too."

"I know."

The Great Swordman Rygard, a famous adventurer, and he was a master of the sword as his second name said.

"Rygard is now called the Great Swordman, but in the beginning was someone who often caused problems with his talent."

"Oh yes, if you talk about Rygard, it will start there."

Gyro-kun and the others nodded in agreement.

"And then, from the guild leader who finally reached the limit of his patience, Rygard was ordered to clean the sewer for a year. He also cleaned the sewer, because he was threatened that his qualifications would be taken as an adventurer."

The reason is because Rygard went wild because of his selfishness.

This is a big difference from me who uses it as good for the people around me.

"No no, Rygard who started cleaning the drain, tried to cover up his violence with his humorous appearance. But Rygard, who was just an adventurer, continued to persevere and continued to do the work of cleaning the sewer."

And that figure influences the human mind in the sequel.

"One day people started arriving and thanked Rygard for continuing to work on cleaning the sewer. "Thank you for your hard work", "Today is also tiring, right?" Rygard, who heard that voice, felt ashamed of his actions at the past then changes his mind. This is the first story of the failure of The Great Swordsman Rygard."

A story of a lesson that every child has heard.

There are many people who like Rygard's adventures because it's a simple story, but I also like this story.

"I see! Aniki wants to be like Rygard by doing the job of cleaning the drain right! As expected from Aniki!"

No, I mean, I just want to experience the work Rygard experienced.

"Gyro-kun and the others are working now, too?"

"Yes! Or that's what I want to say, but our work is at night!"


That’s rare isn’t it, more adventurers work during the day when monsters are not active.

"Recently, there was a rumor that you could hear a scary groan in the city at night."

And, Mina-san explained it.

"That's why the townspeople request a guild request. I want you to find out the cause of the groans."

So that's how it's called night work?

"Well, basically it's patrol work. But it's good night work."

Hee, the conditions are good at night.

I knew that there were various kinds of adventurous work.

"Now aniki, why don't you show me aniki's work?"

And there, Gyro-kun made a strange proposal.

"Huh? But I just cleaned the usual drain?"

"Yes, I know, but if this is the work that Aniki does, I think there might be some clues to becoming stronger."

The hint became strong, huh...

But I don't think there's a clue in the job of cleaning the drain.

"I don't think it's a problem, but I don't think it will be interesting at all?"

"Thank you Aniki! Let's go everyone!"

"Eh? We too!?"

Mina-san gave an expression that looked bothersome.

"Now now... Gyro-kun will be fine alone. Besides, I'm also curious about how Rex-san works. Right, Meguri-san?"

Norve-san asks for Meguri-san's approval.

"Since it's work at night, it's okay if we don't take too long."

"Yosh, then we will follow Aniki!"

I told you this is not interesting.

"Then, let's start from here."

When I came to the waterways in the city near the guild, I saw the waterways from above.

This area seems to be a place where mud can accumulate, so flushing with water magic is difficult to reach.

Of course, when compared to other places, you can see black mud at the bottom of the water.

"Oh, I can finally see Aniki doing the cleaning!"

"I told you this isn't a big job."

"Hou, doing the cleaning, huh. Isn't that a good intention even though it's still young? Do your best, young man."

When I will start working, people who pass by encourage me.

"Yes, I'll do my best!"

People in this city are kind to adventurers who do dirty work.

Yeah, somehow I feel like I'm Rygard.

"Then I begin."

"Eh, Aniki, how about the equipment?"

"Huh? I don't need to use tools, you know?"

"Huh!? Then how do you do it?"

Gyro-kun tilted his head.

Mina-san in the back also tilted her head.

"I will do this, Full Clean Purification!!!"

My right hand holds it in the direction of the channel, and I activate a large area of ​​purification magic.

Then the black mud disappeared, and all the waterways, including the surrounding water, began to glow.

"Uwaaaaa! What is this!?"

Gyro-kun and the others shouted behind me.

Damn it, I should have done it after I explained it correctly.

Let's forget what happened.

The waterways that glow with purification magic gradually lose their light, and then turn into clear waterways where all the impurities have been lost.

"W-What is this!?"

Gyro-kun and the others are shocked with rounded eyes.

"It's a vast area of ​​purification magic. I use this magic to clean up all the water and dirt in the drains."

"Large area purification magic!? What is that?!"

And there, Norve-san was consumed by talk of magic.

"Are? You don't know? This is magic for cleaning up big cities."

"II don't know about that magic! And the light just now was the light of purification, that means magic from the holy attribute, right?"


I used to make cleansing magic easily using the purifying power of holy attributes in the previous world.

By the way, the nobility and the people in the city were happy, but the people in the church had complicated expressions.

"T-To can use extraordinary magic like that..."

