[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Being Encouraged

[ Damian’s POV ]

About a week has passed since Leo conquered the dungeon.
Since then, I went to his place every day, but he still hasn't come out of his room.
Leo-kun's heart must be hurting a lot.
If it had happened to me at such age, I definitely would have become like that too...

“Kaa-san, I'm here.”(Damian)

“Damian, it must be hard coming here every day.”(Carina)

“That's not true. More importantly, has Leo-kun come out of his room today?”(Damian)

“Today, he didn't come out either.”(Carina)

“Haa ~ He's still like that, huh ~”
Even though I understand his feelings...
If you don't get out soon, it'll surely turn into a problem...

“There's no need to wait for him anymore, why don't you force him out?”(Carina)
[ED: How ruthless with a mere child >.>]

“I'd feel sorry for him, he's only 8 years old.”(Damian)

“Even so, if you let him be, he'll just stay like that, you know?”(Carina)

“Then, what should I do?”(Damian)

“If you don't want to take him by force, the best way is to comfort him and make him want to come out.”(Carina)

“But, can I comfort him? ... Ah, there is one person. There is someone who can cheer him up.”(Damian)
If it's that person, then surely...

“Alright. Then, I leave that to you.”(Carina)

“But, I wonder if I'll be able to bring her here ~”(Damian)

“That's when you have to try your best.”(Carina)

“Eeh~ Well, I understand.”(Damian)
For now, let's try asking for it...

[ Leonce's POV ]

What about you stop being so depressed, and go out for a change? Even if you shut yourself in here, nothing will change, you know?(Elena)

You're noisy, Elena. I don't feel like going out now...(Elena)

You don't care, even though I tried so hard to give you encouragement?(Elena)

I don't.(Leo)

Don't act so childishly.(Elena)

I'm still an 8-years-old kid, so it's okay.(Leo)

Come to think of it, you're indeed still 8. I end up forgetting about it, seeing the usual Leo.(Elena)

However, even if the usual me is incredible, I am useless when it matters the most...(Leo)

Aah, you've become depressed again. Geez, how annoying!(Elena)
So noisy...


And now, you've become silent. Say something!(Elena)


Haah, fine.(Elena)
Finally, she let me go...
I'm fine being alone...

*Knock Knock*
“I'm entering, Leo-kun.”(Damian)
Saying that, oji-san enters, but I don't want to talk, so I keep my back to him.

“Hey, Leo-kun, have you sorted out your feelings yet?”(Damian)


“Apparently, not. I've come with a surprise today.”(Damian)


“I think it’s better if you take a look. Otherwise, it will be scary.”(Damian)
I became curious and looked behind me.

Then, there was a Shely, looking very angry...
Eh? Why is she here?
“Well, it's too late, though.”(Damian)
Oji-san said, looking amused.

It's indeed too late since she's angry already.
Wh-What should I do...

“It's been a long time, huh ~ Leo ~”(Shely)
Ah, she smiled a little.
Huh? I wonder why... Even though she's smiling, it's scary...

“I-It's been a long time. A-Are you alright?”(Leo)

“Do you think I'm alright?”(Shely)

“I-Is it not so?”(Leo)

“That's right. If you were going to the dungeon, then you should’ve told me first that you wouldn't be calling me! Because of that, I thought I was hated by you. I was so sad that I made the others worry for days, you know?”(Shely)
Ah, that's why she's mad.

“I-I'm sorry...”(Leo)
“If you want me to forgive you, then please come out with me for a bit!”(Shely)
Saying that, Shely pulled me and took me to the place where I had been trained by jii-chan before.

“Sh-Shely, please, anywhere but here, I beg of you!”(Leo)
When I'm here, it hurts remembering about jii-chan...
Now... I just want to forget!

“It's no good if it's not here!”(Shely)

“Wh-What do you mean?”(Leo)
What is it that can't be done unless it's here?

“About that, you see...”(Shely)
Shely suddenly shot lightning magic at me!

“I'll hit you with magic until you cheer up again!”(Shely)
[ED: As I said, ruthless.]

Then she started firing lots of magic at once.

I hurriedly avoided the incoming magic.
Shely shot ice and water magic in addition to lightning magic.
To be honest, if I hadn't been taught <Magic Detection> by baa-chan, I would have been hit already...
“That's a lie, right? You've become able to shoot magic like that without even looking?”(Leo)
It's only been a month, you know?

“That's amazing ~ I didn't think she could grow this much with only her anger towards Leo-kun ~”(Damian)
When I looked at the source of the voice, oji-san was there with crossed arms, watching the match from a distance...

“Don't tell me, oji-san taught her?”(Leo)

“That's right. She was feeling lonely and sad, so I taught her for a change of mood.”(Damian)
“So that's why she's become so strong...”(Leo)

“Now now ~ Didn't you avoid it easily, while talking? If you don't get hit soon, it'll only get worse, you know ~?”(Damian)

“Eeh ~”(Leo)

If I get hit, it will really hurt, but if I don't, it's no good, huh...

