[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Dungeon Captured

After using <Transfer> home, I immediately called Baa-chan.

"What is it? Oh, have you finally returned?"(Carina)
Baa-chan, totally unaware of what happened, comes out from the back.

Then, she saw me carrying jii-chan.
"Wh-What happened? J-Jii-san?"(Carina)
Saying that, she rushed over to us.

"Baa-chan, jii-chan is..."(Leo)

Then, I reported everything that happened in the dungeon.

"You've conquered the dungeon, huh..."(Carina)

"But, jii-chan is..."(Leo)

"Well, that must have been his desire to die protecting his grandchild."(Carina)


"I understand. It's fine now, you seem tired, so you should get some rest for the time being."(Carina)

Then, I went inside.

            *Orton's POV*

A knight entered in a frantic run.

"What's wrong?"(Orton)

"The underground dungeon has been conquered!"

The underground dungeon has been conquered... Underground dungeon?

"What!? Ah, come to think of it, you said the Hero-sama was challenging it right, Damian?"(Orton)

"Yes, I heard that he went there for Leo-kun's special training, but who would've thought they would clear it..."(Damian)
Astonishing, huh...
More like, is it normal to challenge the most difficult dungeon as special training for a child?
As expected of the Hero-sama...

"Also... It's hard to say, but..."
While we were excited, the knight that came to report said in an apologetic voice.


"That's... The Hero-sama... has passed away."


"Also, it seems that a new dungeon has been discovered in sequence to the underground dungeon."

"Wh-What do you mean? Explain in order."(Orton)
There is so much information that my head can't keep up with it at all...

"Y-Yes. There was an announcement about the conquest of the underground dungeon, and when the adventurers gathered near the entrance, it seems that Leonce Forster-sama, carrying the Hero-sama, suddenly got transferred out."

"So it's known that it was Leo-kun and co. who have conquered it..."(Orton)

"That's right. And when the Guild Master came to hear about the situation, it was found out that there was yet another dungeon ahead.

"I see..."(Orton)

"After that, seeing Leonce-sama's weak condition, the Guild Master told him to go home for the time being, then he suddenly disappeared, and now no one knows their whereabouts.

"Is that so..."(Orton)
Yes, I don't get it at all!

I don't get this story, I just can't understand what happened and why.

"Your Majesty, I'll go to my parents' house and take a look at it."(Damian)
That's right... Hearing the story from the person himself might be the best choice...

"Ou, I'm counting on you, Damian."(Orton)

            *Damian's POV*

"Thank you for your hard work, Jii-san. Thank you for everything. You ended up you dying while protecting your grandchild. Really, like a protagonist from a tale to the very end..."(Carina)

"Is kaa-san in there?"(Damian)

"You've come, Damian."(Carina)

"I heard that tou-san had died, but... It was true, huh..."(Damian)

"About 10 minutes ago, I heard Leo's voice from the entrance, so when I thought they had finally returned, I saw him carrying jii-san on his back..."(Carina)

"Leo-kun has carried him this far?"(Damian)
There's no way he could walk that distance, you know?
Even with a horse, for him to have gotten here 10 minutes ago is...

"He said he had successfully conquered the dungeon and got the <Transfer> skill..."(Carina)

"He became a dungeon conqueror like me at that age, huh..."(Damian)

"What's more, he said that jii-san wasn't able to touch the last enemy."(Carina)

"Eh? Did he beat the Last Boss all by himself?"(Damian)

"Jii-san was so strict because he was hoping Leo would become like him."(Carina)

"If you're weak, you will die... Tou-san."(Damian)
That dungeon is a place where A-class adventurers form several parties hoping to conquer it, you know?

"Well, since it's jii-san, he must have planned to help Leo in a dangerous place and show his cool side. But Leo could defeat it alone.

"If it's tou-san, I think he would do it... But still, can the bosses down there really be defeated by Leo-kun alone?"(Damian)
Even for me, it's hard to get there, you know?

"Ah, about that, come with me for a minute."(Carina)
Saying that, kaa-san left the room.

"Where are you going?"(Damian)
I hurriedly followed after her...

We stopped in front of Leo-kun's room.

"How do I say it, I feel an incredible magic power here. It's in front of Leo-kun's room... No way?"(Damian)

"It's Leo's magic power, when he got back from the dungeon, it had become like that of the Demon Lord's."(Carina)

"Tou-san... You tried too hard... I wonder how many levels has he gone up..."(Damian)

"That's right... I'm worried about how severe this special training in the dungeon was."(Carina)
Moreover, Leo-kun deserves praising for enduring it...

