[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 09

Chapter 09: Brother Training and Dragon Material

As promised a long time ago, Gyro-kun and the others' training began.

"Physical strengthening magic is easy once you feel the magic once."

"It's not aniki, it's not easy at all!"

"I mean, just now you didn't say any spell!? How did you do it?"

"Can we do this?"

"I don't think I can..."

Everyone feels lethargic.

"Physical strengthening magic is called magic, but it is basically important to circulate magic within the body. So there is no need to process magic according to attributes like ordinary magic."

Because you can use the effect without using spells, physical strengthening magic is also useful as a foothold for learning spell magic.

"Hee, so that's how it is"

"I not sure about that,  you know!"

"This can be learned faster by Mina-san and Norve-san who can use magic. Gyro-kun and Meguri-san can start by training to feel the magic power."

Then we began to practice physical strengthening magic.

"Mumumu, I can feel the magic power ... but it's difficult to operate it without chanting."

"It's true ... the magic moves in a different direction from the direction we want......"

Mina-san and Norve-san seemed to be able to feel the power of magic, but it seemed after that, it didn't go well.

It seemed that they could not gain the ability to manipulate magic without using spells because they had relied on spells for years.

"Mumumu... I feel it but it's a little faint ......"

It seems that Meguri-san has been able to feel the magic power once in a number of times, is it because Job Thief has intuition such as activities in areas with poor visibility and trap detection.

I also saw it, but when she felt magic, the faint magic became a sharp line for a moment.

Meguri-san might be able to use physical strengthening magic first.

Then for Gyro-kun, how do you say it...

"Haaa... Hyaaaaa!"

He copied me and hit the ground.

However, because his magic power wasn't gathered at all, his land was only raised normally.

"Uuuh, I can't blow up the ground at all. Plus my hand hurts."

Is my teaching method bad?

Is there a good way to teach, I wonder.


When Mina-san cut the tree with magic in her fist, the tree shattered with a loud noise.


When Norve-san gave strength to her feet and kicked the stone in front of her, the stone broke.

Unfortunately, it did not reach the point where the stone was broken.


When Meguri-san jumped with magic on her two feet, she jumped about 5 meters high and moved from the ground to the tree branch above.

"Everything is great! Very good at learning!"

From there, Meguri-san first learned to strengthen her body, and then Mina-san and Norve-san also succeeded in strengthening her body.

"It's quite useful. It's useful when you carry out surprise attacks in close combat."

"I'm not good at attacking with strength, but I feel that my defense is higher than my armor."

"This is very useful for conducting secret activities!"

Apparently, Mina-san has better attack skills, Norve-san has better defense, and Meguri-san has the talent to improve her physical abilities.

Even though this magic is not evenly distributed in the right and intensive parts of each individual, but it seems that it has just been upgraded according to everyone's job.

Then for Gyro-kun, how do you say it...

"Hey Aniki Can I really do it "

Until now he still could not feel the power of magic.

"You will be able to do it right. I also continue to practice and finally get to use it."

"Aniki's training ... How do you do it?"


The voice suddenly went out into the unexpected question.

"Aniki is super cool right! What place, with whom and what kind of training did you receive?"

"What kind of training ... Well..."

Asked by Gyro-kun, I remember the training days that I had done before.

Yo, magic is an idea. It can be easily canceled by increasing magic with ideas like a measure of magic power. (TLN: This is Rex's memory)

It's true that master said that this idea was important.

And the secret of magic is... Spirit! You can use magic without chant if you have spirit!

Yes, let's forget about that part.

In the end, I learned that there was a law to activate magic without casting spells in further research.

No, but, I think it might not be in vain, because I want to understand the reason for everything and the law because of that.

That gave me a chance to get magic knowledge and development techniques that only sage has.

"Ooi, aniki?"

Ah, crap.

When I remember the past, I don't pay attention to my surroundings.

"Yes, in my case, I study and practice to try to understand the reasons for it."

"The reason?"

