[Eng] Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Building a Golem With Rina

<The day after Rina and the Saint's arrival>

Right now, I'm in my room with Rina.

And without further ado, I'm going to build the golem I promised her yesterday.

“Then, let's get down to it.”(Leo)

“I'm looking forward to it.”(Rina)

“I have to think for a bit before building it, so give me a minute.”(Leo)

“I understand.”(Rina)

First, I'll put on Anna.
The reason for that is that I don't know how to make a golem.

Until now, I have been just making things randomly, but this time I chose to rely on Anna's knowledge.

Anna~ How can I make a golem?(Leo)

You can do that just by imagining the golem you want to make when using magic the magic stones and materials.(Anna)

Eh? That's all? Why couldn't I do it all this time, then?(Leo)

That's because the ordinary golem won't function unless you build on a lot of programs in it.(Anna)

Aah─ So that's how it is. It's more complicated than I thought.(Leo)
In short, I couldn't skip the programming phase until now.


I understand. Thanks, Anna.(Leo)
With that, I took off the goggles.

“Thanks for waiting, Rina. I've learned how to build one, and I will do it now.”(Leo)

“Yes, I'm looking forward to it.”(Rina)

“First of all, we need to go get materials.”(Leo)

“I understand... By the way, where are we going?”(Rina)

“To baa-chan's place.”(Leo)

When we arrived at baa-chan's place, the Saint was also there.
“Ara, what happened, you two?”(Carina)

“Do we have any spare metal armor that's not being used anymore?”(Leo)

“Everything in the warehouse is disposable, but what will you use it for?”(Carina)

“I want to use it as material for creation magic.”(Leo)

“Ara, can I see it too?”(Selina)
The Saint asked.

“Yeah, sure.”(Leo)

“By the way, what are you trying to make this time?”(Carina)

“I'm thinking of making a golem now.”(Leo)

“There you go trying to make something crazy again...”(Carina)

“Though I'm not sure how it'll go since it's my first time.”(Leo)

“For now, let's go to the armory!”(Rina)
Rina, tired of waiting, started rushing us.

“Yes, yes, I got it.”(Leo)
With that, all of us headed to the armory.

“Fufu, it seems they are getting along well.”(Carina)

“You're right. It looks like there was no need to worry.”(Selina)
The two baa-chan smiled while looking at the backs of their grandchildren.

Then, in the armory,

“This rugged armor looks good.”(Leo)
I point to a thick, strong-looking piece of armor.

“I like this thin armor. Let's do it with this one.”(Rina)
Saying that, Rina points towards a thinner combat armor.

“Eeh~ Isn't this one cooler?”(Leo)

“No, my thinking is that if you use a lighter armor, then you can make a faster golem.”(Rina)

Uuh~ That may be so, but...
I like this one more~

“Just use both.”(Carina)
While I was worrying about what to do, baa-chan makes a shocking proposal.


“No one is using those armors, and they are just in the way, so I'd be glad if they were used for something.”(Carina)

“Really!? In that case, I'll use them.”(Leo)

Then, we brought the two armors outside.

I'll be using magic stones I've been pouring magic power into for a year.
Then, I also brought out some mithril. That's because I thought it would make for a suitable coating for the golems.

“Then, let's get started!”(Leo)

First, I'll use creation magic in the armor, and then unite it with the magic stone and a bit of mithril. The set glowed as usual, and then it was finished.

Within that momentum, I used creation magic on the thinner armor and soon finished it the exact same way.

“It's done.”(Leo)

“It's impressive, no matter how many times I see it.”(Carina)

“So this is creation magic, huh?”(Selina)

“Can they really move?”(Rina)

“Who knows?”(Leo)
Since it's finished, let's go for <Appraisal>.

<Golem Soldier No.1>
   Instructions can be executed faithfully,
   Can talk.

Physical strength: 3000
Magic power: 0
Power: 4000
Speed: 1000
Swordsmanship Lv.4,

<Golem Soldier No.2>
   Instructions can be executed faithfully,
   Can talk.

Physical strength: 3000
Magic power: 0
Power: 4000
Speed: 1000
Swordsmanship Lv.4,

Ooh, pretty amazing results came out!
Both have high status... I guess there are no guards as strong as these?

“Golem soldiers No.1 and No.2. I want both of you to guard the house from now on.”(Leo)

『『Understood. Master.』』

“If there's someone suspicious, arrest them but don't kill them. Also, keep guard in a perimeter around the mansion.”(Leo)

『『Understood. Master.』』
“Tell me if you have any questions.”(Leo)

Then, the rugged golem No.1,
How can we contact master if we capture someone suspicious?(No.1)

“About that, just a minute.”(Leo)
I took out a magic stone and a bit of mithril and made a bracelet for each golem with creation magic.

“With this, you can communicate with me.”(Leo)

『『Understood. Master.』』

“Ah, that's right. I haven't given you a sword.”(Leo)
Then, I made two swords out of mithril.
I give a big sword to No.1 and a lighter sword to No.2.

“Use this for your work.”(Leo)

『『Understood. Master.』』
And thus, they began to move.

“That's quite impressive, huh. To be able to make a golem without using a magic circle.”(Carina)
Baa-chan said with surprise.

Magic circle? So there are magic circles, huh...
“Do you usually use a magic circle?”(Leo)

“Yes, you draw a lot of complicated magic circles and then move them.”(Carina)


“Besides, those don't have cores, right?”(Carina)

“Is that so? How do you know that?”(Leo)

“Normally, golems have magic power concentrated in core magic stones, so you can see their weakness, but... The magic power flows evenly throughout those.”(Carina)
Eh? Isn't that a bit overpowered?
Besides, they can even do self-healing...

“Th-That's amazing, huh.”(Leo)

“That's right. Those are extraordinary guards.”(Carina)

“The golems sure are great. But aside from that, to also make swords and communication devices at that speed...”(Selina)
The Saint was in disbelief.

“This is also the first time I've seen a speaking golem.”(Rina)
Rina also added.

“I-Is it that amazing~?”(Leo)
I tried my best to feign ignorance.

<At the same time>

There were two suspicious people in a dim room somewhere in the Imperial Capital.
“It seems the Saint has arrived in the Sorcerer's house.”

“Is that so, but don't make a move yet.”

“I know. It'll be easier to kill them at the party, right?”

“Yes, I have taken measures to infiltrate the castle properly, but... will it work?”

“Is there anything to be worried about?”

“Even if the hero is dead, aren't there still the Sorcerer, the Saint and Damian Forster?”

“That's fine. The Sorcerer and the Saint are old now. Besides, we will take action against Damian.”

The man's voice was full of confidence.

“What kind of action?”

“First, we will prepare a big bait. A bait that dogs tend to jump on.”

“So that they can focus on killing the target, huh.”

“Yes, with this we can manage somehow.”

“Maybe, but starting today, be prepared to stay tight for about a week to avoid any problems.”

“I know. I also have preparations to make.”

“Yes, you must watch closely to see whether that nobleman will betray them or not.”

“About that, my subordinates are keeping a close eye on him.”

“I see. Also, sneak into the Sorcerer's house and watch them.”

“I understand. It's an important matter, so I'll send a reliable subordinate.”

“Yes, don't do anything that may bring our plans to light.”

“Don't worry, you know what kind of organization we are, right?”

“True... Then, each of us will be preparing until the planned day.”

Both of them quietly left the room...

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