Etto, Norve-san? This is not great magic.

"Well, that's how I clean the mud in the city."


Are? Somehow the reaction is boring?

"Aniki, like this... I don't think Rygard's story is like this."

"""Yes, yes."""

Are? Am I doing something weird?

"Hmm, well let it be, I'll clean the next place."

"Is that okay!?"

"This person is... strong."

I feel selfish, but that's okay.

Time to devote in this area.

"Full Clean Purification!!!"

Once again, the purification light purifies the water channel.

At that time.



Suddenly, everyone was shocked by the screaming.

"There! Inside the water channel!!"

Meguri-san points to a point in the water channel.

Beyond that, there was a shadow in one of the black spots in the waterway that was sparkling with purification magic.

"That's Dark Blob!"

"What is Dark Blob, aniki?"

"It's a formless monster with a dark attribute. Because it looks like mud, there are many soldiers who are hit by a sudden attack from the water and get seriously injured, for not realizing that they are in a swampy area!!"

"We must get rid of him quickly!"

Norve-san holds her wand and switches to Dark Blob.

"Oh, it is okay."


Dark Blob is getting smaller and thinner without having to answer Norve-san's question.

"The monster is getting smaller."

"I cleaned Dark Blob with Full Clean Purification. This magic can easily defeat weak monsters."

Dark Blob is indeed scary, but it's not a scary monster if you fight properly.


The dark lumps get smaller and smaller, and they eventually disappear.

The only thing left is the drains that have been cleaned.

"It's been defeated."

Mina-san was stunned with her mouth open.

"Rather than that, the problem is that the monster is in the city."

There is only one Thief, and Meguri-san isn't feeling alert.

Because there are guards and adventurers in the city, it is thought that monsters cannot enter the city.

"They must be hidden in the dark of the night and come along a waterway and hide in the mud during the day."

There is such a thing in a city with waterways.

Even in the past, there were incidents where monsters attacked the city through waterways.

I like being able to get rid of it before it attacks humans.

"Oh, maybe the groans heard at night come from this monster."

With her hand, Mina-san points to the place where Dark Blob is.

"I suppose that might be so."

Dark Blob made a scary sound that sounded like a groan.

I'm sure Mina-san's guess is correct.

"As-As expected from Aniki! To be able to complete our quest at once!! Aniki is indeed great!"

Gyro-kun praised me innocently.

That's a bit embarrassing.

"But, doesn't this mean that we failed the quest? We didn't do anything you know."


The atmosphere of the place was frozen in an instant by what Meguri-san said, a fatal statement.

"Forgive me."

I didn't do it on purpose.

My name is John

I am a servant serving Viscount Grimoire-sama, who manages the surrounding land, including this city.

It's not too much to say that I have been in all of the Viscount family's work because I have served from my predecessor.

No no, I think that's too much.

Today I was in the adventurer guild replacing Viscount Grimoire-sama who went to the royal capital for auction.

The reason was to meet the adventurer who declined the dinner invitation from Viscount Grimoire the other day.

To punish? No, I didn't do anything stupid to make enemies with strong people to defeat the dragon.

I just want to connect it with my master.

To overcome the disturbing atmosphere recently.

In the story of the Adventurer's Guild, it seemed that he had refused an invitation to eat because there was a reason, it wasn't something that adventurers normally thought of.

Had I spoken to the master's servant, the adventurer might have changed his mind.

Then we get the Adventurer’s Trump Card that can subdue dragons, and the adventurer will get the back of Viscount Grimoire-sama.

We will be able to build very meaningful relationships with each other.

What if he rejects it?

Now, if there is any possibility of animosity, we must take the right steps.

Although I did not expect it.

At that time, a young man made a sound in a water channel.

"Then, let's start from here."

Still young, very rarely can see adventurers like him.

Fufu, doesn't that look fun?

I also had times filled with dreams and hopes.

"Oh, I can finally see Aniki doing the cleaning!"

"I told you this isn't a big job."

Surprisingly, this young man chose the job of cleaning the drain, seeing his attitude, he did not look like he was forced to do a problem.

It is not easy to choose dirty work to clean up the city voluntarily.

I admire the figure of the young man and make a sound.

"Hou, doing the cleaning, huh. Isn't that a good intention even though it's still young? Do your best, young man."

"Yes, I'll do my best!"

The innocent young man responded well.

There is a delightful young man in our area.

This is also the moral work of Viscount Grimoire-sama.


Hm? Does it sound noisy behind me?

And that is rather dazzling and amazing.

Hm, I'm sure the spirit of young people now is to improve the atmosphere of the city.

I felt that I would be able to find the adventurer soon.

I'm John, the talented butler serving Viscount Grimoire-sama.

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