[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 28

Chapter 28: 1 Week of Training Part 2

When I turned around... there was a demon-like man who looked exactly like the one I saw in a book.

“You, that black hair... could you possibly have some blood relation with the hero?”

He asked me so... but he doesn't seem much surprised.

I nodded since there was nothing else I could do.

“I see, is the hero still alive?”

“... He's dead.”(Leo)
My voice came out at last.

“I see... Humans have a short lifespan, after all.”

“Who are you?”(Leo)

“Me? I am the former Demon Lord.”(Maou)
Saying that, the demon man puffed out his chest.
[ED: Maou = Demon Lord.]

“Eh? Wasn't he dead?”(Leo)

“Who am I, then?”(Maou)
That's true, but...

“Haven't you been defeated by jii-chan and baa-chan?”(Leo)

“Jii-chan? Are you the hero's grandson?”(Maou)

“That's right.”(Leo)

“I see. Indeed, I was defeated by the hero.”(Maou)
The former Demon Lord grinned and said so.

“How are you alive, then?”(Leo)
You have been defeated, haven't you?

“That's... because I won't die unless my magic stone is broken.”(Maou)

The former Demon Lord replied while nodding.

“Eeh~ Then why are you here? When will you return to the Demon World, why don't you attack the Human World again?”(Leo)

“About that, you know~ The reason I don't want to return there is that the Demon World is a meritocracy, so they don't need a defeated Demon Lord. And about attacking the Human World, I think it's not cool doing it again even though I've lost.”(Maou)

“I-I see.”(Leo)
It seems the Demon Lord also has his own circumstances.

“Because of that, I thought of calmly spending my life here. However, I changed my mind when I saw you.”(Maou)

“Wh-Why? What are you planning?”(Leo)

“That's the Demonic Sword, right?”(Maou)
Saying that, he points to Elena hanging on my waist.

“Th-That's right, but...”(Leo)
Come to think of it, this thing was originally this person's belonging...

“You don't have to be scared like that. I won't take it from you.”(Maou)

“Th-Then, what will you do?”(Leo)

“That, I want to have a fight with you who has been chosen by the Demonic Sword.”(Maou)

Do you want to kill me?
[ED: Musclebrains... *facepalm*]

“I'll hold back, so it's fine, right?”(Maou)
Hold back? Will he really restrain himself?
Ah, I just thought of something good.

“Then, can you train me for three days?”(Leo)

“Hou, that sounds interesting. It would be more fun to fight against you when you have become stronger.”(Maou)

“Y-Yes. Then, I'll be in your care.”(Leo)
With this, I can become stronger...

“Yes, In that case, come here, then.”(Maou)
When the Demon Lord said so, a hole opened...
What is this?

“Is this magic? I've never seen anything like this.”(Leo)

“This is Space Magic. It just creates a different space.”(Maou)

“Hee~ I see. This is quite useful.”(Leo)

“What kind of magic can you use?”(Maou)

“Creation Magic.”(Leo)

The Demon Lord, who heard that it was Creation Magic, was shocked for a moment.
“I see... If so, you'll be able to do something like this in a few years.”(Maou)
Saying so, the Demon Lord entered the hole.

“Is that so?”(Leo)
I also went inside.

“Yes. Some people in the demon race get creation magic as well, and they definitely become the Demon Lord of that generation.”(Maou)
[ED: I saw someone commenting that it can't be that people are so stupid that no one found out about the trick of Creation Magic so far... well, it seems it's only humans that are that stupid.]

“It is indeed extraordinary magic, but I didn't expect it to be to that degree...”(Leo)

“Well, it's up to you, how much you can master it, as a human.”(Maou)

“Yes, I understand.”(Leo)

“Then, let's do it.”(Maou)
The Demon Lord suddenly disappeared.

Where did he go?

Leo-sama, behind you!(Anna)


Thanks to Anna telling me, I was able to put up a last-minute defense.

“You are amazing, huh─ Human growth is fast, but I've never seen anyone reach this point at such age.”(Maou)

“Me too, I've never seen someone so strong.”(Leo)

“Even though I look like this, I'm still the strongest in this world.”(Maou)

“That's right, huh...”(Leo)

“Come on, the conversation is over.”(Maou)
This time he fired an enormous magic attack.

