[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 08

Chapter 08 : Dragon Scale and Simple Training

My name is John.

The talented butler who serving Viscount Grimoire-sama.

Today, I came to the adventurer guild again to find out the mysterious adventurer who defeated the dragon.

It’s time for my Lord Viscount Grimoire-sama to return from the auction held in the capital.

Therefore, it would be very bad if I didn't look for adventurers until then.

No, I am a competent person and very necessary for the Viscount family.

The extent to which Lord's impression will be a little worse.

Is that true?

However, my pride will not allow further delay.

After arriving at the guild, I went straight to the receptionist.

Initially, if you used the Viscount surname it would be easy to call ordinary people, but it was difficult to do so because of the rejection of the dinner invitation earlier.

Basically the adventurer guild was friendly to the Lord.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for adventurers to get along in the area.

So, when requested by the Lord, the guild acts as an intermediary and notifies the adventurer of this invitation.

However, if the adventurer refused the nobleman's invitation, the guild would stop mediating the adventurer from the next time.

Of course, information disclosure too.

This is for organizations to protect the existence of unique adventurer powers.

As said, adventurers must be free.

Therefore, I cannot give up on the power of violence.

Although it is not strange to say that they are accused of making mistakes, it is said that the first guild master was an adventurer guild, who said that it was an extraordinary thing to protect people from the global catastrophe that had happened.

With such a background, each country has given the adventurer the right to refuse unreasonable orders from the state and to protect the adventurer.

In other words, because you cannot summon using the power of the nobles, you must go and made a negotiation directly with you.

That's quite troublesome.

I went to the receptionist as usual and asked if the adventurers of the case were there.

"Welcome to the adventurer guild, John-sama."

"Good greeting, do the adventurers of that case exist?"

The receptionist was Elma, a beautiful woman who seemed to be incompatible with the wild adventurer guild.

She is in charge of this since I asked the adventurer.

"Yes, this is the right time. He just arrived a while ago."

Oh, finally I can meet the adventurer who defeated the dragon!

Gosh, how many times have I set my step here?

I turned my gaze to the lobby to find out who the dragon slayer was.

And I realized that there was a big crowd inside.

"As for him, he just received a quest ..."

"No problem, I understand."

That's right, there was a dragon slayer in the crowd.

"Ah, please wait, John-sama!"

I immediately began to act.

What kind of person actually who kill the dragon?

Is he a warrior, a magician, what is his adventurer job?

Various questions popped into my head.

The guild did not answer the answer to this question after being rejected for any reason.

Because of that, even if the rumored dragon slayer becomes a revered figure, I can feel happy without worry.

"Excuse me."

Penetrating the crowd, I head toward the middle.

And I see it.

The figure of a man dressed in sparkling pale green armor.

I'm sure, this person is a rumored dragon slayer.

"What’s with this sparkle, this is no ordinary armor."

Apparently, the dragon slayer- dono was showing off his beautiful armor.

It seems like his personality is very surprising.

It's true, it's not ordinary armor. I'm not an adventurer, but I can see sparkles that attract attention.

"Sorry, may I interrupt?"

"Oh? Who are you?"

The dragon slayer who saw the conversation was interrupted looked angrily.

This sight can't be trusted, I can see it being raised in a bad way.

However, human strength did not all grow up, because in reality this man had defeated the dragon.

"Excuse me. I'm a member of Viscount Grimoire-sama, who manages this city, my name is John."

"Viscount Grimoire!?"

Not only the dragon slayer-dono, but also the surrounding adventurers were shocked.

No wonder they were surprised. That was because the nobles did not call adventurers in the usual way.

"If you can, can you tell me your name?"



"I'm Aug ... Aug. So why a noble......?"

The dragon slayer-dono, no, it’s Aug-dono who asked why I spoke.

His words sounded harsh, but there seemed to be respect for the nobles as long as they adjusted their pitch throughout the conversation.

"Actually, I'm looking for an adventurer who meets certain conditions from Viscount Grimoire-sama."

"An adventurer who meets certain conditions?"

"Yes, for example, talented people who can wear such beautiful armor."


Aug-dono stared at his armor.

"That armor, I see it's a pretty big armor. Even ordinary people like me can see it as a pretty big item."

That's my true feeling.

I don't understand the good or bad of weapons and armor, but because I am trusted to manage Viscount Grimoire-sama's artwork, I have certain beliefs in aesthetic eyes.

My eyes say that the armor was made by top craftsmen.

"Fuu, do you understand? This is a special armor made by Master Craftman Gordoff."

Gordoff!? I've heard of it. It was an armor craftsman from my territory who was said to compete with neighboring countries.

Of course, Viscount Grimoire-sama also has Gordoff's sword.

It is a work of art, decorated with beautiful and charming decoration and art.

But that's why Gordoff's armor is quite expensive for ordinary people.

Because he can buy it, this man still has good abilities as an adventurer.

"That's not all. This is something made using dragon scales!"

"Dragon scales!?"

So that’s how it is!

The dragon material had just been prepared to be auctioned in the capital and it was too fast to flow in general.

