[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Saint's Grandchild

A week has passed since jii-chan's funeral.

Within this week, both Nii-san and Nee-san had to go home because of school. Also, tou-san and kaa-san seem to have been busy with messengers from other countries until just yesterday.
[ED: Here it probably meant both his brothers, but japanese doesn't deal with plurals that much.]

Also, it looks like the Saint will be coming today.
By the way, since the Saint-sama and her grandchild will attend to Shely's birthday party as representatives of the Nation, they will be staying at our house until then.
[ED: The Garm Nation.]

As representatives of the Nation, shouldn't they be entertained by the Emperor and Shely instead? I asked.
And it seems that until Shely's birthday, the Saint will be treated as actually coming to see my grandmother.

In that case, I'll certainly have to entertain them...

I sighed involuntarily.

“Hey, come on, they are coming, don't have such a sour face!”(Carla)
I was scolded by kaa-san.

“Come to think of it, when Shelia-chan was coming, you were also not very enthusiastic, but in the end, you were quite happy to meet her.”(Carla)

“I-Is that so?”(Leo)
If you say that...
Indeed, I don't think it's necessary to be so reluctant...

“Yes. Ah, there they are.”(Carla)

A carriage is coming this way.

Then the carriage stopped, and out of it came a woman as old as baa-chan and a girl my age.

Immediately after coming off the carriage, the woman looked at baa-chan and smiled.
“It's been a long time, Carina. You've aged, huh.”(Saint)

“You too, Selina.”(Carina)

“Well, that's true... Ara, Diork, aren't you the boy from that time. Are those your wife and child next to you?”(Selina)

“That's right. It's been a long time, Selina-san. Is that Brian's child?”(Diork)

“That's right, her name is Rihanna.”(Selina)

“Rihanna-chan, huh? This is Leonce.”(Diork)

“That child is the grandson Carina is so proud of...”(Selina)
Saying that, the Saint studied me.

“That's true, but aren't you quite proud of Rihanna-chan yourself?”(Carina)

“Rihanna is an extraordinary granddaughter, you know?”(Selina)

“Is that so? Then Leo too─”(Carina)

“Alright, alright, that's enough to be proud of your grandchildren, don't kaa-san and Selina-san want to go inside?”(Diork)
Tou-san hurriedly stopped the heating up confrontation between grandmothers about boasting of their grandchildren.

“That's right. Selina and Rihanna-chan, make yourself at home.”(Carina)

“Thank you. Please excuse me.”(Selina)
Guided by baa-chan, the Saint entered the house.

“E-Excuse me.”(Rihanna)

The Saint's granddaughter also entered the house, with a greeting in a small voice.

My first impression of the Saint's granddaughter, Rihanna, is that she's an honest and well-behaved child.
This is a different kind of cuteness than a certain hyperactive princess, huh... Silver hair is excellent, but beautiful blonde hair is good too!

But this time, unlike with Shely's case, I wonder if the conversation will continue since she's so quiet? I'm worried...

After that, we had lunch while listening to the conversation of the Saint and the Sorcerer about their grandchildren.

The joy of the two who are proud of their grandchildren was truly amazing...

Rihanna-chan is so skilled in holy magic it's unthinkable for an 8 years old child.
Just like my unbelievable magic power is extraordinary.

Anyway, it was a dispute.

Well, it's not strange to be uncomfortable with someone talking so proud of you, okay!

Then, after lunch, tou-san and kaa-san went home, saying they would return because of the territory.

“Well then, we are going to jii-san's grave, so Leo must get along well with Rihanna-chan.”(Carina)
Eeh! To be left alone again just like with Shely...
Could this be a Forster Family's tradition?

“Ah, yes. I understand.”(Leo)
Well, I can't say no in front of her either way...

Baa-chan, knowing that, looks at me with a grin.

“Alright, then. Get along well.”(Carina)
With that, Baa-chan and the Saint left.

