[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Requested Thing

“Besides, there’s one thing I would like to ask of Leo-kun, but...”(Orton)

One thing you would like to ask of me?
Well, this time, I had troubled him for not leaving my room for a whole week...
“Yes, please ask me anything.”(Leo)
So if I could, I would do whatever it was.

“Thank God, then. To be honest, I was thinking about what to do in case you refused.”(Orton)

“Wh-What would you like to ask of me?”(Leo)
I'm getting worried now, but... gentlemen don’t take their words back!

“To tell you the truth, the Saint-sama heard about the Hero-sama’s death and is on her way here.”(Orton)

Ah, this pattern...
“Could it be... that you want me to entertain the Saint-sama’s granddaughter?”(Leo)

“Oh, as expected. It seems that she is about the same age as Leo-kun, so I’ll be leaving that to you!”(Orton)

“Wouldn’t Shely be better?”(Leo)
Wouldn't it be easier for Shely, who is a fellow girl?

“Saint-sama is not royalty, so if I gave Shely to her, there would be various adult circumstances...”(Orton)

“I-I see.”(Leo)
Adult circumstances, huh...

Besides, maybe the Saint-sama also wants to bring her granddaughter to meet Leo-kun.

Oji-san said something strange...
The saint-sama wants her granddaughter to meet me?

“Saint-sama and kaa-san are so close that they exchange letters even now, and kaa-san was probably always boasting about her grandson’s cuteness...”(Damian)

Aah, so she would try to take advantage of the prided grandson, who according to the letter, wasn't in a good condition, huh...

“S-So that’s how it is...”(Leo)

“Because of that, I'll be counting on you, Leo-kun.”(Orton)
Saying that, the emperor patted my shoulder.

Well, it’s not a situation in which I could refuse it, anyway.

“Yes ~”(Leo)
So, I decided to entertain the Saint-sama’s granddaughter.

Then, baa-chan was waiting for me when I got home.
“Welcome back. Your face has improved enough.”(Carina)

“Was it that bad?”(Leo)

“Yes, you had a face like it was the end of the world until yesterday.”(Carina)

“I-I had a face like that, huh.”(Leo)

End of the world, huh...
Now that’s because I was quite depressed at the time.
I’m grateful to Oji-san and Shely for trying to cheer me up.

“Then, I have a request for Leo-kun.”(Carina)

“Wh-What? If it’s about the granddaughter of the Saint-sama, I have heard about it already, you know?”(Leo)

“I also thought about asking that, but that’s not it.”(Carina)

“Eh? Then what?”(Leo)
What will they ask me this time?
If you think about it, a request from baa-chan is scary too...

I braced myself.
“That's... about jii-san's sword...”(Carina)

“J-Jii-chan’s sword? If I’m not mistaken, it’s a holy sword, right?”(Leo)
It’s the sword jii-chan received from the kingdom when he came to this world.
What do you want me to do about it?

“Yes. Can you accept it?”(Carina)
Accept it... Eh? What do you mean?
I will be given the sword?

“Eh? More like, is that okay?”(Leo)

I’m sorry... but I think it's better to give it to oji-san.

“It chooses the person who can wield it, the same as the demonic sword. Previously, Damian tried it, but he wasn’t accepted...”(Carina)

“Oji-san is no good...”(Leo)

“That’s right, it’s because Leo is the only one who could possibly be chosen by the holy sword.”(Carina)

“But I already have a demonic sword, you know?”(Leo)
Will I be okay having both a demon sword and a holy sword?

“That depends on the holy sword.”(Carina)
[ED: I think the author is getting kinda crazy here, it’s as if others can hear Leo’s inner voice.]

“But, is it necessary to decide on an owner for it in a hurry?”(Leo)
It’s kind of a waste for me to have two great swords, wouldn’t it be better for someone else to have it?

“It is. The kingdom will surely ask to return the holy sword soon. And in case they retrieve it, it can be used for warring.”(Carina)

“So that’s why if there’s no one who can be next owner, it’s a problem, huh.”(Leo)
Because if someone is chosen, the holy sword will belong to that person.

“That’s how it is.”(Carina)
Baa-chan said with a nod.

“I understand... But first, I have to ask for Elena’s permission, okay?”(Leo)
She is of the type who easily gets jealous.

“Elena, is that the name of the demon sword?”(Carina)

“That’s right. Although it was initially Elemena.”(Leo)
I remodeled it, and it turned into Elena.

“Jii-san also called the holy sword as Selena...”(Carina)
Baa-chan said, with a tinge of nostalgy.

The name of the holy sword is Selena, huh...
“I see. For now, I’ll ask Elena.”(Leo)

Then, I returned to my room and talked to Elena.

Elena, can you hear me?(Leo)

What, I talked to you this morning, and you ignored me.(Elena)

Ah, there was such a thing.
I have to apologize properly...
I’m really sorry about that.(Leo)
I bowed towards the sword.

