[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Dungeon Clearing...


I rushed to him.
"To be frank... using <Breakthrough>, you can become stronger for a while, but it will also put on a heavy burden in your body."(Kent)
Jii-chan said in a faint voice that usually would be unthinkable for him.

"Even so, you'll be fine, right?"(Leo)
I asked, fearing the response.

"I think it was okay when I was young... But it seems like it's no good at this age."(Kent)

Eh? What do you mean by no good?
For now, I’ll try using <Appraisal> on jii-chan.

 Kent Forster Lv.164

 Age: 59
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Former Hero
 Condition: Aging

 Physical strength: 0 / 12630
 Magic: 80 / 970

 Power: 508060
 Speed: 409080
 Luck: 140
 Attributes: None
 Non-attribute magic Lv. MAX, Swordsmanship Lv. MAX,
 Sword Technique Lv. MAX, Magical Operation Lv. 4,
 Space Storage, Limit Breakthrough

 A person from a different world,
 Devil's Dungeon Trails,

His physical strength has gone down to 0...

"Jii-chan... don't die, you hear me!?"(Leo)
I shouted while holding jii-chan's shoulders.

"Leo... you have become stronger... surpassed me, even... Therefore, from now on, don't worry about how people around will see you. Live confidently..."(Kent)
Saying that, jii-chan closed his eyes...

I started shaking jii-chan with all my strength.

However, there was no response at all...
Then, I tried using <Appraisal> one more time.

 Kent Forster Lv.164

 Age: 59
 Tribe: Human
 Occupation: Former Hero
 Condition: Dead

 Physical strength: 0 / 12630
 Magic: 0 / 970

 Power: 50800
 Speed: 40900
 Luck: 140
 Attributes: None
 Non-attribute magic Lv.MAX, Swordsmanship Lv.MAX,
 Sword Technique Lv.MAX, Magical Operation Lv.4,
 Space Storage, Limit Breakthrough

 A person from a different world,
 Devil's Dungeon Trails,

His condition became dead...

"He really died..."(Leo)
I saw it when I used <Appraisal> but... I still couldn't believe it.

If only that bastard didn't exist...
Thinking so, I looked at the corpse of the Mad Demon, it started to shine, and a drop came out. It was a ring.

When I used <Appraisal> on it...

<Demon's Ring>
  A ring that gives resistance to abnormal conditions,
  Doubles the damage given to demon monsters.

As expected of the drop of the Last Boss.
Even without modification, it has a great ability.

"I'll try to be always wearing it..."(Leo)
I have to wear it, so I don't ever forget what happened today.
Then, when I looked around, I found another door besides the entrance.

"For now, I have no choice but to proceed..."(Leo)
I can't stay here thinking about it... Let's think about going home now.
Thinking so, while carrying jii-chan, I opened the door and left the boss's room...

An announcement was heard as soon as I left the boss's room.
You are the first to conquer the Beginner Edition of this Dungeon of Trials.


I'll give you the <Transfer> skill.

And now, you can go to the Advanced Edition by stepping on the magic circle just ahead.
Being told so, when I looked around the room, there was indeed a large magic circle drawn on the floor.

"You're kidding, right? Here still isn't the goal..."(Leo)

You are free to challenge it now. But if you are going to do it after returning home, please transfer here or clear the Beginner Edition again.

The announcement was over.

"For now, let's go home."(Leo)
Challenging it now is out of the question.
For now, I just wanna go home.

"By the way, it seems that can now use <Transfer>, but how do I do it?"(Leo)

I think that if you imagine the place you want to go to, it will work.


I'm sorry for startling you. I'm your goggles.

Come to think of it, I'm still wearing my goggles.

"Or not, what kind of goggles have I made??"(Leo)
[ED: here Leo uses じゃない(janai), which is kinda hard to translate, but most should be familiar with the term, for example, "Ah, hello─janai, what are you doing here?!"]
Can it hold a normal conversation?

<Universal Assist Goggles>
 A pair of goggles that supports the owner in various manners,
 There are many things it can do, so just ask directly.
 Creator: Leonce Forster

What's with this <Appraisal> results...
I guess I can just ask directly?

