[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 07

Chapter 07 : Dwarf and a Blunt Sword

"Aniki! Let's look for weapons!"

It starts with a surprise word from Gyro-kun.


"Yes, weapons."

"Why me?"

"Because Aniki defeated Evil Boar in one shot. That sword is also amazing right?"

And Gyro-kun pointed at the sword hanging from my waist.

"This is an ordinary sword."

Well, I use magic to strengthen sharpness and so on.

But since it was one that strengthened ordinary swords to the end, it was not safe that an enemy who had power beyond its limits was the opponents.

"And it was lightning magic that stopped Evil Boar."

"I've heard of magic with high difficulty. Lightning magic is quite difficult."

And, Mina-san was in a bad mood and entered into a conversation.

"There is no such thing. Magic is not that difficult if you understand the theory."

"... All geniuses say that."

Are? For some reason Mina is depressed.

But I'm not a genius because I just continue to develop my research.

"If you may, how about I teach you about lightning magic next time?"

"May I!?"

Oops, this is a big catch.
She wanted to learn lightning magic that much.

"It's okay, if I can teach it."

"Finally! Lightning magic!"

No, I'm saying if you understand the concept, it's not very difficult magic.

"How nice, Teach me to sword too, aniki—"

"Uwaaa, don't cling to me. There are so many people stronger than me."

"No, no, that must be a lie. After all, roughly stabbing a sword into Evil Boar's forehead at the time, it wasn't normal at all."

I guess not.

There are many great people in the world.

Do you want to stop being human? If you look for people on the same level, you will be surprised.

Compared to them, I and Evil Boar are the same as ordinary people.

"Hey, please teach me."

"I understand, I'll teach you so let me go."

"Yoshaa! I will be trained by Aniki!! Yeaaayy!"

Well, I'm not the type of person to teach people things.

"Didn't you go to see the weapons?"


Meguri-san's words remind us of our original purpose.

Well, I really forgot.

"Aniki, this is the best weapons shop in this city!"

"Heh, there are various kinds of weapons."

I, who was taken to Gyro-kun, was happy for the first time to go to a weapons shop.

The blacksmith's place in the village is not a shop, but closer to a workshop that polishes weapons and equipment.

The spectators around him happily watched the sword taken out of its sheath.

Oh, that sword, the decoration is amazing...

Umm, is this because the store is like that?

"Yosh, I'll choose this one."

"I'm this one."

And, the adventurers who become customers go to the shop keepers with the weapons they choose.

"Give me this."

The shopkeeper is a Dwarf with a long beard on his small body.

Speaking of Dwarves, it is understandable that races who are obsessed with iron become owners of weapons shops.

Most importantly, when I talk about it, the face of someone I can't imagine appears in my mind.

But, that Dwarf weapon...

"... Hmmm, 10 gold coins."

"How expensive!"

The price offered by the shopkeeper was so high that my voice just came out.

Naturally everyone's eyes looked at me.

"Haha, do you feel a little annoyed? But if you have a weapon from Master Craftman Gordoff, this is cheaper already!"

Thankfully, it seems like he isn't angry.

Master Craftman, Gordoff?

"I-Is that so?"

"That’s cool, this is the first time I've seen anyone buy Gordoff's sword!"

Gyro-kun was very happy when he found out someone named Gordoff.

Is he really a great person?

Hmmm, but yeah.........

The adventurers who bought weapons had left the shop.

Only us and the shopkeeper are left.

"How nice, I also want to buy weapons like that!"

"Hey Gyro-kun, that sword... I mean, is Gordoff-san a great person?"

"Eh!? Aniki Doesn't know about Master Craftman Gordoff!?"

"Yes, because I come from a village, I don't know about the city at all."

Well, I don't know much about the world, either in the world before or before.

"Master Craftman Gordoff, a skilled blacksmith who competes not only in this Thion Country, but also in neighboring countries!"

Hee, that's how great he is.

"But that doesn't look like a great weapon to me, could it be fake?"

"Eh, aniki..."

Gyro-kun was about to say something.


The store was suddenly wrapped in cold air.

It's not cold, it's conceptually cold... like killing intent.

And the intention to kill came from...

"Oi, boy."

The owner of the killing intent earlier, the Dwarf shopkeeper called me.

"Do you have complaints about the sword?"

This is bad, is he angry because I don't respect his merchandise!?

"No, that... I just thought that it was a sword that wasn't very good."

"Hou, how good is that?"


Gyro-kun doesn't usually get restless.

If I don't take my place somehow, I will trouble Gyro-kun and the others.

"Etto, first of all about the sword, the decoration is very pretty, but I don't see anyone who cares about the core blades at all. Even though this is not mass production, it seems that the craftsman is forging with his own hands and burning precisely and the amount of depression is small, so the sharpness is not so strong. But the grip around the grip is neat, and it doesn't seem to break easily. It looks like a sword, but if you say it's a sword-shaped iron, it's more like a wooden sword or a stick."

I told the shopkeeper about what I saw from the sword.


