[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 20

Chapter 20 : Dungeon’s Capture Finale

Last night, I defeated the Rock Bird on the 40th floor, and now I'm having breakfast with jii-chan in the empty dining room. The menu is a piece of bread.

I checked my status while eating, I wonder to what extent has my level gone up after the fight?

 Leonce Forster Lv.45

 Age: 8
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Creator

 Physical strength: 209×10⁴ / 209×10⁴
 Magic power: 200×10⁶/ 200×10⁶

 Power: 113×10⁴×1.5 (169.5×10⁴)
 Speed: 130×10⁴×1.5 (195×10⁴)
 Luck: 1000
 Attributes: None, Creation
 Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv.4,
 Non-Attribute Magic Lv.5, Magical Operation Lv.5,
 Innocence Lv.2, Swordsmanship Lv.7,
 Magic Detection Lv.3

 A person with memories from a different world,

Though I don’t think any 8-years old would reach this level… (I don’t care about status anymore)

Elena’s level has gone up as well.

<Demonic Sword Elena Lv.3>
 A demonic sword that can talk to its owner,
 Absorbs a large amount of the owner’s magic to enhance its sharpness and durability,
 Self-healing Ability,
 Lv.3: Recovers part of the owner’s physical strength when the same receives a blow.
 Creator: Leonce Forster

Maybe this ability is not necessary for the current me…
I have a tremendous amount of physical strength.
Besides, I haven't even received any attacks since entering this dungeon.
Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever received one…

Then, after eating, we were all ready.
"Then, let's go."(Kent)
With that, we left the 40th floor.

When we tried to enter the 41st floor, suddenly, every part of the hallway glowed in red.

This is...<Trap Tracer>

“Jii-chan, stop!”(Leo)

“Yeah, what’s with this red color?”(Kent)

“<Trap Tracer> illuminates places with traps in red."(Leo)

“I see. If it not for that, we'd have let our guards down and touched the trap..."(Kent)
That’s true…
With this many, we'd surely touch one.

“But why did they suddenly come out when there wasn’t any before?”(Leo)

“It might be aimed for the moment we had lowered our guards."(Kent)

“That's scary, huh… Anyway, we should proceed with caution."(Leo)

“That’s the only way.”(Kent)

Then, we proceeded with caution while avoiding the red marks on the ground and walls.
And what came out on this floor were Gargoyles…
They're a kind of flying stone statues.

“Haah, this floor is a swordsman’s doom.”(Kent)

“What do you mean?”(Leo)

"Swordsmen can only defeat opponents nearby."(Kent)

“Ah, that’s true.”(Leo)

You can't land a blow with a sword unless you get close.

"And against a flying opponent, you have to move a lot."(Kent)

"I see. That way, people would eventually step on the traps."(Leo)

“That’s how it is.”(Kent)

“If so, I can just defeat it with magic from afar.”(Leo)

“It might be aimed to reduce a magician's magic power, though that doesn't matter to Leo."(Kent)


Right as I said that, I fired earth magic towards the Gargoyle.
…But, that was easily avoided.

“Are you serious...”(Leo)
Can you actually avoid it?

"Leo hasn't practiced firing magic, so it's hard to hit a small target, right?"(Kent)
That’s true, those who can use magic usually practice firing it…

“What should I do...”(Leo)

“This is also part of the training. You can take this chance to get the hang for firing magic."(Kent)

“Yes ~”(Leo)

For now, I’ll try firing a lot of magic at it.
… but yeah, no hits.

What can I do to make it hit?
My first thought is to try to predict the opponent’s movements.
The next one is to increase the speed of magic.

For now, let’s try both.

Speaking of rapidness, it’s wind magic.
So I gathered a lot of magic power to make wind magic.
Then, predict the Gargoyle’s movements and release!

I defeated the Gargoyle with a beautiful spot-on hit.

“That was quite an instant shot. Your average magician wouldn't be able to hit that, you know?"(Kent)

“Because of jii-chan’s special training, I can read the opponents’ movements.”(Leo)

“I see. But that wind magic was also quite impressive.”(Kent)

Then, we kept going forth while being wary of the traps, and after a week, we reached the 45th floor.

Besides the time for avoiding the traps, the floorings have also rapidly increased in size, which made our descent speed go down to a floor a day.
By the way, the Gargoyle’s drop is a beautiful lustrous gem.

And now it's finally time for a boss battle.
“Considering the difficulty so far, this time’s boss must be quite strong.”(Kent)

Because the level of difficulty suddenly increased from the 41st floor on…

“Therefore, be careful.”(Kent)


“Let’s go then.”(Kent)

When we entered the boss room,  there was a dragon with a total of 2-3 meters in length inside.
“It’s a Wyvern.”(Kent)

“Ooh, it's my first time seeing a Dragon."(Leo)

“No, no, a Wyvern is way weaker than a Dragon."(Kent)

“Wyverns aren't Dragons?"(Leo)

“Exactly, you could call it a defective product."(Kent)

“I see ~”(Leo)

“Against a dragon, with me and baa-san fighting together, we could somehow drive it away, but not defeat it."(Kent)

“As expected of a Dragon."(Leo)
That’s the strongest monster for you.

The Wyvern roared.

