[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Gate of the Demon World and Majin


A girl entered the office of Viscount Grimoire-sama.
She is the princess of Celia, the only daughter of our Lord Viscount Grimoire-sama.

"Oh Celia? What's wrong?"

"Yes, this is talk of a vision of the future." (EDN: she can see the future)

Viscount Grimoire-sama's eyes changed in the words of the princess.

"What did you see?"

"Yes, thanks to the dragon core that you got."

"Hohou, that's amazing. It's worth it because I also have to pay a lot of money to get it."

"Yes, It’s all thanks to father. Thanks to that, the accuracy of my eyesight has increased several times."

"Several times!"

In the words of Princess Celia, Viscount Grimoire-sama let out a surprise sound.
That is also not impossible.
The power of vision of Princess Celia was extraordinary, with that power, the Grimoire region became several times more prosperous than before the princess was born.

This is several times more, so it's not surprising.

"So what did you see?"

At Viscount Grimoire-sama's question, Princess Celia frowned for a moment, but never raised her mind.

And, coming up with a surprising answer.

"... A group of monsters that I have never seen in the sky and on the ground."

"What did you say!?"

Viscount Grimoire-sama confirmed Princess Celia’s words.

How stupid, ordinary parents will shrug and laugh for that.
However, his opponent was a wizard of the future, who fought one or two in neighboring Grimoire countries, and I couldn't think it was a joke if he made a mistake.



The room was covered with silence.

"Because you said it, that means it's a fact."

"…… Yes."

Princess Celia answered Viscount Grimoire-sama's words in a trembling voice.
Only because she has absolute confidence in the outcome of her forecast, she will be destroyed by despair.

"... Then that is the right answer to recruit adventurers."


At Viscount Grimoire-sama's words, Princess Celia raised her face.

"Hearing your vision of your future, I hired an adventurer."


Princess Celia has a mysterious face.

She wanted to say that there was no way for adventurers to get rid of the monsters that covered the Viscount region.

"Yes, an adventurer. He is an adventurer who defeated a dragon."

"Dragons!? ...! No way!"

"Yes, the core of the dragon I gave you, that adventurer who defeated the dragon."

"The adventurer who defeated the dragon ..."

The spirit in Princess Celia's eyes returned.

"Not only that."


"The other two Evil Boars, which were exhibited at the capital's auction the other day, and which were bought by the lord, are said to be defeated by the same adventurer."

"Could it be that adventurer too!?"

"Looks like the same person as the adventurer who defeated the dragon."

"Not only that, but the Dark Blob who has invaded and hid in this city was also defeated by the same adventurer."

"Then that adventurer is,"

"That’s possible."

There were no more words of despair or anxiety in the room.

There is only hope for adventurers with extraordinary abilities.

"Father, the name of the adventurer!?"

Princess Celia's eyes shone like a child who was immersed in the story of a hero and heard the name of the adventurer.

"Aug, that's what he's called."


As of today, there is only one adventurer entrusted with hope in the Grimoire region.

"Aah, I'm tired!"

Gyro-kun, who continued to practice and ran out of magic, fell to the ground in a collapsed condition.

"I think it's been a long time since I moved my body a lot..."

"Because I am the rear guard, support magic is basic, right..."

"Physical reinforcement magic is good, but it's scary if you rely on it..."

Because everyone's magic power is scary, it's hard to talk about it.

"Can I rest again until my magic recovers a little?"

"Do you still want to do it?"

Mina-san shouted in a very disgusted tone.

"It's easier to learn how to use a minimum amount of magic if you do physical reinforcement when there is a little magic left."

Even money and food are important if you know that there are only a few left.

We were hit by the wind that blew in the plains and cooled the body.

"Yosh, it's recovered!"

And even though he hasn't rested enough, Gyro-kun woke up well.

"You, how much power do you have anyway......"

"Well, for some reason just with a little rest my tiredness is gone."

"You physical strength of a monster."

Mina-san seems to give up while looking at Gyro-kun.

"Fufun. Well, after all, I'm Number One's Aniki apprentice!"

"That has nothing to do, right?"

"Maybe it has something to do."

And, when Mina-san denied it, Meguri-san actually defended Gyro-kun's statement.

"Eh? W-What does that mean?"

"It's true because Gyro-kun is a Warrior, so he has power. But I also have strength. But it's hard for me to move. My strength hasn't recovered yet..."

