[Eng] Nido Tensei Shita Shounen Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The New Journey and the End of Both of Them

"Then, I'll teach the basics of lightning magic."


I defeated Cursed Viper and became B-Rank, as I promised, I taught Mina-san lightning magic.

"Lightning magic is magic that comes from the wind attribute."

"Eh? Not from the light attribute?"

It seems like she misunderstood because the lightning was shining huh.

"Lightning comes along with the storm, right? Because the storm is the wind, so that is the wind attribute."

"Hee, I don't know."

Every thing or phenomenon in this world is based on several attributes.

The development of magic starts by identifying its attributes.

"This is the easiest way to understand and remember its principles, but I don't have enough time to teach it, so let's really see lightning magic, experience it and remember it."

There are two types of methods of learning magic: methods for understanding principles and then reproducing them, and methods for seeing and experiencing and reproducing sights and feelings at that time.

The latter is the way Gyro-kun activates physical strengthening magic, keeping in mind the sense of time receiving recovery magic.

"It's kind of scary when experiencing lightning."

"It's okay because it's weakened well."

That's why I activated weak lightning magic in front of Mina-san.


A small ball appears in front of Mina-san.

"... Again activating magic without chanting."

Mina-san looks at me with a sharp look.

"If you learn the principles, you will be able to use magic without chanting easily."

"It's true..."

No no, magic without chanting is really easy.

"Look, aren't you using physical strengthening magic? It's magic without chant."

"Oh yes, that's right."

Fuu, looks like I've convinced her.

"Then, because I'm weakening its power, try to touch it."


Mina-san put her finger on the lightning ball.


Mina-san shouts when she feels careless on her fingertips.

"It feels like I’ve been electrocuted!"

"This is the feeling of receiving lightning. Because it will be bad for the body to receive something more terrible, so let's practice from this scale first."

"Y-Yes, I understand."

After experiencing lightning, I taught magic theory and practiced spells.

You might think that there's no need to feel it if you teach a spell, but if you feel or don't feel it, the power and accuracy of magic will change.

Even in the previous world, magic for learning for reasons like that had to be experienced once because there weren't many schools.

It was a magic that was so powerful that I could not do it because I was going to die.

However, there were some strong people who dared to take defense magic many times.

"Hey, when this is over, are you leaving?"


What Mina-san said is that I'm going to the dangerous zone.

"I see, I will feel lonely."

"Even though it hasn't been a month."

"It's uncommon if you think of rising to B-Rank in less than a month."

"Is that so? I don't really feel it."

"Of course it is! How many adventurers do you think are in low-ranked? If you can rise to C-Rank, that's quite elite even if you think B-Rank is a normal rank."

Hee, so that's how it is.

"Listen this, B-Rank is ranked third from the top you know! That's a great thing!"

"Aah, is it amazing enough to think so?"

"A face that seems unconscious."

I was amazed.

"Well, for the time being we will increase rank here, so you can come back anytime you feel lonely."

"Yes, I'll do it."

"... Well, personally, it's a shame no one will teach me magic."

I see, right now Mina-san is learning lightning magic from me, and there is no way for anyone to become her teacher.

The wizards in this city seem strict because they only teach the basics to the students.

"Then why don't you go to my village?"

"Eh? Rex's village?"

"Yes, because there is a magic book I wrote there."

"The magic book written by Rex? What is it, I really want to see it!"

No, this is not something amazing.

"I made it to teach magic to the children in the village. Maybe it could benefit Mina-san."

"Teaching children in the village... and again do you use paper for that!?"

Huh? Are you surprised by something weird?

"That's true, I'm worried in many ways about your village."

I don't really understand in various parts, but I'm happy if it might be useful.

"My village is a village opposite two mountains in the west."

"A village across two mountains in the west. I understand."

"Well, I only write magic for children, so there is no dangerous magic."

"That’s a lie."

It was rejected hastily, but it's true!

A few days later, when I was ready for the trip, I decided to head to the nearest dangerous zone B-Rank from this city.

At the entrance to the city, adventurers I met in the guild came to see me.

Of course, Gyro-kun who became a friend of the same age, and Elma-san from the receptionist came to see me.

"Uoon! I'm lonely, aniki!"

Under such circumstances, Gyro-kun who knew I was leaving, cried like a child.

Yeah, there are people who really cry like this huh.

"Geez, you're not a kid, so don't be ashamed, please."

"You fool! Aniki will go! That's right! Let's go with Aniki!"

Gyro-kun stood by that good idea, but that was impossible.