Thus, we were left alone like that, so I thought I should start talking to her before the atmosphere became awkward.
“Umm... Then, try calling me Leo?”(Leo)

I tried to say the first thing that came to mind, but I immediately said something too unreasonable!

Now I've done it...
With this, the impression she has of me now is that I'm the pretentious son of a Duke family...

However, the Saint's granddaughter's response was... “Y-Yes. Leo-kun, right? Umm, about me... Please, call me Ri-Rina.” She answered gently with a slightly flushed face.

...Eh? Was it safe?
R-Rina? Is it okay for me to call her by the nickname?
Eh? Why is your face turning red?

I became confused by the sudden reaction, but... I can only say this... she's so cute.

“Y-Yes. Nice to meet you, Rina.”(Leo)
Well, if it's like this, then I won't change my attitude.

“Nice to meet you too.”(Rina)

“Th-Then, we can't talk at the entrance, let's come to my room.”(Leo)
With that, Rina and I came to my room.

“This is the first time I'm entering a boy's room.”(Rina)

“Is that so? Doesn't it look weird?”(Leo)

“Not particularly... But that’s a splendid pair of swords.”(Rina)
Saying that, Rina pointed to Elena and Selena.

“Those are the Demonic Sword and the Holy Sword.”(Leo)

“They are? Then they should be outstanding.”(Rina)

“Well, they are legendary swords, after all.”(Leo)

“Are they used by Leo-kun?”(Rina)

“That's right. I've just received the Holy Sword, but I've been using the Demonic sword for a long time now.”(Leo)
It's been about a week since I got Selena.
[ED: I think the author got it wrong here since it's been a week since the funeral, and Leo got Selena a week before that.]

“Ah, could it be that the Holy Sword is a memento from the Hero-sama?”(Rina)

“Yes, that's right.”(Leo)

“I don't know anything about ojii-chan because he and my parents were killed when I was just born.”(Rina)

“Eh? That must have been hard...”(Leo)

“Even so, I live my life with all my heart, so please don't feel down.”(Rina)

“Okay, thank you.”(Leo)

My first impression on Rina was that she was an honest and well-behaved girl, but she's actually an honest and kind girl...
Plus, she looks cute.

“Also... Can I touch the Holy Sword a little?”(Rina)

“Sure. Wait a minute.”(Leo)
Saying that, I picked up Selena and handed her over.

Then, Rina lost her balance due to Selena's weight.
I supported her in a hurry.

“Uwaah, you can carry this very well, huh.”(Rina)

Now that I think about it, it's true that this is a weight not easily bore by children, huh.

Hey! You can't tell a woman she's heavy, you know? Well, I'm fine with that, though!(Selena)

Yeah, I think I heard something, but I don't care.

“Well, that's because I was trained by jii-chan.”(Leo)

“Special training from the hero, huh... That seems hard.”(Rina)

“Hard is still nothing. It's hell, hell, I say.”(Leo)

“Hee~ So it's that bad.”(Rina)

“What about the special training from the Saint-sama?”(Leo)
Since jii-chan and baa-chan are so rough, I gather that their former partner, the Saint, must be a Spartan.

“How do I explain it? In my case, I think it was different because I asked her to teach me.”(Rina)

Wh-What an amazing answer... Just how diligent are you...

“Is that so~ By the way, what kind of magic is holy magic?”(Leo)

“That's so. You can use it to treat injuries and also to do things like this.”(Rina)
Saying that, Rina held both my hands.


Suddenly she grabbed my hands, and I was confused, but Rina ignored it and used her magic.

Then... Somehow my heart felt calmer.

“Ooh, I feel like the tiredness of my heart has vanished.”(Leo)

“Thank God, then. This is a magic used to heal the heart.”(Rina)

“That's amazing. You can't do it unless you have a high level in holy magic, right?”(Leo)

I used <Appraisal> on her out of curiosity.

