[ENG] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari LN Volume 01 Arc 01 Prologue


"I'll give you special abilities and limited memories of your previous life. It's your freedom how you'll be living with it. I look forward to what kind of life you'll have from now on..."


Special abilities? Memories? Life from now on?

My head isn't working well, what's this voice?

I tried my best thinking about it, but then, I woke up.

What, so it was a dream, huh...

However, I felt a lot of discomforts as I opened my eyes.

The first one, I'm surrounded by strangers.

There was a handsome black-haired man in his late twenties and a red-haired woman (a beauty) around twenty, and at their side, there was a girl around five who might be their child.





Eh!? The three of them are talking about something.

They waved in my direction, so I knew they were talking to me, but I couldn’t understand their words at all. At least it’s not a language I’ve ever heard of, like Japanese or English.

Why am I in this place? I tried to remember… but there was no memory that could be a clue.

And while I was confused by this situation, the man reached out his hand and lifted me lightly.

Yes, that's the second one.

My body became that of a baby’s!? And while completely confused, I tried to look around.

Then, I realized that this place was different from my world.

First of all, this room. There was absolutely no electronics or plastic products in here.

Besides, everything seemed to be handmade.

Then, there were the clothes of three people surrounding me. No matter how much I thought about it, it was completely different from the clothes currently used in my world. They seemed to be those worn by aristocrats who often appeared in films about Middle Ages.

Could it be that I reincarnated in another world!? But I have no memories of when, where, or how I died. I tried to remember, but then I realized I didn't even know who I was and what I did. I also didn't have any memories of my parents or friends. Then, I remembered that voice that came out in my dreams.

(I’ll give you special abilities and limited memories of your previous life.)

If I’m not mistaken, it said something like that. I don’t know what this ‘special abilities’ is all about, so let’s give up and think about something else. Besides abilities, it also said something about giving me limited memories of my previous life. Could it be that who I was isn’t included in these limited memories?

Maybe he was worried about me not reacting at all, the man brought his face closer.


When I let out a good sound, the man happily turned his face to the two people next to him.

If this is reincarnation, then is this man my father?

I looked at the two people next to him.

If so, those might be my mother and my elder sister.

Then, I looked at my body. As I thought, it was all small and rounded.

Yes, this might really be a reincarnation to another world.

Aah, I look forward to my life from now on… I hope it's not a dream either…

Also, I'm hoping there's an unimaginably exciting life ahead…

While wishing for that, my consciousness gradually faded away...
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  1. is this a teaser or will you be actively translating this ln?
    thanks for the prologue/chapter!

  2. thanx for the chapter :D but... you are going to continue the translation