I understand. I will forgive you only this once. So, what did you want to talk about?(Elena)

Will you forgive me if I receive a holy sword?(Leo)


Instant answer!?(Leo)
Plus, is that okay?

That is, if the other one accepts it.(Elena)
Yeah, that’s right...

I understand. In that case, let’s go directly to the holy sword’s place.(Leo)
Saying that, I took Elena and went to baa-chan’s place.

“Did you get permission from the demonic sword?”(Carina)

“Yes. But it’s only if the holy sword allows me.”(Leo)

“Thank God, then. Take this.”(Carina)
The sword that jii-chan always carried with him suddenly appeared in baa-chan’s hand.

“Was it in the <Space Storage>?”(Leo)

“Yes, it's an important item, after all.”(Carina)

“Come to think of it... Where did the contents of jii-chan's <Space Storage> go?”(Leo)
If I’m not mistaken, jii-chan had like half a year’s worth of food in it.

“About that, everything’s in my <Space Storage>.”(Carina)


“We arranged it so that if one of us died, the contents of the <Space Storage> would go the other.”(Carina)

“You can do such a thing, huh.”(Leo)

“More importantly, take the sword quickly.”(Carina)

“Y-Yes. Understood.”(Leo)
I received the holy sword.


Nice to meet you, Leo-sama. My name is Selemena. From now on, please call me Selena, just like Elena.(Selena)

From now on’, does that mean you accepted me?(Leo)

Yes, I accepted you.(Selena)

By the way, why is it?(Leo)

You have a good personality. Furthermore, I’m jealous of Elena.(Selena)

What are you jealous of?(Leo)

Then Elena,
She’s jealous of my remodeling by you.(Elena)

After all, I want to remodeled too, and I want to be burned by your gloves.(Selena)

Leo, she’s an M, you know.(Elena)

He~ well, it’s fine if it’s just remodeling.(Leo)
Instead, I’m grateful I won’t be hated for doing it later.



“How was it?”(Carina)

“It went well.”(Leo)

“Thank God, then. With this, I have no more worries.”(Carina)
Baa-chan was relieved.
Apparently, she really didn’t want it to be brought to the kingdom.

“Yeah, thank God.”(Leo)

“By the way, I heard Diork will arrive around this week.”(Carina)

“It’s also been a long time since I met with tou-san.”(Leo)

“What are you talking about? Hasn’t it been only half a year since Leo’s birthday?”(Carina)
I see, it’s been only half a year...

“Then, go rest until Diork comes.”(Carina)

That’s true. I have to rest every now and then...

“In that case, I think I will remodel Selena!”(Leo)


“First, I have to take out a magic stone.”(Leo)
While saying that, I took out the magic stone I got from Sebastian from inside my pocket.

“Huh? There are only two left!”(Leo)

“How many were they originally?”(Elena)
Elena asked.

And now there are only 2 left... Time has passed so quickly.
Huh? Just now I said the exact opposite...

More importantly, can you remodel me already?(Selena)
Selena is impatient.

“Yes, yes. Understood.”(Leo)
I placed the magic stone on Selena.

Then, I used creation magic, and it shined as usual.
After the light faded, I used <Appraisal>.

<Holy Sword Selena Lv.1>
   A holy sword that can talk to its owner,
   The owner can summon it from anywhere,
   The abilities increase as the level goes up,
   Self-Healing ability,
   Lv.1: Increases the owner’s physical strength by 1.5.
   Creator: Leonce Forster

Since I went to the Dungeon right after remodeling Elena, the amount of magic power inside the magic stone is the same.
Therefore, the strengthening part remained the same.
But, again the status...

Selena, it worked.(Leo)
I’m happy. Can you use this momentum to add a flame to me as well?(Selena)

I understand... Just a moment.(Leo)
So many requests... Well, from now on, we’ll have a long relationship.

I wore the <Magic Hand>.

I’ll start then.(Leo)
I took Selena and added fire magic.

Huh? It’s not hot, huh.(Selena)

He~ I see.(Leo)
If you say, I haven’t said anything about how it feels like when I add it to Elena, huh...

Eeh~ Too bad.(Selena)

T-Too bad, huh...
Elena, Selena is really an M, huh.(Leo)

See? I told you.(Elena)

Why is her character like that?(Leo)

All swords are M.(Elena)

So... Elena-san too?(Leo)

That's not wrong, but not as bad as you.(Elena)
[ED: I'm kinda confused here, or it was a typo of the author and it should be Selena here, or Leo is one hell of an M too...]


I-It’s not that I’m an M or something, it’s just because it’s a sword’s way of living, okay.(Elena)

[ED:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

It’s nothing.(Leo)*Smirk Smirk*

Apparently, all swords are M...

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