Rihanna Averald Lv.1

Age: 8
Tribe: Human
Occupation: Saint apprentice

Physical strength: 5/5
Magic power: 2400/2400

Power: 4
Speed: 4
Luck: 500
Attributes: None, Holy
Holy Magic Lv.4, Non-Attribute Magic Lv.1,
Magical Operation Lv.3


Incredible, to have developed the magic power so far without the use of tools like me, must have taken a pretty big effort.
What's more, being level 4 in the unique magic of holy magic is truly extraordinary!

“That's not true. This is a magic I've been able to do recently.”(Rina)

“No, no, no, this is really great.”(Leo)

“Is that so? Come to think of it, Leo-kun, can you show me your magic, too? Before, the Sorcerer-sama said your creation magic was extraordinary.”(Rina)

"You have shown me your holy magic, so that's fine. I will prepare the materials, so please wait a bit."(Leo)

"Thank you very much."(Rina)

After that, I gathered the materials.
"Then, I'll use creation magic now, so please look."(Leo)


"It will end quickly, so pay close attention to it."(Leo)
Saying that, I used creation magic on a lump of mithril and some magic stones.

As usual, the material shined, and after the light died down, it was finished.

What I have made now is...

<Love Necklace +>
   Greatly promotes magic power growth,
   Significantly promotes the scale of magic,
   Works only if the person is in love, else there won't be any effect.
   Creator: Leonce Forster

When Rina meet with Shely later, I don't want any of them to be better, so I tried to make the same as Shely's necklace.
However, if you think about it, there is a big difference in the magic power contained in the stones.
Thus, a new function appeared, which is ‘Significantly promotes the scale of magic’.

Yeah, but since it looks the same, I guess it's okay?

“Leo-kun. what's wrong?”(Rina)

“Aah, I was just lost in thought a little. Here, I'll give you this.”(Leo)
I gave the necklace to Rina.

“I don't think it's okay for me to take it.”(Rina)

“Take it. Think of it as thanks for showing me your holy magic.”(Leo)


“It's okay, It's okay.”(Leo)
Saying that, I made Rina hold the necklace.

“I'll use it, then.”(Rina)

“Yes, wearing it has the effect of promoting growth of magic power, so make sure to always wear it.”(Leo)

“Y-You can make things like that?”(Rina)

“I've been able to do this since I was 3.”(Leo)

“What have you become able to do recently?”(Rina)

“I've been able to reproduce magic.”(Leo)

“Eh? What does that mean?”(Rina)

Well, of course, you would react like that, huh.
“You will understand when you see it.”(Leo)

Saying that, I created fire.
Then, I created water, wind, and ice in sequence.

“Uwaah~ That's amazing!”(Rina)

“Besides, I can make golems, but I've never done it.”(Leo)

“Why don't you try making one tomorrow?”(Rina)

I don't have anything to do tomorrow anyway.


            *Carina's POV*

“I wonder if they are getting along right now?”(Carina)

“It's okay. I've got a feeling they can get along well.”(Selina)

“You're right. By the way, why did Selina bother coming this time?”(Carina)
I wonder.
The figure called Saint should be the most important power in the religious country, so how did she come so easily?

“Aah, I was told to come by the pope.”(Selina)

“I'm asking why is that.”(Carina)

“Geez, that's because of faction conflicts.”(Selina)
Selina said while sighing.

“Faction conflicts? Are there faction conflicts in the religious country?”(Carina)

“Yes. That's why my beloved husband, my son, and his wife were killed.”(Selina)

“Why are you involved in a faction conflict?”(Carina)
Even though Selina should hate being involved in politics...

“The current pope is quite stupid. He thinks the reason he's not so popular is that I am.”(Selina)

“He seems just as stupid as a certain king.”(Carina)
And thus he killed her family, truly unforgivable...

“Indeed. That's why, he deliberately let me go just to make it look like I'm using him.”(Selina)

“How utterly foolish...”(Carina)

“Yes. But I guess this time, it's okay since I'm glad to meet Carina after so long.”(Selina)

“Thank God, then. Before going home, rest well at my house.”(Carina)

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