"So, you want to say that Rex-san's training is related to him?"

Everyone look at me.
No, I don't do special training like that...

"Ah, could it be."

From there I came up with a hypothesis.

"Gyro-kun, try using a little physical reinforcement magic."

"I understand, Aniki!"


When Gyro-kun activated physical strengthening magic with a scream, a thin white barrier appears around his body.

"Aaah I knew, that's because he has attributes."


"Yes, I think Mina-san and the other magicians know, but what magic says is to attribute colorless magic and turn it into fire magic and wind magic."

Mina-san and the others nodded.

"And physical strengthening magic is magic that strengthens the body by circulating magic inside the body, so it is magic that uses colorless magic."

"But Gyro-kun's physical strengthening magic has attributes, right?"

"Yes, that is the next step in physical strengthening magic, enhanced attributes."

""""Enhanced attributes!?""""

What's wrong, everyone!? Leaning forward.

"Oh, isn't that great! I can use it all of a sudden, could I be actually a great person!?"

"You're not in a good position, stupid."

Mina-san angled Gyro-kun's side.

"Guoh! Y-You..."

"Gyro-kun, you imagine Norve-san's recovery magic to get physical strengthening magic skills right? By imagining it strongly, you have processed colorless magic into sacred magic within your subconscious."

"There are also things like that huh."

Norve-san looks at Gyro-kun in a state of surprise.

Because he believes healing magic can be used with the power of faith in Gods, so it might get a little complicated.

"The use of Gyro's physical strengthening magic attributes is classified as an increase in healing with healing magic. In addition, there are Flame Boost with flames and Spark Boost with lightning."

"Are there several number of attributes?"

"Yes, there are six magic attributes: water, earth, fire, wind, lightness and darkness, and other derivative attributes such as lightning and ice, as well as defense-related attributes such as poison resistance."

"There are lots of them, huh."

"So, if you work harder you will be able to decided your attributes! Let's continue training in no time!"

"We haven't recovered yet!"

Gyro-kun who excitedly pushed everyone up while moving their bodies without hesitation.

"If you don't continue, only I will be so strong that I will be able to defeat monsters bigger than home like Aniki!"

"You stupid, you think it's so easy..."

At that time.


I can hear the movements of something heavy from a distance.


I felt a disgusting sound, so I jumped vertically with magic on my two legs.

Then I jumped over the trees and looked around, I found the true figure of the voice.

It was a large black snake with a large and gloomy sign.

"Cursed Viper." (EDN: If you can't imagine, just imagine like a big cobra)

"What is that!? Isn't that too big!?"

"Bigger than the Evil Boar that Rex-san defeated before."

"What a terrible sign."

Everyone jumping to the tall tree branch with physical strengthening magic also saw the terrifying figure of the Cursed Viper.

"Rex-san, what kind of monster the Cursed Viper is?"

Anyway, as expected of Meguri-san who specializes in strengthening physical abilities. It seems you have heard my murmur.

"Those are monsters from the demon world."

""""The demon world!?""""

"Yes, it's a monster that didn't originally exist on the surface, but at that size, it must be a summoning magic..."

"Whatever doesn't matter right? I'll defeat it!"

"Don't say stupid things like that! Don't you see that big body!?"

Mina-san chided Gyro-kun who was about to fight.

"Oi oi, what a weak thing to say, we have the power of physical strengthening magic, you know!"

Motivated Gyro-kun is willing to fight.

"It's better to stop. As the name suggests, it's a cursed snake."


Cursed Viper is an untouched monster that will be damaged by poison when approaching it, and condemned by evil magic if you touches it.

"That monster is also called a warrior, and it's a terrible monster that gives a strong curse to the opponents it touches, weakens it, and kills it, and the Cursed Viper has a large body and makes it move quickly. It’s quite strong even without a curse."
"We can't be enemies of that monster! Only three of us can use magic, and let's go back to the city and report to the guild!"

"If the demon world is your opponent, that is a case of A-Rank level adventurers. This is too much for us."

"Damn, there is no other choice!"

If you are cursed just by touching it, there is no way for us to fight, even with ourselves who have been enhanced by physical strengthening magic.

Gyro-kun who was annoyed because he backed away.

But I'm sorry.

"No, I'll intercept it."

"Eh? What are you talking about!? You can be cursed, you know!?"

"It’s big and fast, so if you don't intercept it here, it'll get to town first."