"Whether it's the cause, or the cause and effect, or the law, or whatever it is. Know why. If you understand it, you can naturally reproduce the results."

"Aniki said something complicated."

Uuh, I didn't mean to say complicated things.

"That's right. First of all, does Gyro-kun understand exactly what magic power is like?"

"That magic power, you can't find out if you don't have magic talent, right? It's impossible for me who is a warrior."

"There's nothing like that. Even Thief Meguri-san can also use it, right? Umm, that's right......"

How to understand the magic power huh... Ah, that's right!

"Gyro-kun, have your wounds ever been healed by Norve-san's recovery magic right?"

"Yes, I have. It's very easy to get rid of it if it's a simple wound, recovery magic is cool right!"

Then maybe it can be understood.

"When you receive recovery magic, do you feel something?"

"When I received recovery magic? Hmm, it felt like there was something strange that I had never felt."

"There it is! That is magic power!"

"Eeeh!? That strange feeling?!"

"Right, when using recovery magic, the magic used for a while is also released together. Try again while imagining it."

"Seriously!? I understand, Aniki! That feeling , okay!"

Actually, it was not magic itself, but had been transformed from magic into healing power.

However, I thought it would only confuse him when explaining the details in detail, so I didn't explain the details.

What's important is to make them believe that they feel their magic.

Especially Gyro-kun, because he is a person with strong beliefs, it's relatively easy if it works well.

*Kabooom!! *


At that moment, Gyro-kun suddenly exploded.


Luckily, the scale of the explosion was small, and the smoke soon disappeared.

What came out of the smoke was a small crater with Gyro falling on the ground.

"""" The crater was formed!?""""

Yes, there really is a crater at the foot of Gyro-kun, but only about 30 cm.

"This is great, Gyro! You did it!"

"You did well, Gyro."

"Amazing, Gyro-san!"


We each praise Gyro-kun.

"Y-You guys... First of all, worry about me exploding, please..."


Sorry, I'm too happy...

"Hahahaha! Amazing, it's amazing!!"

After that, I gave him some advice, Gyro-kun who can use physical strengthening magic safely, destroying the surrounding trees and stones with a powerful punch.

"To can do great things like this! I knew Aniki was the best!"

I'm happy for the compliment, but you're destroying nature.

"Rex-san is a first-grade teacher huh. To be able to teach magic to Gyro-san."

"Yes, that's amazing. There's no doubt that we now have the same power as a first-class adventurer."

No no, that's too much, Meguri-san.

"By the way, why did he explodes just a moment ago?"

Mina-san asks why Gyro-san exploded.

"Oh, that's easy. That's because he has stored too much magic whose direction hasn't been determined yet."

"Stored too much?"

"If you keep pouring water into a water bottle without stopping, it will explode, right? Same with that. Physical reinforcement magic is magic that strengthens the physical by passing a small amount of magic into the body. However, Gyro explodes because he is entering the magic power that is cannot enter the body. If you can put a lot of magic power, you must make a way out correctly."

"Huh... Huh? But making a way out means..."

"That's right, that's magic."

Because magic is the processing of magic power in the human body, if you can do that, Gyro-kun can also be one of the magicians.

"By the way, those are the basics of magic without chanting, so if Mina-san is conscious when you release the magic stored in the body, you will be able to use magic without chanting."

Therefore it is better to learn and practice physical strengthening magic before teaching magic without chant.

"No way! Can you do magic without chant so easily!?"

Mina-san was shocked with rounded eyes.

"Yes. If you keep doing this, you will only release magic that has not yet been processed, so if you learn magic without a spell from now on, you should practice adding and processing attributes without chanting."

"Ooooh! I also use magic without chant!? Eh, no way!? Seriously!? Wait― Isn't that dangerous!?"

Mina-san is excited to start practicing releasing her magic out of the body.

If from the beginning she could use magic, she would be able to use magic without chant in a shorter time.

If she could use magic without chant, the range of tactics would expand.