"You fool, we are F-Rank, so we cannot place ourselves in a restricted area that only contains B-Rank."

Yes, no matter how motivated Gyro-kun is, you can't break the rules of the adventurer guild.

"But you know―"

"Don't say anything selfish!"

Gyro-kun and Mina-san look like parents and children or like a pair of siblings.

"If that's the case, then Gyro-kun only has to raise the rank of his."

"No, if that's going to be difficult. We are F-Rank, so it's not easy to catch up with Rex who is B-Rank."

Norve-san said that, but I don't think so.

"It's okay, I teach everyone how to strengthen physically, and if you train with swords and practice magic, you will soon become stronger."

I remember the people I met in the memories of my previous life.

All people become strong not only because of talent, but also the belief to try hard.

If you aim to kill the mysterious dragon that was slaughtered with extraordinary power and technology that can kill the dragon without damaging it, I'm sure you will run up the stairs with a strong will.

"C-Can I do it, aniki?"

Gyro-kun asked me with confidence.

It does not matter.

"I'm sure Gyro-kun can do it!"

Gyro-kun's eyes change in my words.

"I understand Aniki! I'll be right after Aniki! So, wait for me!"

"Yes, I'll wait for you."


"I bet when you are in B-Rank, Rex is already in S-Rank."

No, no, I think it's not possible to S-Rank.

"... It's true, it's possible if it's aniki."


"I thought so."

Arere? Isn't everyone exaggerating about me?

Fuu, never mind.

Gyro-kun has stopped crying too.

"Then everyone, take care of yourself."

"Rex-san also take care. Aug-san is called by the Lord and he hasn't come here yet, but he has entrusted my message, I can't see you, but you can do your best , that is."

Elma-san gave me a message from Aug-san.

Aug-san is really a tough guy.

"And the guild master also said that he wanted to see you leave, but because there was so much work, I left him."

Haha, the Guild master doesn't have Elma-san’s attention, huh.

"I can catch up with you soon, Aniki!"

"Take care of yourself."

"I'm expecting a souvenir."

"Meguri-san! Oh, you don't have to be serious you know, be careful of your body."

"Do the best!"

"Surprise the people around you out there!"

"You're very talented!"

Everyone speaks to me.

Although it was only for a short time, it became a comfortable place like my hometown.

But I am an adventurer.

Adventurers are destined to go like the wind!

"Then, I'll go! Wing flight!"

When I pushed my body into the air with flying magic, I waved my hand and then flew to the dangerous zone.

"""""H-He’s  flying!?"""""

Hm? Somehow people under me surprised to see me fly?

But flying magic is normal, right?

Ah, but no one flies around the city.

Damn, does the magic of flying in the city violate manners?

Contemplate, let's be careful in the next town.

I never thought you would do it at the last moment.

"You can use amazing magic for flying magic."

"Yes, I'm surprised. Mina was also surprised, but is flying magic difficult?"

Meguri who was also shocked asked a question like that.

Yes, if you can't use magic, you won't be surprised because you don't understand it.

"Flying magic has been studied for a long time, but no one can fly freely in the sky. Rumors say that state and military magicians are continuing their research, but it is said that it is faster to train monsters that fly in the sky at this time."

"As expected, Rex-san is a terrible figure."

That's obvious, but I can't help but say it.

Norve laughed bitterly.

"Yoosh! Then, let's practice right away! I will do a lot of practice and catch up with Aniki, I will have an adventure with Aniki!!"

An excited idiot screams, but I want to do more than that.

"Hey, practice is good, but don't you want to know more about Rex?"

"What!? About Aniki!?"

If you don't usually listen to people, this idiot will be better when it comes to Rex.

"Do you know anything?"

Meguri and Mina also seem interested, and I will take my story.

"One day I heard about where Rex's hometown was. Wasn't everyone interested?"


"Then it's decided. The next adventure is seeing Rex's hometown."

"Uoooo! Aniki hometown! What kind of great place could it be?"

"That must be a terrible place."

"The place where he was born might be a source of strength."

"Then let's get ready! And explore the secrets of any power in Rex's hometown!"


Huh? Isn't the sound increasing now?

"Yes yes, the Guild master will return and work."

"I'm also curious about that person's secret!"

Guild master, since when have you been here...

"You guys! Tell me if you know something!"

"Yes, anything may work."

Elma-san, it's strong.

"Thank you for coming, Aug-kun. Well please enjoy your meal comfortably."

Aug-dono, a commoner, was called in for the Viscount Grimoire family dinner, which was only a part of the family that could participate.

Here was Viscount Grimoire-sama, the owner of a large mansion, and his daughter, Princess Celia.