If so, the only route you can get is to hunt for dragons yourself!

"I never thought you had dragon scales... Where did you get them?"

Alright, how do you answer it? Aug, no, dragon slayer-dono?

"Eh, ah, no, that's... I, I happened to get it while on an adventuring. Well, I was lucky."

That's a pretty complicated reason.

But there is no doubt that this person is the dragon slayer.

It seems like you might not want anyone to realize your identity for some reason.

I heard that many adventurers want to hide their identities.

If you can examine the surrounding area properly, it will be a means to control this man.

"I see. But if you are able to get such extraordinary items, it turns out you're really a first-class adventurer."

I indirectly told him that he was the one who defeated the dragon.

"Hm, I-I guess."

Confess! I knew this man was the dragon killer.

"How, why don't you go see my Lord? My Lord is looking for an armed army. If you want, you can also be a knight."

"Knight!? Me!?"

Aug-dono rang his throat.

Even though he is an adventurer who wants to hide his identity, he still has ambitions to look for a career.

"Ah, but I don't want to stand out too much..."

Fumu, this means it can be concluded that he declined the invitation from Viscount Grimoire-sama huh.

"Don't worry. If you want, I'll give you a lot of flexibility. No need to answer hastily. Why don't you eat with our Lord once?"

With a little hint to be assigned to an invisible department, I suggested meeting with Grimoire-sama's Viscount by eating.

"Eat, huh?"

"Yes, let's prepare lots of delicious ingredients."

"Eat, if that's the case..."

Yosh, the appointment has been attached.

The rest is to attach a promise to become a follower of Grimoire-sama's Viscount between meals.

There are many ways to bring a man who only has weapons.

"All right, if you're ready, I'll come back later, so I'll excuse myself now."


Fumu, I somehow managed to make an appointment with the dragon slayer-dono before Viscount Grimoire-sama returned.

With this, the Viscount Grimoire’s territory is safe now.

When a noble official who spoke with Aug-san returned, the noise returned to the already calm guild.

Everyone gulped and listened to Aug-san's conversation.

But as I thought, Aug-san is a great person.

There are only A-Class adventurers who can be recruited by the Knights of Lords!

"Tsk, how dare you talk to someone like that after skipping Aniki, that uncle doesn't have eyes to see."

This is Gyro-kun who was thrown by frustration.

"If you say something like that, it's useless. Because Aug-san was recruited as a Knights of Lords because of his ability."

"What are you saying, Aniki. He was recruited only because he was wearing armor made from dragon scales. He is not at all a great person."

"That's absolutely not true. That person recruited Aug-san because of his abilities. That armor is just a coincidence."

Because the dragon scales I gave to Aug-san are green dragon scales. Nobody thought that the armor was using that kind of material.

Besides that, I made that armor as a training medium for the technique of mixing iron and dragon material as I taught Gordoff-san.

Aug-san also offered me the dragon scales I gave, because he could only get armor from the scales made by Goldoff-san.

So the dragon scales are just a prototype used as Gordoff-san's training.

Who would have thought that men wearing armor like that were amazing?

"How to say it… Aniki is so boring that I'm afraid I'm not misunderstanding."

"There is no such thing. More importantly, today you practice swords right? For that reason we will now take the quest for subjugation."

"That's right! Today is the day for Aniki to teach me the sword!"

"Right, if you train well, you might be able to become a knight like Aug-san!"

"... That's not convincing, is it?"

Hm? If it's Gyro-kun, I think if you try hard you can become a knight.

"Then, let's start around here."

This is the plain near the forest that we encountered before. I brought Gyro-kun and the others from Team Dragon Slayer to this place.

"So, what are we going to do!? Swinging !? Or maybe a secret instruction!?"

"You fool, a less intelligent person like you can't possibly be taught secret instructions."


I started to explain, and immediately interrupted by Gyro-kun and Mina-san who started fighting.

"The first thing taught is from basic magic, an easy physical strengthening magic."

Yes, physical reinforcement is one of the basics for a warrior.

"Physical reinforcement magic? But I can't use magic!"

Gyro-kun said he couldn't use magic because he was a warrior.

There are many things taught for beginners, but first I need to correct this error.

"Just because you're a warrior, doesn't mean you can't use magic."

I will explain to Gyro-kun while showing an example.

"There’s always magic power in a human body. And even though there is a difference in the amount of magic power depending on the person, there is no human without magic power at all."

I concentrated magic in my right hand.

"Now I'm concentrating magic in my right hand. Everyone, look."

Then I slowly touched the ground with my right hand.


The ground exploded with the sound, and a 5 m wide crater was formed.

"This is the basis of physical strengthening magic. This is a technique that is useful not only for warriors, but also for magicians and priests, because all the power related to the body, such as strength, agility, defense, etc., can be strengthened if you apply this magic to your body."

And, after a brief explanation, I turned to Gyro-kun and the others.

"See? It's easy, right?"

"""" No, no, no, no. """"

Strangely, for some reason I was rejected with all might.

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