"But what about that curse!? I'm immature and can't cancel the curse. Even if you ask the High Priest in the church, the curse from the demon world monsters will spend a lot of money on the other side!"

Norve-san and the others are trying desperately to stop me, but it's okay.

"No need to worry. I will show everyone the practice of giving physical reinforcement magic attributes."

That's why I channeled magical power to the whole body.

"This is the attribute that gives Holy Boost that casts Holy Spirit magic into the body. And one of the benefits of this attribute is..."

I shouted and jumped straight at Cursed Viper.

"Not only does the power attack against evil creatures with the Holy Spirit's magic power, but it has the effect of repelling the curse!!"

Cursed Viper stiffened it’s body because it was surprised to see my sudden figure.

However, because it was a monster from the demon world, it immediately raised it’s head to intercept me and expose it’s poison fangs.

Responding to it, I raised my hand.

Cursed Viper's upper and lower fangs approached me.

I broke the upper fangs with both hands, and seeing it’s reaction backwards, I changed my posture and broke the lower fangs with both feet.

The poison fell from its fangs, but holy magic canceled the poison.

"It is over!"

I entered the mouth of the Cursed Viper, raised my fist and leapt over it’s tongue.
With a buzzing noise, the Cursed Viper's head exploded.

"And, with physical reinforcement magic like this, you will be able to easily defeat the enemy with various attribute effects."

"... Is that so."

I tried to show how to use attribute assignments for Gyro-kun who got attributes, but for some reason everyone's reaction was thin.

"Gyro-kun, who has triggered the recovery attribute, will eventually be able to do this too."


Oops, looks like he’s fine.

"Rex-san, does this eliminate the threat of the demon world?"

I shook my head at Norve-san's words.

"Well, Cursed Viper is a monster who didn't make it to the summon because of its large body and cruelty. There might be a gate somewhere connected to the demon world."

"The gate that connects to the demon world?"

"Found it, over there."

I found a deep black gate hidden deep in the forest with eyesight enhanced with reinforcement magic.

"That is the Gate!? Who exactly is that?!"

"That might be Majin. Only Majin can use the gate." (EDN: Majin = Demon kin)

"Majin is an evil creature who fought against humans a long time ago right!?"

Mina-san's voice trembled in surprise.

Yeah, even though it hasn't been that long.

"Besides, as I thought, there is a Majin there. Could he be the guardian?"

"Majin!? Isn't it better we run away?"

"Oi oi, if only one is easy right? We have five people here, you know?"

Gyro-kun made a fist as if he could.

"Stupid! That Majin can destroy one country's army! We can't defeat him!"

"Eh, seriously?... Etto, but aniki can do it right?"

"Don't say anything reckless!"

"Yes, I think I can do it."

"See, even though it's... Eh?"

"If you don't destroy it, new monsters will come out of the demon world again, so you must destroy it now."

"We will also help..."

Meguri-san prepared a weapon to help me, but that was not the case.

"Everyone step away as far as possible!"

I’ll have everyone to jump at my words.

Not just because they follow my words.

That was because the demon realized that the Cursed Viper had been defeated here.
Great killing attacks are released from afar.
It seems like you have decided that you need to fight me as an enemy.

But the present me has never fought the demon before.
It's dangerous to keep fighting like I did before while protecting Gyro-kun and the others.

"Yes, this will be a little serious."

Remembering a hero who fought in my memory in my previous life.

"Come on, Majin!"

The goal is the gate and Majin coming straight to here.

"Expand Magic Sword, Dimension Cutting Dimension Break."

I used the magic I used as a hero when fighting with Majin.

Then, when magic was activated, the scene before me shifted.

Dimension Cutting Dimension Break.

Magic that cuts space, cuts any object, distant objects, ignores perspective, and cuts everything in sight.

A dimensional cutting attack that deactivates physical or magic defense.

Majin and gate that are reflected in the field of vision shift up and down, and the left and right sides of the body are pulled in the opposite direction.

And it disappears easily.


I used big magic for the first time in a long time, but it was good because it only cut the target.

"Everyone I've defeated it"

I told everyone that I had defeated the Majin.

But everyone does not react while standing still.

What happened, huh?

"Me, talking about how great I am, but so far Aniki is the best indeed."

"Destroy Majin and the gate with one strike. I'm sure no one will believe me if I tell anyone about this."

"""I think so."""

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