I mean, I thought if it was a magician, it was something that had to be taught normally, but why didn't Mina-san's teacher teaches this?

Is this an education policy that says it has to be aware of itself?

"Well, Rex-san."

And there, Norve-san came to talk to me.

"Is Norve-san also interested in magic without chant?"

"No. Uh, no, I mean I'm interested, but more than that..."

Saying it, Norve-san pointed at Gyro-kun who was practicing.

"Gyro-kun has stopped moving."


"… Ouch."

If you see Gyro-kun, it's true, as Norve-san said, Gyro-kun is lying on the ground and twitching while trembling.

"Aah, it just runs out of magic power. It will happen to someone who can only use magic to get used to it and use too much magic. You will be able to move after a short rest."

"Aaah, I understand. So that's how it is. Thankfully, it suddenly fell, so I thought it was an illness or something. Even so, even if it's physical strengthening magic, it's possible to run out of magic power huh."

Ahaha, that's too much.

By the way, Meguri-san also ran out of magic shortly afterward and fell, and then Mina-san who was addicted and practiced magic without a spell also fell.

"Ugh, sorry."

"I am sorry……"

The method of using magic power must be planned huh.

"Welcome back, master."

I welcome my master, Viscount Grimoire-sama, who has returned from the capital.


Seeing this far, it seems that the goal has been reached.

"If you look like that, it looks like you get what you are looking for."

"... Even though it needs money."

In other words, the calm Lord's face became gloomy.

When it comes to auctions, it is inevitable that you will spend a lot of money.

It was a custom that my lord understood, but it seemed disappointing.

"That Baron Guttsey has increased value as if he was harassing me."

"It was truly a disaster."

Baron Guttsey is a noble faction that rivals Viscount Grimoire-sama.

Not only that, there are also those who hate Viscount Grimoire-sama personally.

Therefore, such harassment is often done.

Really, so many are eyeing his life.

"Well, I'm forced to spend extra money."

However, Viscount Grimoire-sama still has reason to have to make a successful bid for items sold at auction.

"Finally, I got the dragon core that my daughter wants. This will make my daughter's prevision more accurate."

Yes, it wasn't Viscount Grimoire-sama who asked for auction items.

That daughter, Princess Celia, asked for it.

"Those are the items needed to increase the accuracy of the princess' prevision."

"Um. My daughter's prevision is very important for my territorial operations."

Princess Celia is a magician called divination of the future.

There are so many prophetic magicians in this world, but the accuracy of Ojou-sama's prevision is so high that no one can match her.

This greatly affected the territorial management of Grimoire.

For that reason, Viscount Grimoire-sama has given everything that the princess wants.

Especially if the product is directly related to the forecast is the top priority, without any budget objects.

"But how do you use it to prevision, like dragon material?"

"I don't know. The important thing is to increase the accuracy of the prevision. It is better if the person concerned knows how to use it. More importantly, what happened to the case?"

Tension and relief appeared at the same time as Viscount Grimoire-sama's words.

Dangerous, dangerous, if negotiations are delayed for a few more days, it will offend Viscount Grimoire-sama's mood.

"No need to worry. We have contacted the adventurer. All we have to do is negotiate directly with the Lord."

"Do you think he will accept it?"

"I see that there is a desire for power. That person seems to want to be assigned to an invisible department."

"Fumu, is there a wound on the shin, or a protector on the back?" (TLN: this part is a bit confusing)

Or maybe both.

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. If my daughter sees it, we can respond to the coming disaster."

That was the reason why, Viscount Grimoire-sama wanted dragon material and a search for strong adventurers.

The scenery seen by Princess Celia by the view of the future.

A spectacle where Viscount Grimoire-sama sank into the lake of fire by someone's hand, to stop it.

"Dragon, Evil Boar, Dark Blob who broke through the city. There is no doubt that something is happening."

This monster invasion is very important, Grimoire's attention is not excessive.

"So what's the name of the adventurer?"

"His name is Aug."

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