“As expected, I can't avoid it.”(Leo)

“What will you do, then?”(Maou)

“Something like this.”(Leo)
I used <Transfer> to behind the Demon Lord's back.

“Ooh, you can use <Transfer>, huh.”(Maou)
Saying that, the Demon Lord turned around and released a powerful punch.
Ah... I can't avoid it.

...But, I involuntarily avoided it and countered it by hitting the Demon Lord's face with all my might.

“That was pretty good. I've taken a liking to you.”(Maou)

“That just now surprised me too.”(Leo)

For some reason, memories of something like Karate flowed into my mind, and my body moved reflexively.
Did I do Karate in my previous life?

“Then, let's be a bit more serious.”(Maou)

Saying that, this time, he approached at high speed.

I panicked at how fast it was. I thought of avoiding it, but my body didn't move.

Then the Demon Lord's fist stopped right in front of my face.
“You are still a child. Still vulnerable to unexpected movements.”(Maou)
[ED: Well, duh. He's 8 years old, you know?]

“Haah~ I have to overcome this somehow...”(Leo)

“Well, you just have to get used to this.”(Maou)
Yes, but I feel I will become stronger from now on.

<3 days later>

Three days have passed since then...
Right now, I'm having a final match against the Demon Lord.

He fired a massive magic attack against me.
“How will you avoid it this time?”(Maou)

“I won't.”(Leo)
I kicked the magic back at him.

“Oi oi, you can do something like that...?”(Maou)
Saying so, the Demon Lord canceled it with another identical magic attack.

“I can~”(Leo)
This time I turned around and answered.

“Then, how about this?”(Maou)
The Demon Lord burned the surrounding area with fire magic.

“Uwaah~ That's dangerous─”(Leo)
Somehow I managed to avoid it by escaping to the air with <Sky Shoes>.

“Now it's my turn.”(Leo)
I released several <Flying Slash> at the Demon Lord below.

To that, the Demon Lord,
He responded with an enormous magic attack.

Then, the <Flying Slash> and the magic attack hit each other and produced a huge explosion, which hid Leo's figure from the Demon Lord.

“If I can't see him, then I just have to go there.”(Maou)
The Demon Lord plunged into the smoke.

However, there was no Leo there when the smoke dissipated.
“Huh? Where did he go?”(Maou)

“I'm here.”(Leo)
Leo pointed his sword at the Demon Lord's back.

The Demon Lord raised his hands.
“It's my defeat.”(Maou)

“Finally─ I'm glad I managed to win before going home.”(Leo)

“I didn't think you would grow so fast.”(Maou)

“Me neither.”(Leo)
My current status is,

            Leonce Forster Lv.204

            Age: 8
            Tribe: Human
            Occupation: Creator

            Physical strength: 812×100⁸ / 812×100⁸ (1218×100⁸ / 1218×100⁸)
            Magic power: 506×100⁹ / 506×100⁹

            Power: 438×100⁸×1.5 (657×100⁸) 
            Speed: 506×100⁸×1.5 (758×100⁸)
            Luck: 1000
            Attributes: None, Creation
            Appraisal, Creation Magic Lv.5,
            Non-Attribute Magic Lv.5, Magical Operation Lv.5,
            Innocence Lv.2, Swordsmanship Lv.8,
            Magic Detection Lv.4, Transfer,
            Martial Arts Lv.9

            A person with memories from a different world,
            Conqueror of the Beginner Edition of the Dungeon of Trials

The level has exceeded 200...
Also, the status now shows 100⁸, not 10⁸ anymore.
[ED: In case you don't know, 100⁸=10¹⁶.]

This means my status has increased by about a billion times in the past week.
Even though I've come this far already, I'm still looking forward to seeing how far I can go.
[ED: I think the author got the math wrong here, 100⁸/10⁸ is equal to 100 million, not 1 billion, but that’s fine.]

Besides that, I also got <Martial Arts>.
I don't know why its level is so high, but maybe it has to do with my previous life.

By the way, if the <Martial Arts> level is high enough, one can even kick magic.

“I've become really strong...”(Leo)

“Yes, that's good. You can use <Transfer>, so come by occasionally.”(Maou)

“Understood. I will come again. Next time, fight me seriously, okay?”(Leo)

“Well, I'll think about it when we meet next time.”(Maou)

“Then, when you decide to get serious, I'll propose a fight.”(Leo)
Saying that, I used <Transfer>...

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