[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Explaining About the Dungeon

As soon as Oji-san brought us running to the castle, I parted ways with Shely, and they led me to the Emperor.

“Excuse me. I have brought Leo-kun.”(Damian)

When we entered the room, the Emperor was in his desk, staring at some documents.
“Ooh, thanks for your hard work. Well then, it's been a long time, right, Leo-kun?”(Orton)

“Yes, it has.”(Leo)
I guess the last time I met with the Emperor was during that visit to the Demon Forest?

“Good. You seem to have arranged your feelings.”(Orton)

“I'm sorry for worrying you.”(Leo)

“You seem to have grown up a lot since I last saw you.”(Orton)

“Is that so?”(Leo)
Isn't it supposed to be like that?

“Yes, that is the face of a man who has overcome several challenges.”(Orton)

“I-Is that so?”(Leo)

“Well, Leo-kun must have been through a lot, right?”(Orton)

“Yes. And I think I have grown.”(Leo)
Yes, I think my heart, body, and status have definitely grown...

“Is that so. Then, can I ask you about the dungeon now?”(Orton)

“Yes. It's fine.”
Enough running from this.

“Then, I welcome Damian, who knows the ins and outs of the dungeons, to ask the questions.”(Orton)

“Yes. Then, from floors 1 to 40, can you tell me about the bosses?”(Damian)

“Understood. Goblin King on the 5th, Ogre King on the 10th, Elder Trent on the 15th, Cyclops on the 20th, Cerberus on the 25th, Black Ogre on the 30th, Basilisk on the 35th, and Rock Bird on the 40th floor.”(Leo)

“Aren't all those rare bosses!?”(Damian)

Eh? Is that so?
“Jii-chan had also mentioned something like that at the beginning, but it was true, huh~”(Leo)
As expected, my luck is terrific.

“That's right. When I challenged the boss on the 40th floor, it was a monster the size of a Cockatrice.”(Damian)

“I see~ From what I remember, I've fought it using wind magic.”(Leo)
Yes, I'm sure I've fought it.

“I see, now tell us about the bosses and the monsters up to the 50th floor.”(Damian)
Oji-san asks while jotting down on a memo.

“Ummm... If I'm not mistaken, I've fought some Gargoyles on the 41st floor, which was hard to do, since I had to be wary of the traps.”(Leo)
It was really difficult to proceed...

“Aah, come to think of it, you're incredible to be able to clear that place. I gave up because of the many traps...”(Damian)

“That was thanks to an item I had made.”(Leo)
Actually, I think we also would have given up if not for that.

“What did you make?”(Damian)

“To put it simply, it's an item that tells you the traps' location.”(Leo)

“That's... quite useful, huh.”(Damian)

“That's right, if not for it, it would have been over.”(Leo)
I'm very grateful to the <Trap Tracer>.

“Really, I should change this country's view about creation magic, huh.”(Orton)
The Emperor, who was listening to us, said with his arms crossed.
It's true, if there is a change in the general opinion about creation magic, this world will become richer...

“About that, Leo-kun will end up naturally changing that view in the future.”(Damian)

“That's true. Sorry for interrupting you, Leo-kun.”(Orton)

“No problem. Then, about the boss on the 45th floor, it was a Wyvern.”(Leo)
I thought the Wyvern would be difficult, but it turned out to be an easy win.

“Yet another big game...”(Damian)

“Furthermore, from 46th to 50th floors, all the monsters that had appeared so far, except bosses, came out again.”(Leo)

“That really feels like the Last Boss, huh~”(Damian)

“Indeed, then, the boss from the 50th floor was called Mad Demon.”(Leo)

“That might be a high-level demon monster. Maybe it's also a rare boss.”(Damian)
[If you think about it, Kent’s death might have basically been caused by Leo’s too extreme luck >.>]

“I-I see... if that's the case, then it's no wonder it was so strong...”(Leo)
I did think that the power of the Mad Demon was unusual.

“Can you tell us more about it?”(Damian)

“Understood. First, its way of fighting was by erasing its presence in the darkness with dark magic and then to kill its opponents with a surprise attack.”(Leo)
That was really hard to deal with.

“So how did you defeat it?”(Damian)

“Jii-chan protected me from its attacks using <Breakthrough>, while I, who couldn't see it, made an item and defeated the demon with it.”(Leo)

“So tou-san used <Breakthrough>, huh...”(Damian)
Oji-san muttered.

“What happens when you use <Breakthrough>, Damian?”(Orton)

“<Breakthrough> is a double-edged sword. Using it, you can become up to 10 times stronger, but it will also put on a burden on your body. It's fine when one is young, but at that age, surely it's...”(Damian)

“Aah, so that's how it is.”(Orton)

“As oji-san said, I could defeat the demon, but not save jii-chan...”(Leo)

“Geez, there's nothing that can be done even if you worry about it! Then, continue your explanation.”(Orton)

“Yes. After defeating the demon, I proceeded and arrived at a room with a magic circle.”(Leo)

“Finally the goal, huh...”(Orton)

“I thought so, too. However, when I entered the room, there was an announcement, and I learned that there was still a continuation to it, through the magic circle.”(Leo)

“Is that so... After that, you left?”(Orton)

“That's right.”(Leo)

“That must have been difficult. I will be giving you a reward as the Emperor as soon as the funeral of the hero is over.”(Orton)

A reward, huh...
“Regarding that... I didn't destroy the dungeon, so I don't deserve it.”(Leo)

“No, no, if I don't give it to you here, then adventurers will stop challenging the dungeon, and it will be a disaster.”(Orton)

The adventurers will stop challenging it?
“What do you mean?”(Leo)

“Adventurers, like Damian, challenge dungeons hoping to conquer them and get rewards from the Emperor. So if Leo-kun refuses it here...”(Orton)

“I see. They will think there's the possibility that even if they do capture a dungeon, there won't be any reward, huh?”(Leo)

“That's how it is.”(Orton)

“Then, I'll gladly accept it.”(Leo)
I guess there's no help accepting it here.

“Besides... There's one thing I would like to ask of Leo-kun, but...”(Orton)
The Emperor said in an apologizing tone.

One thing you would like to ask of me?
What is it, I wonder?

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  1. Thanks. When you realize not only old man died because he was protecting him. It was cause due to his op stats, which were oped cause he made op items...

    1. Actually, not. His items didn't boost his luck, which is the reason why they encountered a boss so strong, he was born with it.

  2. I wonder if the King's question will be a request.. regarding his daughter.....
    I mean, they're now well beyond the age that arranged marriages used to be done at AND they like each other. I dunno, I figure the stereotypical result is about here? (not that I think it is good OR bad, just because I called it stereotypical)