"So, I heard there was a sequence to that dungeon, but has Leo-kun told you about it?"(Damian)

"Yes, he did. By the way, in that dungeon, up to the 50th floor is the beginner level, and it seems like, in the last room of the 50th floor, there is a magic circle that can transfer you to the advanced level."(Carina)

"That dungeon was the beginner level? If that's so, what will happen in the advanced level..."(Damian)

"I think Leo will be able to do it in the future, you know?"(Carina)

"On the other hands, that's impossible for anyone except Leo-kun..."(Damian)
That's surely impossible for me...

"Maybe so."(Carina)

"Then, I'll be taking my leave."(Damian)

"Are you leaving already?"(Carina)

"Yes, I have to report to the Emperor."(Damian)
The Emperor also wants to know more about this story as soon as possible...

"In that case, it's better for you to get going."(Carina)

"Then, I want to hear about it in more detail from Leo-kun, so I'll come back in a few days."(Damian)

"If you want to come, wait for about a week since Leo has yet to sort out his feelings."(Carina)

"I understand. I will come at that time."(Damian)
Saying that, I returned to the castle using <Covert>, as usual...

A few days later, the Emperor announced the death of the hero.
The news quickly spread throughout the world.
At the same time, it was widespread among the adventurers that there was another dungeon in sequence to the underground dungeon.

And, Leo never left his room even after a week...

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  1. How should I say .. that was very anti climactic.

    Author shouldn't force deaths if he can't write em properly..

    It was rushed, it lacked emotions as well..

    Anyway thanks for translation.

    1. To tell you the truth, maybe the lack of emotions was my fault, I usually focus on conveying the meaning and end up forgetting about the emotions behind the text.

    2. honestly i see Leo's "lack of emotion" as rather realistic. I showed a very similar response when my uncle died, but maybe it was the mentality of "men have to look strong" that made me unable to show any emotion.

      I ended up being yelled at a bunch by my siblings with them saying stuff like "DO YOU FEEL NOTHING?!"... those words hurt quite a bit, but they were grieving too so it would be hard for them to have not said anything like that.....

      umm I feel like I've said too much, but you get the idea. not showing emotion does not equal not feeling emotional.

      that being said i do feel like Carina or Damian are a little cold, but I'm sure they both have had experiences where they were surrounded by death on all sides
      so they too could have a tendency to appear cold in the face of death.

  2. No one but Leo seems actually sad....
    Is it because of the 30 pop ups for 1 chapter? You’re ad provider is going a bit overboard.

    1. I mean, they all knew it would happen some day, he was old, and a hero's line of work means they could die at almost any time. On the other hand, I feel that Leo is taking it too harshly, given that he'd been reincarnated after a presumably not-short life, and that he only knew the guy for, what, a month or two? In that situation, having spent two months bonding with a guy I only learned existed a few days before I met him, I would've grieved for a while, but not locked myself in my room for a day, let alone a full week.

      That may just be me, though. I'm not boasting, if anything, I find this to be a flaw of mine, but I shed not a tear when either of my grandparents died, though I was a bit depressed for several days after I heard both times. That was when I was 9 and 18, IIRC.

      Prior to this chapter's kinda childish shutdown, I would have said that I'd estimate Leo's mental age to be around 10 or 11 years old, so I would've thought he could handle it better than that. Especially given how he handled it last chapter.

    2. Well, I didn't shed a tear either, so I get you, but I think the reason Leo is so shaken is because he feels guilty, probably he feels like it was his fault that Kent died, so I guess I understand why he's so depressed even if he barely new his grandfather.

  3. Anyone thinking that Leo is shutting himself in and creating a resurrection device?

  4. Es la muerte mas frívola que alguna vez haya visto. aun cuando muere tu abuelo de 80 años, después de años de cargar enfermedades, todos se sienten tristes, lloran, el mundo cambio, hay un antes y un después. Aquí fue como si se hubiese muerto un canario, todos sigan en lo suyo y a nadie realmente le importo. Pobre héroe.

  5. I don't feel one bit emotions here.. Not when he's dead, not when ppl see that *THE HERO* corpse been carried by a child, not when a wife and son See's that their husband/Father is dead.. All ppl tend to care abt is the freakin dungeon.
    Gonna be honest here but the manga is waaaay better than the novel, like really!!