"Hello, Goggles-san?"(Leo)

Please call me Anna.(Anna)

"So you have a name... Anna, what can you do?"(Leo)

In supporting you, I can do everything from pointing directions to analyzing the enemy's weaknesses.(Anna)

"You can find out the enemy's weaknesses?"(Leo)

Yes, though I won't say anything about an enemy weaker than Leo-sama.(Anna)

"Thank you for that. By the way, I can <Transfer> outside from here, right?"(Leo)

Yes, as long as you've been there once before.(Anna)

"I see. Let's try it, then..."(Leo)
Saying that, I imagined the place I wanted to go to.

Then, the scenery changed in an instant, and I found myself at the entrance of the dungeon.

There were many adventurers gathered there.
"A-Are you the one who cleared this dungeon?"(Adventurer)

"Eh? Yes."(Leo)

"At this age, huh? Then, who's that you're carrying with you?"(Adventurer)

"It's jii-chan."(Leo)

"I-Is that so? That must be hard."(Adventurer)

The man's hitherto firm tone, turned to a gentle one when he learned that the deceased was my grandfather.

"Move, move!"
A man came out of the crowd.

"Ah, Guild Master!"(Adventurer)
Ooh, this person is the Guild Master, huh...

"Oh, Lutz. I heard that the dungeon has been conquered, is that true?"(Guild Master)

"Looks like that. It seems this child is the one who conquered it."(Lutz)

"That's a lie, right?"(Guild Master)
He looked at me, his face saying he couldn't believe it.

"That's not a lie. This kid is the only one who has been transferred here since the announcement, after all."(Lutz)

"That must be true, then... Who are you, anyway?"(Guild Master)


"Ah, there's someone else besides you... Wait, isn't the one you're carrying on your back the Hero-sama?"(Guild Master)

"This person is a hero?"(Lutz)

"Yes. He's old now, so it's hard to see, but this person is definitely a hero."(Guild Master)

"That means... This child is the grandson of a hero, huh?"(Lutz)

"Is that how it is?"(Guild Master)

"Yes. Jii-chan has told me about this hero thing."(Leo)

"I see. That must be hard for you, but can you tell me your name?"(Guild Master)

"I'm Leonce Forster, please call me Leo."(Leo)

"Understood. So, is it true that you conquered the dungeon?"(Guild Master)

"Yes. But it would really have been impossible without jii-chan."(Leo)

"That must have been difficult. Then, do you have any proof?"(Guild Master)

I reached out my hand and showed the ring.

"This ring is amazing. How did you get it?"(Guild Master)

"You can get it by defeating the boss of the 50th floor."(Leo)

"I see. Then, why didn't the dungeon collapse even though there was an announcement?"(Guild Master)

"Are they usually like that?"(Leo)

"Yes, that's because the dungeon dies when it's cleared."(Guild Master)

"I see. Then, I know the reason."(Leo)

"Wh-What's the reason?"(Guild Master)

"Simple. That's because there's still a continuation to this dungeon."(Leo)

"Wh-What does that mean? You've cleared it, right?"(Guild Master)

"Are you serious? Even though you've finished it, there's still more?"(Lutz)
Lutz-san's face was like 'Give me a break already.'.

"Calm down. This is a new discovery. It must be reported to His Majesty the Emperor, immediately!"(Guild Master)

"So, what are you going to do now, boy?"(Lutz)

"I'm going home."(Leo)

"Oh, I see."(Lutz)

"You are going home, huh. If so, stay home for a while, because dungeon conquerors receive a reward from the Emperor."(Guild Master)
Reward? Do you get something like that?

Then, I used <Transfer>.

This is the town's outskirts, huh. Why didn't you go straight home?(Anna)

Anna, which was dangling around my neck, asked me.
Apparently, we can communicate even without me properly wearing it...

"Jii-chan's horse should be around here somewhere."(Leo)

Saying that, I looked around to see if there was a horse nearby.

Then, I saw a horse approaching in the distance.
Th-That's jii-chan's horse!

Then, the horse roared with sorrow when it saw me carrying jii-chan's corpse.

"I'm sorry, I let jii-chan die. If only I could use creation magic a little faster..."(Leo)

My tears came out while I apologized to the horse...

Then, after crying for a while, I used <Transfer> and returned home.

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    1. I mean, death doesn't count as an abnormal condition, so... besides, if it could be interpreted that way, I'm sorry, but the ring's ability is to reduce the chance of the person being infected with an abnormal condition, not removing one.

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