[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 27

Chapter 27: 1 Week of Training Part 1

One week before the funeral, after I remodeled Selena.

“Baa-chan, I’m leaving for training.”(Leo)

“Huh? And how exactly are you going to get even stronger than now?”(Carina)

“Then, what do you think about my weaknesses?”(Leo)

“I don’t know, though? Your powers have become as mistery for me as of late.”(Carina)
Th-That’s not true!

“Don’t say that. It's just adapting to actual combat."(Leo)
I just thought I should be able to adapt to unexpected situations like that battle with the Mad Demon from before...
[ED: If you thought this dialogue was confusing, it’s not our fault. Even in the raw, it was a mess.]

“Then, haven’t you done that in the dungeon?”(Carina)

“That was just me playing around. At that time, I felt so strong that I became arrogant. I started to think that everything would be fine, and even if something happened, it would be alright because I had jii-chan.”(Leo)
In fact, at that time, I thought I would have no difficulty in defeating the boss and was careless because of my extraordinary status.

“Well, if you’re so determined... where are you planning to go?”(Carina)

“To the Demon Forest.”(Leo)

Well, it’s natural to react like that...

“Since death will always be around the corner in there, I’m sure I’ll always be tense.”(Leo)

“I see... I won’t stop you, but be sure to come back after one week.”(Carina)

“Why, after a week?”(Leo)
Did something happen?

“You have to attend to jii-san’s funeral.”(Carina)

“Ah, that’s right.”(Leo)
Oi oi, don’t you dare to forget about that, myself.
[ED: I mean... He shuts himself in his room for a week because of his death, and then he forgets about the funeral...]

“Therefore, make sure you return, okay?”(Carina)

“I understand. In that case, I’m off!”(Carina)
Saying that, I used <Transfer>.

The destination was my house.
Kaa-san and the others aren’t home because they have already departed to the Imperial Capital.

I’m bringing with me Universal Assist Goggles(Anna), Invisibility Cloak+, Magic Hand(Gloves), Elena, and Sky Shoes+.
I didn’t bring Selena because she can be summoned.

“Then, let’s go to the Demon Forest. Anna, can you lead me there?”(Leo)

Yes, I can.(Anna)

“That’s good. I’m glad I came, but don’t know where the Demon Forest is.”(Leo)
I’ve never gone outside besides to the material store...
Well, I didn’t think I would get that addicted to creation magic, though.

Be firm! You can’t take me out suddenly, and then just say you can’t go there!(Elena)
Scary, scary, Elena is angry.

“I'm sorry. So, please show the way, Anna.”(Leo)

In that case, I will point the direction, so please go straight that way.(Anna)

When Anna said that, an arrow was projected in the goggles.
Ooh, Anna is quite useful, huh.

“What about walls and other things on the way?”(Leo)

With your equipment, it doesn’t matter.(Anna)

“I guess that’s true.”(Leo)

I poured my magic power into the <Invisibility Cloak+> to erase my existence.
And then I started to run in the air with <Sky Shoes+>.

“With this, it really doesn’t matter.”(Leo)
With this, I don’t have to worry about things in the way, nor being seen.

Yes, it’s alright.(Anna)

Then, I started to run at high speed in the direction of the arrow.

About an hour later, a large wall came into view.

Anna, what is that?(Leo)

This is a protective wall to defend the country from the monsters of the Demon Forest.(Anna)

A protective wall, huh... It seems to be quite sturdy...(Leo)
Thinking so, I went past the top of the wall.

“Yosh, we're here.”(Leo)
I entered the forest.

As soon as I did,
Note that there are monsters ahead.(Anna)

Oh, they appeared right away... As expected of the Demon Forest, this is suitable for training.
Thinking so, I looked at the 10 Black Ogres ahead.

“Amazing, even if it’s a boss in the dungeon, here it must stay in flocks to live, huh~”(Leo)

Then, I’m counting on you, Elena and Selena(Leo)
Saying that, I drew out Elena and summoned Selena.

This is the first battle Leo-sama will be using me, huh. You can use me roughly. Rather(Selena)

Yes, yes, I will use you carefully.(Leo)

I’m just asking for something normal, Leo.(Elena)

Yes, yes.(Leo)

First, I’ll aim at the edges so that I’m not surrounded, and then release a flying slash.
But... it was easily defended with the iron club.

Oi oi,
“That’s a lie, right? What is their level...”(Leo)

Around 130.(Anna)
Eh? Can Anna know the opponent’s level?

Level 130 right off the bat, huh...
“That’s amazing So that’s why everyone is afraid of the Demon Forest.”(Leo)

This time, let’s try entering the enemy’s range.
Direct attacks are more effective than the flying slash.

However, as soon as I got within range, an iron club was swung down at me with incredible speed.