"Be careful because the Wyvern is an opponent who can win at the last minute alone!"(Kent)

"Doesn't that mean that the Wyvern is quite strong itself!?"(Leo)
Saying that I attacked with my recent favorite, wind magic.

Since the Wyvern didn't even try to avoid it, it landed perfectly.
However, it seems not to have done any significant damage…

“That’s amazing.”(Leo)

"You could use magic to blind it!"(Kent)

“Understood. In that case, I’ll be using Elena after a long time.”(Leo)

So you will use me at last?(Elena)

I’m sorry. I’ll use you as much as possible from now on.(Leo)

First, I fired water magic into the Wyvern’s eyes.
After seeing it hit, I approached with full speed and swung Elena down its neck.
With that, the Wyvern's head smoothly fell to the ground.

“...What? I beat it ~”(Leo)

“I also couldn’t follow your movements just now.”(Kent)

Come to think of it, I forgot (intentionally) that my status was kinda dangerous.

“Th-That must be because of the level.”(Leo)

“That’s right, come to think of it, all the dungeon bosses till now were defeated by Leo alone.”(Kent)

“Y-Yeah, we've reached pretty deep."(Leo)

“Indeed. Now I wonder if the next boss is the last one?”(Kent)

“I hope so.”(Leo)

While we were talking like that, a big magic stone fell down from the Wyvern.

“It’s been a long time since I last saw a magic stone this big.”(Kent)

“Where have you seen it before?”(Leo)

“Demon Lord’s Dungeon.”(Kent)

“The Demon Lord’s magic stone?”(Leo)

"Not the Demon Lord's but his subordinates."(Kent)

“What happened to the Demon Lord’s Magic stone?”(Leo)

“After defeating the Demon Lord, I didn’t take his magic stone but instead buried it in the Demon Forest, so I don't know.”(Kent)

“So it's buried, huh?"(Leo)
That’s shocking.
Was he actually a decent person?

"Yes, but I needed some proof that I defeated the Demon Lord, so I used his subordinate's magic stone instead."(Kent)

“Hee ~”(Leo)

“So, let’s do our best in the dungeon because maybe it’s just a little longer!”(Kent)


I put the big magic stone in my pocket.

"By the way, does that pocket have storage in a different dimension?


“As I thought.”(Kent)

“Huh? Aren’t you surprised?”(Leo)

“I’ve become tired...”(Kent)
Hm, tired?
Surely, jii-chan must be tired of this life inside the dungeon.
[ED: Yeah, I don’t think that’s the issue here.]

Then, we entered the tent and took the rest of the day off.
The capture of the next floor would start tomorrow.

On the 46th floor, all the monsters, other than bosses, that came out until now started coming out again.
They all had high levels, and there were many of them.

Since then, the area of each floor has grown again, and the number of traps rapidly increased…
Because of that, it took us around 10 days to reach the boss room on the 50th floor.

With this, maybe we're already in front of the last boss's room.

“We finally got here.”(Kent)

"Yes, it was quite a long journey."(Leo)

“I guess it took about a month to get here from when we started the capture?”(Kent)

"Also, it might end here."(Leo)

“Yes, then let’s go in.”(Kent)

When we got inside, there was a scary humanoid monster inside.

I immediately used <Appraisal>…

<Mad Demon Lv.80>
 Physical strength: 11000
 Magic power: 12000
 Power: 8380
 Speed: 9300
 Luck: 30
 Attributes: Darkness
 Dark Magic Lv.9

It’s as strong as jii-chan’s heydey…

“It’s a Demon.”(Kent)

“Seems so.”(Leo)

"Leo, this time, I'll be fighting as well."(Kent)

“I understand.”(Leo)
The reason is simple. That’s because the enemy is strong.

I confirmed it with jii-chan and then turned to face the enemy.
Then the Mad Demon grinned and disappeared into the darkness.


I heard a sword hit from behind.

When I looked back, jii-chan had protected me from the Mad Demon’s attack.

"I'm too old, but with the use <Breakthrough>, my status will be 10 times higher, so I still can fight!"(Kent)

Then the Demon disappeared once again.
“But it will only last for 3 minutes.”(Kent)

"Why can Jii-chan see it?"(Leo)

"If you master non-attribute magic, you can use it to strengthen your senses. So you can fight if you aim for that.”(Kent)

“What should I do...”(Leo)

"Make an item to help you see it before <Breakthrough>'s effect wears off!"(Kent)

“I-I understand.”(Leo)

Again jii-chan protected me from the demon’s attack.

“Hurry up! Otherwise, both of us will die!"(Kent)


I rushed over and took everything I could use from my backpack.

First of all, I put all my magic power into the Wyvern's magic stone.
When I finished, I quickly used Creation magic in the materials from the backpack.

Then, some of them shined and combined with the magic stone.

I waited for the completion while hoping for it to end soon…

When I took a look at jii-chan, it seemed to have become more and more difficult to withstand the Demon's attacks.

Please, make it on time!

Then the light stopped.

What came out was a pair of aviator glasses.

I put it in a hurry.

Setting ownership to Leonce and starting navigation.


Enemies found, displaying opponents.

Then the Demon's figure suddenly appeared where there was nothing before.

Unsuspecting, I hurried over and slashed at the head of the Mad Demon.

“I did it, somehow I made it on time, jii-chan.”(Leo)
I looked back at jii-chan.

Then jii-chan powerlessly collapsed to the ground…


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