[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Jii-chan’s Funeral

It’s been about a week since I remodeled Selena.
Since then, I’ve been training in a particular location, even though they told me to rest. But since talking about it would take time, I’ll save it for later.

Tou-san and kaa-san will be arriving today.
My siblings arrived a few days ago, by the way.

My brothers came from a magic school in the school town on the west side of the Forster territory.
The time lag between them is due to the vastness of the Forster territory, and the fact that tou-san’s house is located in the far east to guard the Demon Forest.

Nee-chan arrived sooner because she is living in the elementary school dormitory in the Imperial Capital, which I’ll be attending to the next year.

That’s why we’re currently all in the same room immersed in an awkward atmosphere. When I wondered if we all would just stay silent, everyone started talking.

“First, Leo... You must have had it hard, huh?”(Alex)
Alex-niisan was the first one to talk to me.

“Leo, you can cry on me, you know?”(Helena)
Nee-san said to me with outstretched arms.

“I’m fine.”(Leo)

“I see, Leo sure has grown a lot~”(Ivan)
And last was Ivan-niisan.

“Really. Helena got to live with Leo when he was little, but I didn’t have the chance to be with him.”(Alex)

“I still remember his first birthday.”(Ivan)

“Me too, but soon, he will start school as well.”(Alex)

“Time sure flies, huh. I’ll be graduating in two years too.”(Ivan)

“In that case, nii-san will help with taking care of the territory, right?”(Leo)

“No, I’m not good with territorial management, so you do it.”(Ivan)

“It’s fine, but what will nii-san do after graduating, then?”(Leo)

“I want to work at Oji-san’s place.”(Ivan)

“You’ll be part of the special forces under the Emperor?”(Leo)

Hee~ Ivan-niisan wants to join the special forces, huh~

“But... If I’m not mistaken, you’re not able to take the entrance examination unless you’re part of the top 10 graduates, right?”(Alex)
Eh? That’s quite the elite!
Was Ivan-niisan that smart?

“Don’t worry. Even though I look like this, my grades are always high.”(Ivan)
Hee~ That’s quite surprising since he looks like a muscle brain.

“That’s true, huh. I end up forgetting because of your character.”(Alex)

“Quite the awful things you’re saying, huh... even though you’re always at the top yourself.”(Ivan)
Hee~ But as expected, Alex-niisan has excellent grades~

“Th-That’s not true. More importantly, Helena has entered the S-Class this year, but aren’t you worried about your grades?”(Alex)

“Ah, he changed the subject.”(Ivan)

“It’s nice to be in the S-Class, but the kids around me are just no good, and that's troublesome.”(Helena)

“Most of them must feel frustrated after passing the test for the magic school.”(Alex)

“That’s right. Most of those noble children with bad personalities can be outdone by hardworking commoners, and thus lose their motivation.”(Ivan)
Somehow, these words carry quite some persuasive power...

*Gacha*[TLN: Sound of door opening]
“Everyone, Diork and the others have arrived. Go to the entrance and greet them.”(Carina)


When we arrived at the entrance, tou-san and kaa-san were already there.
“Ara, Ivan, Alex, Helena, Leo, long time no see.”(Carla)

“Kaa-san, long time no see.”(Alex)

“We met about 3 months ago.”(Ivan)

“Okaa-san, long time no see.”(Helena)

“Kaa-san, long time no see.”(Leo)

“Uhm, you all seem to be doing fine.”(Carla)

“Yes, that’s good.”(Diork)
Tou-san looked at me and said,

“Leo is fine too. Damian has comforted you, huh.”(Diork)
Baa-chan has told tou-san already. Apparently, he was worried about me.

“I must thank Damian later.”(Diork)

“Let’s do that. I was worried when I heard that Leo wasn’t coming out of his room at all.”(Carla)

“I’m sorry for worrying you.”(Leo)
I apologize honestly.

“It’s okay.”(Carina)
Saying that, baa-chan strokes my head.

“Well then, I want to see oyaji.”(Diork)

“Aah, over here.”(Carina)
Baa-chan guided us to jii-chan’s place.

“Aah, you really have passed away, huh.”(Diork)
Tou-san said in a lonely tone while looking at jii-chan.

Jii-chan was now enclosed in an ice block made by baa-chan’s magic.
Because of that, tou-san couldn’t touch him directly, but he still approached and spoked to him.

“Oyaji, thank you for your hard work and also for protecting Leo.”(Diork)
Saying that, he left the room while covering his eyes...

<The next day>

Today is jii-chan’s funeral.

Only the nobles and the royal family of the Empire attended to it.

People from other countries, like the Saint, couldn’t arrive in time for it, so they would have to visit the tomb and give their respects baa-chan and the Emperor later.

The funeral starts at noon.

The ceremony was held at the Imperial City Square.
The sun is up there, shining bright and hot.

Meanwhile, the emperor’s speech began.
“Everyone will die someday.
It’s no exception even for those who are said to be the strongest of humanity.

Even so, there is a figure which it’s still unexpected when the time comes.
Kent Forster, the pride of this country and this world.

About 40 years ago, the Demon Lord suddenly declared war on the human realm, and people all over the world were scared.

However, even though it wasn’t a problem concerning his own world, the hero reached the depths of the Demon Forest where no one else could reach, and together with the Saint and the Sorcerer, he challenged and finally, defeated the Demon Lord.

Then, after immigrating from the filthy Kingdom, he married the sorcerer and moved to the eastern part of the Empire, which had been tormented by monsters until then, established, and then maintained security there until his retirement.

In addition, in his last actions, he managed to conquer the Underground Dungeon, which has the highest level of difficulty, with his grandson.

With this great person gone, I think there are people among us who are worried about the future.

It’s true, we have lost a valuable person.
However, I’m not worried about the future.
Because the next generation has grown strong.

As you all know, Damian Forster is the man who destroyed the Tower Dungeon.
And Leonce Forster, who challenged the Underground Dungeon together with the hero, was a dungeon conqueror at the tender age of 8.

There’s no need to worry when hearing this, right?
Because of that, I want you all to be vibrant citizens of the Empire with peace of mind!
That’s all from me.”(Orton)

When the emperor’s speech ended, everyone at the venue stood up and applauded.
Then, at the end of the ceremony, jii-chan was placed in a splendid tomb built on the castle grounds, and also a big statue of him erected in the Imperial Capital Square.
It was a stone statue of when he was young, holding a sword in a low position, a stylish pose used to cut down enemies.
It seems that baa-chan made it with magic.
With that, jii-chan’s funeral came to an end...

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