And Aug-dono, an adventurer hired by Viscount Grimoire-sama.

The rest is me, butler John.

The dinner was intended for a secret meeting, and the servants were not even allowed to approach the room, and all their work was responsible for me.

Pour more wine after seeing a decrease in the amount of drink, and wipe the mouth with a tissue if the mouth is dirty.

This is a work that is highly considered.

"Well, it's good food as usual."

While Aug-dono was nervous, he put his hand on the food, but as soon as he ate it, his face stiffened and carried his food to his mouth one after another.

That's a bad way to flatter, but no one pays attention here.

That was because Viscount Grimoire-sama and Princess Celia could not tell anyone that the problem was resolved.

"Speaking of which, Aug-dono, it seems like you have defeated Evil Boar again."

"Again?... Aah, it was true that some time ago I defeated Evil Boar."

"And again I hear you defeated it alone? That big body is an extraordinary skill for yourself."

"No no, that's because the opponent is petite. It's dangerous if it's bigger."

Admiring Viscount Grimoire-sama, Aug-dono showed humility.

"Even if you defeat a B-Rank monster by yourself, as expected of a A-Rank adventurer!"

Princess Celia poured wine into Aug-dono's glass.

This is not my negligence, and I did not take notes to honor the Princess's intentions.

Because I'm competent.

"Really. Very humble and talented! I think I've been attached to a good adventurer!"

It's very rare to see Viscount Grimoire-sama drinking extraordinarily fast.

Do you want to spend a lot of food so that you are not sick?

"Even so, the Dragon and Evil Boar auction rewards have become quite a large amount, but isn't there no need to continue adventurers anymore? From now on, how about turning into a knight?"

Looks like Viscount Grimoire-sama has entered the main subject.

He is a masterpiece that defeated a dragon, so if you continue your adventurer, many nobles will eventually find out that he is an adventurer who defeated the dragon and put it in their hands.

However, he was an adventurer who worked in the Grimoire Territory.

Apart from that, there is no way to miss gems that defeat dragons.

It was a place where I wanted to be a knight here and fight with other nobles.

In some cases, it can also feed decoys with noble families.

If that happens, Princess Celia will be sad, so I have to think of something good.

Well, it's my job to think about it.

Umu, my stomach hurts there.

However, the words that were unexpected were said by Aug-dono here.

"Eh? Dragon? What do you mean?"


Viscount Grimoire-sama has a mysterious face in Aug-dono's words.

"No, this is about the dragon and Evil Boars that you sell at royal city auctions. This is also a topic in the capital, you know?"

"Yes, thanks to that I was able to get a great dragon core."

However, the two's words conflicted, Aug tilted even more so that he could not understand more.

...... No way, that's impossible.

"I heard that the dragon and Evil Boar were defeated by the adventurers in this city. It was you who defeated them right? I know that you don't want to stand out, but you don't need to make fool here."

That's right, as Viscount Grimoire-sama said.

You don't have to act stupid, you know? You're not acting stupid, are you?

"No, it's someone else who defeated the dragon."


"B-But, you defeated Evil Boar right?"

"Yes, I killed it for the first time the other day."

"First time? Isn't this the 5th?"

"No, this is the first time...... you know?"

...... A-Aah.




Three eyes staring at me.


"John, what does that mean?"

A-Ah, Viscount Grimoire-sama's eyes are scary.


"John, please explain."

Princess Celia made her face red and looked here.

"Etto, what does that mean?"

I am the one who wants to hear iiiiiiit!!


I can't stop sweating.

Does it sweat like a waterfall?

However, it was not possible to go further than this.

Therefore I open my mouth.

"Ha, hahaha, it is true that Aug-dono is a talented person who can defeat Evil Boar, and it is good that you can get amazing subordinates. Hahahahahaha."

(EDN: Poor John, he got the wrong person, hahaha)

I was really beaten up.

I was scolded.

However, because at first I was able to find the A-Rank adventurer who could defeat the Evil Boar, so somehow I was forgiven.

Thank you, Aug-dono.

Thank you very much.

And I came to the adventurer guild again.

This is to find out the adventurer who defeated the dragon again.

"Is there an adventurer who defeated the dragon?"

Ask as usual at the reception desk if there is a dragon slayer.

This time, I will ask the receptionist to introduce him directly so as not to make a mistake.

Then the receptionist looked at me with a face that was hard to say.

"Etto, I'm very sorry but because the adventurer you are looking for is out to explore the dangerous zone, I don't think he will return for a while."

…… I’m done.

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