By the way, the magic Shely was firing was at such a level that ordinary people around would die if hit by it.
How far has she actually grown?

            Shely Vector Lv.1

            Age: 7
            Tribe: Human
            Occupation: Princess

            Physical strength: 4/4
            Magic: 2200 / 11400

            Power: 4
            Speed: 4
            Luck: 500
            Attributes: None, Water, Lightning, Ice, Charm
            Water Magic Lv.4, Lightning Magic Lv.4,
            Ice Magic Lv.4, Charming Magic Lv.3,
            Non-Attribute Magic Lv.1


Her magic power has exceeded 10,000...
I didn't know she had become a sorcerer.
I think Shely's rapid growth might have been caused by the necklace I gave her.

Even so, for almost all magic to have become level 4 in a month, that's great, huh ~
By the way, what kind of magic is charm?
Is that something like hypnosis?

I'll think about it later, it'll be dangerous if I don't get hit soon...
Thinking so, I looked at Shely's face, she was quite angry...

“Geez, why can't I hit you?! In that case, I'll have to use my trump card!”(Shely)
Trump card?

“Leo!! Halt.”(Shely)
When I was thinking I felt magic in her voice, my body suddenly came to a stop.

“Eh!? What is this?”(Leo)

“Amazing, isn’t it? This is charming magic!”(Shely)

“Why is it so effective?”(Leo)
Shouldn't it be difficult for me to get affected by abnormal conditions because of the ring?

“This magic is more effective the closer the person is to the user!”(Shely)
[ED: Somehow... I see a shade in Leo's future...]

“No way... Magic like that is cheating!”(Leo)

“I don't want to hear that from someone using creation magic!!”(Shely)

“I-Is that so?”(Leo)
Well, I agree with that...

“So, there you have it, Leo ~”(Shely)
Magic appeared all around her...

“Could it be...”(Leo)

“That's right. Please enjoy my magic to the fullest, okey(Shely)

“Wai― Uwaaah ~~~”(Leo)
Without mercy, magic comes at me with great power...

After a while,
“Fuuh, what a relief―”(Shely)

“Finally, it's ended―”(Leo)
Somehow I survived...

“Nevertheless, even though you've received lots of magic, why isn't there a single wound!?”(Shely)

“I-I guess that's because of the level.”(Leo)

“Speaking of which, what is Leo-kun's level right now?”(Shely)

“I wonder? Let me see.”(Leo)
Come to think of it, how far has my level gone up after defeating the Mad Demon?

            Leonce Forster Lv.71

            Age: 8
            Tribe: Human
            Occupation: Creator

            Physical strength: 239×10⁶ / 239×10⁶
            Magic power: 229×10⁸ / 229×10⁸

            Power: 129×10⁶×1.5 (193.5×10⁶)
            Speed: 149×10⁶×1.5(223.5×10⁶)
            Luck: 1000
            Attributes: None, Creation
            Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv.5,
            Non-Attribute Magic Lv.5, Magical Operation Lv.5,
            Innocence Lv.2, Swordsmanship Lv.7,
            Magic Detection Lv.3, Transfer

            A person with memories from another world,
            Conqueror of the Beginning Edition of the Dungeon of Trials

What's with this status...
I wonder what will happen if my level continues to rise like this?

Also, creation magic's level has gone up to 5!

<Creation Magic Lv.5>
   Magic that creates things using magic power,
   The higher the level, the wider the range of objects that can be made,
   If there is material, the range increases as well,
   Lv.5: You can make golems (magic dolls) freely.

Come to think of it, there were also things like golems, huh ~
Actually, I'm surprised I couldn't make them until now.
Let's make it next time...

“Hello ~ Leo ~?”(Shely)


“Why are you lost in thought like that? Hurry up and tell me your level.”(Shely)

“Y-Yes, my level, yes. Umm... My level―”(Leo)

“Stop waffling!”(Shely)

“Y-Yes, level 71...”(Leo)


“Wai― say something!”(Leo)

“What kind of hardships has tou-san put you through, Leo-kun?...”(Damian)

“If it's that high, then you should be fine even if hit by my magic...”(Shely)


““Say something!””(Shely+Damian)

“Yeah, it seems I'm fine...”(Leo)
As expected, talking to other people and doing some exercise is important.
I feel my heart becoming lighter...

“That's good.”(Damian)

“Be grateful to me!”(Shely)

“Yes, yes, thank you.”(Leo)

“Then, let the three of us go to the castle.”(Damian)
Saying so, oji-san puts his hand on my shoulder.

“Why me too?”(Leo)

“I need you to explain the details about the dungeon to the Emperor.”(Damian)

“I see, understood.”(Leo)
That's true, I'm the only one who knows about this matter...

“Then, let's go.”(Damian)
Saying that, oji-san took Shely and me.

“Umm, I'm going by myself, so oji-san doesn't need to take me?”(Leo)
It’s so embarrassing...

“Don't say that. Then, let's go!”(Damian)
Why does it always have to be at full speed...?

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