For some reason Gyro-kun's face paled and trembled.

It's okay, because I will take responsibility if something happens.

Even if it becomes a situation where he will be barred from entering the shop, I will only do it so that I can resolve it.

"I see. It is a blunt sword, just a lump of iron."

The shopkeeper put his hand on his chin and stroked his beard.

"I wonder if the sword forged by me, Gordoff looks like a blunt sword."

"Eh!? You're Gordoff-san!?"

Don't tell me, this person is Gyro-kun and the others are praising!?

B-But that sword doesn't look like the sword made by a craftman like him!!

I see, that's why Gyro-kun's face turned pale.

Because I don't respect weapons in front of the person itself.

...... No way! Naturally he was angry!

"My weapon is like a blunt sword..."

Ah, bad, this is very bad.

"You have pretty good eyes boy, Gahahahahaha!"


Gordoff-san, who I thought might be angry, laughed instead at that, as if looking happy.


"At this time people don't know the value of goods, and I'm tired of just hearing my name and asking for weapons!"

"Eh? In that case, could it be this weapon!?"

"Of course, it's not a sturdy sword, it's just a blunt sword that has ornaments on it!"

Uwaah, that's a bad thing.

"I-If you do something like that, wouldn't people from a while ago suffer a major injury!?"

It seems that she has thought about the same thing as me, Norve-san blamed Gordoff-san.

"No need to worry, I don't need to make a sturdy weapon if it's a request as long as they accept it. The only thing that is sturdy is the handle, so it doesn't break easily. If you have the skills that are really needed, you will come to this shop again as a natural."

Uwaaah, what a remarkable belief.

"But could it be that only a blunt sword was placed in this shop?"

"Do you think so?"

Gordoff-san pointed at the store when he said that.

"There is a weapon in there that I made seriously. I will give it to you if you find it."

"Seriously!? Let's find Aniki!"

Gyro-kun immediately drove towards the mountain of swords.

"I want to see it too."

Meguri-san who had been quiet all this time was also looking for weapons.

"I’ll pass. Magicians don't use heavy weapons."

"I also have a rod from the church."

Mina-san missed it?

"Boy, you also look for it."

"Me too!?"

"You can see the sword as a blunt sword, but can you see the truth?"

Hmm, is this a provocation?

"Then, after everyone is done choosing."

"Yosh, I'll choose this!"

"I choose this."

Gyro-kun and Meguri-san finished taking their weapons and carrying them.

Gyro-kun comes with a sword that looks very strong, and Meguri-san carries a nice, though inconspicuous, dagger.

"Two people failed."

But they are easily disqualified.

"Don't be triggered by appearances."

"This is difficult."

"Aniki! Try to find aniki!"

"Revenge to him!"

The two who failed to identify the weapon obscured their regret and entrusted me with revenge.

"That’s true ..."

I browsed the store.

As I walked from the edge to look at the weapon, I picked up a sword that was placed casually.

It doesn't have anything special, and the cover and back are dirty.

At first glance it looks like a used sword.

When I reached for the sword, I pulled it from its sheath and stared at it.

And I slowly held the sword, I told Gordoff-san.

"I think this one."

"" Eeh!? That one!?""

Gyro-kun looked at me with disappointing eyes.

No, didn't you say to give it to me.

"Why did you choose it?"

On the other hand, Gordoff-san asked when I grumbled.

"This sword looks plain and dirty, but this dirt is fake. It was deliberately littered. Even though the blade has camouflage, it is trained with more care than before."

Yes, only this sword was made inconspicuous, but the center of gravity was good when I erected it.

"That’s the right answer. That is the real weapon."


"Doesn't look like it."

They stared at their swords in disbelief.

Yes, it looks like a used sword.

"You are too stunned by the appearance. The swordsman is out of the question, that Miss Thief also believes that their camouflage is planted in a finer place."


Meguri-san angrily bent her lips.

What a surprise, it seems like she hates losing.

"As promised, I'll give it to you."

"Is this all right?"

Then, Gordoff-san showed a happy smile.

"People at this time really don't understand the value of everything. You found that sword and it's so cool! So that sword is yours. It is my own sword. I will repair it to become stronger!"

"Uoooo! That's cool aniki!"

I was surprised Gyro-kun suddenly shouted.

"Not only is it very strong, to be able to see clearly about weapons, it's very cool, Aniki!"

No, I'm not very impressed.

Besides, this sword...

Yes, that’s right.

I saw Gordoff-san's sword in hand and then something appeared in my mind.

"Well, if you can forgive me, I want to give this sword to Gyro-kun."

That's right, this sword is better owned by Gyro-kun.

""" ... He? """

Gyro-kun's eyes widen in surprise at my refusal.

"W-Wait, Aniki!? What are you saying!?"

"That's right! That's too bad you know! I don't know what it means to give that to Gyro!"

"You, what does that mean!!"

"I mean like that! That sword is definitely better for Rex-san who has strong arms to take it from someone who is still an amateur!"

"Uh, well, you're right, if it's aniki..."