I barely managed to avoid it.


There was a crater where the iron club was swung down.

“That’s incredible But that doesn’t mean I can’t defeat it.”(Leo)
Saying that, I cut off its arm holding the iron club.

“I’m not finished yet.”(Leo)
I jumped right in the middle of them.

Then, they attacked me by swinging their iron clubs.
First, I avoided by jumping into the air.

“Your weakness is that you can’t move right after attacking!”(Leo)
I cut through the now vulnerable Ogres.

“Fuuh~ I guess that was a pretty good fight.”(Leo)

Ahaha~ It’s been a long time since I was covered in blood~ I’m so happy~(Selena)
Huh? Selena’s head became strange...
[ED: Somehow, this holy sword is way more wicked than the demonic sword...]

Has your head gone weird? Though you were already weird from the start.(Leo)

No, it’s because I was finally used after a long time.(Selena)

I-I see.(Leo)

Leo, Selena has a strong desire as a sword, so she’s weird in the head... really weird.

I wipe off the blood from the sword.

Ah~, my blood(Selena)
So noisy! Be quiet!(Elena)
Elena interrupted Selena’s words.

“Then, let’s proceed.”(Leo)
When I looked around, the bodies of the Ogres were still scattered.

“I see, since it’s not a dungeon, the corpses won’t disappear.”(Leo)
The fact that they won’t is good because there is a lot more material available.

“But I don’t know how to handle it, though~”(Leo)

I can tell you.(Anna)

“Th-Thank you.”(Leo)

After that, Anna helped me, but it took an hour to dismantle just two of them.
Besides, I had to defeat several Cerberus that gathered because of the smell, which only resulted in more things to be dismantled.

“I will never finish it at this rate!”(Leo)

I poured magical power into the magic stone of one of the Ogres, which I had just dismantled, and cut a nearby tree.

With it, I made a big box-shaped item using creation magic.

And the result was,
<Dismantling BOX>
   The bodies put inside will be neatly disassembled,
   Put the corpses, close the lid for 5 minutes, and all you will have will be valuable material,
   Any size is acceptable, so even a dragon is safe! It can be set to store the finished product into the owner’s Space Storage.
   Creator: Leonce Forster

With this, wasted time can be reduced!

I immediately gathered the bodies.

And when I closed the lid,
Do you want to put the finished product into your storage? Yes/No.

“For the time being, I want to see the result, so no.”(Leo)

Then, the text disappears and comes out as In operation.

Then, I waited for 5 minutes.
Suddenly, the lid opened.

“It’s done!”(Leo)
I immediately take a peek inside.
Then, inside, there was what seemed to be Ogre and Cerberus fur, lined up neatly.

Ooh, this is really useful.
“This is amazing, not even the smell of blood remains.”(Leo)
I remove the material from the box and lift it up to take a good look.

Oh~, they have all been completely disassembled.
“Everything can be used as material later.”(Leo)
I put it in my storage.

“Then, let’s continue. I’ll let the directions to you, Anna.”(Leo)

Understood. I’ll give you the shortest way to the Mountains of Death.(Leo)
Then, another arrow appeared.

“Thank you. Let’s see how far I can go in a week.”(Leo)
Saying that, I started to run.

<3 days later>

“I can’t go any further! The way is so full of trees that it’s hard to proceed, and once you do, there will be monsters that come out.”(Leo)

Even though it’s been 3 days, I couldn’t approach the Mountains of Death at all...

The monsters that came out on the first day, Black Ogre and Cerberus, were the strongest.
Aside from them, there were also Orc King and Goblin King. (Strong enough for ordinary people.)

However, they came out so often that I ended up stranded in place.

“Haah, somehow there isn’t any strong monster coming out~”(Leo)

Soon, there will be the tomb of the Demon Lord defeated by the heroes.(Anna)

“Hee~ It’s shallower than I thought.”(Leo)

That’s not true. It’s just that Leo-sama is advancing too fast.(Anna)

“Is that so?”(Leo)

Yes. Usually, the path taken through the forest is too irregular, and it also would take more time to defeat the monsters.(Anna)

“I-I see.”(Leo)
Apparently, I've come further than I thought.

Please be careful! There is a particularly strong monster ahead in the Demon Lord’s tomb.(Anna)

“How strong is it?”(Leo)

If it’s just status, I think it’s stronger than Leo-sama.(Anna)
Eh? The status is higher than mine?

“Isn’t that really bad?”(Leo)
I tried to stop in a hurry, but I couldn’t stop my momentum...

There are no trees, only a house.
“Why is there a house here?”(Leo)
What does this mean?
There should be a grave for the Demon Lord here...

“Ooh, I haven’t had a guest in a long time.”

I heard a voice from behind...

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