Gyro-kun objected to Mina-san's statement, but he was very easily persuaded.

"I don't think I can accept it either."

And, Gordoff-san looked at me with an angry face.

"Returning the weapons given by the Dwarves, could there be a reason for that, boy?"

Crap, to the Dwarves, it's rude to throw away the weapons that have been given!

With one exception.

"Hii, look at Aniki, Gordoff-san is really angry! Let's just accept it honestly here!"

"That's wise. It's a virtue to accept gifts obediently."

The two people said, but if you get here, things like this won't be resolved unless you explain them correctly.

His opponent is a stubborn Dwarf.

If you are not sure, it will become a rain of blood.

"No, I'm sorry. I didn't take a weapon that I didn't use."



Once again, the inside of the shop was killing, and Gyro-kun and the others shouted.

"Can you explain to me, boy."

In the turbulent atmosphere, I let out my words.

"The reason I can't accept it is because I have this sword."

That's why I hit the sword on my back with a *pon*.

"This sword can still be used well, but isn't it too painful to throw away just because you have a new weapon right?"

So I said that, then the atmosphere around Gordoff-san began to subside.

"Hm, well it's good to appreciate your weapon. It's better than those who turn to new weapons that don't feel used to it."

Thankfully, it looks like he can be convinced.

"But if you say that, I'll show you something special."

Are? For some reason now the flow is even strange.

"You're refusing my weapon, because you're not sure if it's not a suitable weapon?"

There he is.

"Then how about this? If the sword is an inconclusive weapon, give the sword to the boy there, but if you are sure, you can use my weapon, and you only give your weapon to the boy there, so you don't have to lose the weapon right?"

What is that super theory.

"Oooh! I'm using aniki weapon!?"

Wait, why are you happy, Gyro-kun?

"Yosh, let's accept Aniki! Even if you can't convince Master Craftman Gordoff, I'll inherit the Aniki sword!"

You, don't you want to convince Gordoff-san?

"Hey, hurry up and show your weapon."

Gordoff-san gestured.

Haah, there is no other choice. Do you want me to show it here?

I removed the sword from my back, then gave it to Gordoff-san.


Gordoff-san was grim, but he accepted the sword with a hint of curiosity, he pulled it out of its scabbard, then...


His expression became shocked.

"Wh, wh!? Wha!?"

Gordoff-san can only say "Wha" like a broken magic item.

"A, aa, aaa, aaaa......"

Gordoff-san's body trembled.

"What the heck is thiiiiiisss!?"

The scream was very loud as if it was echoing throughout the city.

"What is this!? I've never seen a method of making it like this!? Iron!? Is this iron!? I have never felt feelings like this!? A subtle feeling like it was sliding!? This, This iiiiisss!!"

Gordoff-san shouted while holding the sword to the ceiling.

Well, I mix the ingredients with a little material from monsters.

"This is a work of art in the form of a sword!"

Gordoff-san suddenly turned into a happy expression and started to rub the sword on his cheek while exhaling a rough breath.

Whoa, scary.

Then Gordoff-san turned to me with burning eyes.

"Wh-Who forged this swooooord!!"

You are too excited.

"Etto, it’s me."

"What did you saaaaayyy!?"

Yes, the blacksmith in my hometown doesn't have weapons.

Once there is a weapon for self-defense, it is basically just a bad spear, and there is no right weapon.

So I made it myself.

By providing monster material to my uncle in the blacksmith, I was allowed to use the workshop under the guise of training as a blacksmith.

Well, even though I have mastered blacksmithing skills in my previous life.

"Y-You made it......!?"


"P, p, pl..."

Gordoff-san put down my sword while trembling and put it on the table ...

"Please make me your student, shishooooooo!!"

For some reason he did dogeza while asking to become a student.

"W-What's up all of a sudden!?"

Of course if someone older does dogeza, I get confused.

"Please! Please! Please, please tell me how you made this sword!!"

"No, this is a technique from a Dwarf acquaintance of mine, he said to be able to make his own sword even when a soldier cannot rely on a blacksmith. This is just an ordinary technique."

"What with ordinary technique! I will believe it even if you say that it was forged by Dwarf King!"

Dwarf King does not mean the king of the Dwarves, but a title given to the Dwarves with the best forging techniques.

"If you are the master of this technique, it's not strange if you say that you don't need my sword! I will give that sword to that boy! Therefore, please give me your expertise, Shishooooo!"

This is a problem.

Even though Gyro-kun and the others ruined it, from the beginning I did not intend to teach it to others.

But ...

"After seeing your abilities, you are a great blacksmith!"

If I don't teach it, he won't stop dogeza.

"I understand, I will teach you how to make this sword. After that there will be no more teaching."

"Thank you very much!!"

Gordoff-san made a small jump expressing his joy.

Skipping the happy Dwarf...

"As expected of Aniki! Who would have thought that Master Craftman Gordoff would be your student!!"

Gyro-kun is innocent.

"And again, I got Gordoff's sword for free! Yeaaaaayy!"

Yosh, let's tighten your training.

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